Manifestation Fact and Fiction

If you’re feeling motivated, energized and inspired this week you are experiencing the full effect of the very rare Astro alignment that has never happened before in history (I checked). With Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter at 0 degrees all in hard aspect to each other, it’s one for the record books. And it has created a strong shift in the energy paradigm that has, for many lifetimes, been supported by the darkest of energies.

We also have a Jupiter North Node conjunction in Taurus that is also very rare (the previous ones were in 1863 and 1762) and when it’s joined by Pluto in Capricorn in June that is going to be rare indeed.

This is a powerful energy aspect that is bringing awakening, motivation, shifts, endings, breakups, resolution, and finality to situations that may have long been overdue. I am experiencing this in my family circle right now and it has been quite dramatic. This is not happening outside of our control and we can harness the massive energy of this week’s aspect to set strong intentions and manifest a brand new reality paradigm.

Can we take the leap? I hope so and to help you along this week’s newsletter article is all about manifestation – the fact and fiction because so much of what is taught is fiction so I thought I would clear that up and give you the manifestation facts.

Manifestation is a big buzzword. Everyone wants to know how to create their reality, to become an alchemist and turn the dense lead of their unhappiness into golden joy. Ever since the book ‘The Secret’ came out, manifestation books, coaching, and training have become popular things and manifestation coaches and teachers are a dime a dozen, you can find one on every street corner.

But are they telling you the truth about manifestation and is their information really going to help you create the ‘life of your dreams’? Not really and since much of the information they share is based on fiction and not fact, it does more harm than good, and it can make you believe that you aren’t capable of manifesting your reality when you can. But you have to know the facts and stop trying to work with the fiction which appears to be easier and faster, but it isn’t.

Let’s look at the fact and fiction of manifestation so you have the information and tools you need to become a master manifestor.

Fiction:  manifestation happens with no effort and all you have to do is wish for something and it happens. When I hear this I remember a scene from the movie, The Secret, where a young woman is standing outside a store window looking at a beautiful gold necklace. In a flash the necklace is around her neck. That is so phony and false, but many people do believe that manifestation works this way.

Fact:  manifestation happens as a process that involves intention and other factors that begin with something which motivates you to start the process and then keeps the energy moving in the direction of your manifestation.             =========================================================

Fiction:  manifestation is magical and special, and you need intense teaching to figure out how to use it. This is false and there is nothing magical about manifestation. It is an intentional, guided, directed process that involves energy flows, intention, and action. I don’t like using the word magical because it implies the interference or participation of third party or extra forces and that doesn’t sit well with me. In fact, it can be so easy and effortless and occur in such mundane circumstances that you wouldn’t realize you had manifested something wonderful. Listen to the podcast to hear my story about how I got my entire yard mowed with a random thought while I was weeding my garden.

Fact:  manifestation is a process of energy management, starting with identifying your intention to create an energy container. Then it is a matter of staying on track, avoiding distractions, and  focusing your energy flows to ensure that you are aligned with your intention. There is nothing magical about this and it is always in your control. Manifesting is one of your abilities because it is part of your energy management tools, so you can easily manifest your reality once you  know how to do it, have been successful a few times, and remember to use this powerful ability all of the time.     ========================================================

Fiction: the universe has your back and it manifests for you and keeps you on track.  This is fiction because the Universe does not do this and if you think that somehow, without your input, you’re going to manifest what you wanted whatever you do, no matter how little effort you put into it, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This is the sanitized, spin version of manifestation that you can get from a lot of self-appointed gurus in the new thought space and it’s wrong.

It’s also how they sell you their programs by getting you to believe that they can teach you special skills to hack the process so that it happens by itself. It doesn’t.

Fact:  The Universe is your navigator, co-pilot, or wingman (or wing person). It sits in the passenger seat while you drive the manifestation vehicle and although it may provide helpful information it responds to you and to your inputs. In fact, manifestation depends on the energy container that you create with your intention and then support with your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. If you do nothing, nothing happens. If your thoughts and beliefs do not support your intention, nothing happens.

The Universe will not fill in the blanks or make this happen for you. And if you believe that then you will be disappointed when the manifestation effort you expect doesn’t work out.                       =========================================================

Fiction:  You need a powerful reason to use your manifestation power and it should be used for important things.  Another false statement and one that can prevent you from learning how to use your manifesting power in your daily life.

Fact:  there are two ways to create your reality – to sit back and see what happens as you constantly experience your life through the same energy from the past or to set intentions and manifest your life in full control of the energy you are using, deliberately choosing the energy frequency and vibration and the subject of your manifestation. Contrary to what you might think, it is often the things you just want to create in the moment that manifest the most easily. Let me tell you how I got my front and back yard mowed, for free, by a neighbor, by making a simple statement that manifested in a surprise gift of getting my entire yard mowed.                   ===========================================================

Fiction:  Manifesting is a spiritual power that you do not control, and you respond to it rather than managing it. Yes this is false because manifesting is actually a physical or material power. It’s in the name – mani means hands so manifesting is the process of taking energy and bringing it into form in the physical. And you do control it because without your intention and creative input energy cannot manifest. You and your intention are the bridge between energy and matter, between the energetic world and the material world.

Fact:  manifesting is how you take energy and turn it into something tangible.  The size, scope, frequency, and vibration of your intention’s energy container determines the kind of energy you will attract with it and can work with. Your intention becomes the bridge between the energy and its manifestation so while the energy you are working with is non-material, everything that you apply to it, from your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions, to what manifests for you, is material. Manifestation is alchemy, the ancient belief that lead could be turned into gold. And it is an alchemical process because you can turn spiritual energy (gold) into matter, which is what manifestation is all about.


Fiction:  You have to be in a really good place, empowered, and fully healed and whole to use your manifestation powers effectively. This could not be more false and in fact it is when you are in dire straits, when your back is against the wall and you no longer have the luxury of fear, that you can do your most powerful manifesting. If you remember my famous miracle story, I was nearly homeless, had no money, and could not find a job when I  manifested a free, all-expense paid, two week trip to France that I was paid to go on.

Fact:  You can be in any state of mind, emotions, or energy to manifest and often you do your best manifesting when you are so focused on what you want to manifest that you do not let distractions like fear, doubt, and anxiety get in the way. You can’t let anything get in the way – you do not have time to deal with them because whatever you are facing is so dire, so immediate, and so pressing that you cannot afford to allow any distraction to ruin your focus.

And as far as being healed, whole, and in a good, empowered place – that’s rubbish. There are very few times in your life when you will feel like this. The rest of the time you will feel confused, vulnerable, anxious, and doubt your every move. Every time there is a change in your life, you run out of energy road and you need to refresh, uplevel, restart or release and allow something to end, you will doubt yourself and your choices and decisions.

Learning to manifest can help put you in a better, more powerful place because when you know that you can harness your power of manifestation to get yourself out of any situation, provided you listen and do the energy work, you do not have the level of fear that is associated with feeling powerless, helpless, and hopeless.


So, what’s the big secret behind manifestation? It’s being talked about and hyped the wrong way by people who should know better and if they don’t then they should not be teaching it or talking about it and calling themselves gurus and experts. Manifestation is how we move energy and create our reality.

In fact, we are the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world. Energy flows through us to  manifest. We are a gift to the energy which cannot become matter without us and our manifestation. If you have taken my intuition course I mention this in the channeling lessons – you are the gift to the energy that wants to come forward.

Without you the energy cannot become form, it cannot be alchemized and that is one of the secrets to manifestation.

It’s a process of turning the density that your reality has become into a wonderful source of joy and wonder. You have the ability to do this, you just need to learn to access it on a regular basis and you do not need a multi-thousand dollar program or manifestation coach to tell you how.

Activate that manifestation power and start creating the reality that inspires, empowers, and motivates you to live at your highest vibration, in joy, and engage your joyful living vibes.

**By Jennifer Hoffman


5 Replies to “Manifestation Fact and Fiction”

  1. jakesey

    Thank you. It was informative. I would say 95 percent is inner work, the rest is taking physical action 😅to actualize the goal !

    Your astrological perspective was eye opening Raksha.,🙏

  2. Nadja Iris

    Precious Jennifer

    I’m deeply grateful for your fiction/fact message about manifestation – a very huge support!

    Infinite Love & Gratitude

  3. Raksha

    I find there are a lot of exaggerated dramatization about the astrological stuff. And that stands for many articles here. Almost any combination of 2-3 or more planets is extremely rare. A configuration being rare doesn’t make it extraordinary powerful or significant.

    Many good points about manifestation in this article though.

    I always remember that simple perspective that Jeshua shared through Pamela Kribbe a while ago. The most important ingredient for successful manifestation is acceptation. Because you cannot create a new reality while denying the old one. What you resist, persist.

    1. popgoestheweazle

      Mmmh Raksha, acceptation might be most important for INDIVIDUAL manifestation but “not for the first step”. GLOBALLY it’s not needed at all. 🙃