Congressman on Intelligence Committee Says Government has Been Covering Up UFO Existence Since 1890

A Tennessee congressman investigating UFOs claims the crafts appear to ‘defy physics as we know it.’

Republican Tim Burchett believes there is no question the objects in the skies are not of this Earth and have abilities to fly underwater and never leave behind heat trails.

Burchett – who is on the House Oversight Committee overseeing UFO hearings –  has been shown classified footage not yet released to the public.

The congressman told the Event Horizon podcast this week that ‘we’ve been dealing [with government coverups] since 1947, probably since about 1897 in what was the Aurora Texas ‘UFO crash.’

‘They [extraterrestrial craft] can travel light years or at the speeds that we’ve seen defy physics as we know it,’ Burchett said during the podcast.

‘They can fly underwater and don’t show a heat trail.’

He continued to explain that if these otherworldly beings have technology unlike anything we know on Earth, then ‘they’ could ‘turn us into a charcoal briquette.’

‘We are out of our league,’ the congressman continued. ‘We couldn’t fight them off what we wanted to. That’s why I don’t think they’re a threat to us, or they would already have been.’

Republican Tim Burchett urges the US government to be honest with Congress and the public about the strange sightings in the skies. He said he is 100 percent sure he has seen compelling evidence of UFOs

Republican Tim Burchett urges the US government to be honest with Congress and the public about the strange sightings in the skies. He said he is 100 percent sure he has seen compelling evidence of UFOs

Burchett believes secrecy comes down to power, corruption and money’s influence.

The statements appear to piggyback on those made by the Pentagon whistleblower who claimed this month that the US has run a top-secret UFO retrieval program for decades – and some of the ‘non-human intelligence’ discovered are malevolent and have even killed humans.

David Grusch served 14 years in the Air Force, where he said he was told about the program by others who were involved.

Grusch is a decorated Afghanistan combat officer who went on to work for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

In interviews and classified briefings on Capitol Hill, Grusch has said that the US and other nations are also engaged in a top-secret ’80-year arms race’ to weaponize the crashed UFOs.

‘The existence of complex historical programs involving the coordinated retrieval and study of exotic materials, dating back to the early 20th century, should no longer remain a secret,’ in Grusch’s view.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also revealed he had been approached by several high-ranking government officials with top-level security clearances who said they had ‘first-hand’ knowledge of UFO programs.

Grusch has claimed that the information he received has been illegally withheld from Congress as the military, the intelligence community and their private contractors have raced to take advantage of the technology quietly.

And this is what Burchett and his colleagues hope to overcome in the upcoming UFO hearings.

‘We don’t need to fund anybody anymore. Let’s just turn loose the reports, quit with the redacted reports that look like Swiss cheese with everything whited out or blacked out, and just give us all the information and let the American public decide,’ he said, speaking with Event Horizon‘s host John Michael Godier.

‘We can handle it. Stop with the arrogance. Stop with the corruption. Let’s get it all out there.’

Burchett claimed the government is already aware of the technology and has been covering it up since the 1890s when a news clipping described an ‘airship’ crashing down from the sky.

When asked if the strange things we see in the skies might impact national or global security because it is not of this world, the congressman quickly answered: ‘100 percent, no question.’

Burchett is sure that there is a massive cover-up by the government that stems back to that recorded incident in Texas, which claimed an airship fell from the sky.

The newspaper clipping states locals spotted an airship sailing through the skies at six o’clock in the morning, which was traveling at ‘a speed of only 10 or 12 miles per hour.’

The report claims it soared over the public square and smashed into a windmill, where it broke into pieces ‘in a terrifying explosion.’

The clipping continues to explain that a single pilot was in the ship and his remains were badly disfigured, but not enough to know that ‘he was not an inhabitant of this world.’

T.J. Weems, US signal service officer, claimed he was a native of the planet Mars.

The news clipping ends with a note about the pilot’s funeral taking place the next day and it is said the remains are buried in the town.

However,  a 1980 Time magazine interview with Etta Pegues, an 86-year-old Aurora resident, claimed that the reporter made up the story to bring tourists to town.

The disputed story echoes what happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1974 – a UFO was claimed to have crashed, but the story was later denied.

‘Anybody who could connect the dots with Roswell isn’t alive to do that,’ said Burchett, who said evidence from the crash could have been given to a private company for secrecy.

He explained that billion-dollar corporations have similar capabilities to the US government.

‘So if the government gave them something 60 years ago, you know, say they recovered something and handed it over to a company, and it’s easier to keep it secret this way than it is to keep it within government,’ said the congressman.

**By Stacy Liberatore