Moving On — the Space Between Endings and Beginnings

By Jennifer Hoffman

We are still reverberating from the energy echoes of July’s new moon on the 17th and Pluto Square the nodes on July 18 and that’s going to be active for several months. If you’re feeling tired, irritated, angry, upset, or just plain done with the entire process, don’t worry. It will pass and you are not alone. We are in a difficult energy cycle though and this is going to be a tough time.  Right now we’re approaching a vey powerfully aspected full moon, one of two in August and we have the rare Pluto square the Nodes in Aries/Libra that is in direct aspect now and for the next few weeks.

But there is a bright side and that is we know what is happening and we are prepared for it. Even though it is very disruptive and you probably are not sleeping very well right now, we are still moving forward with this ascension cycle. No one said it would be easy – well I never did anyway. We are moving through very dense energy as the 3D/5D ascension integration continues and sometimes it’s a little hard to process. And we’re often caught in the middle, in that space between the endings we did not want to happen and the beginnings we thought we would not have to create.  When we run out of energy road we have to move on and it is not always an easy place to be.

If you’re facing the end of a relationship or life situation  you probably cringe when you hear the phrase ‘time to move on’.  You may have to do that but you don’t want to. You may be facing an ending that you did not want, did not ask for, and hoped would never happen but here you are and you have to deal with it and ‘move on.’

Moving on is that space between endings and beginnings, the limbo that we find ourselves in when we are forced to acknowledge that the path we are on is no longer going to work for us and we have to find something else. It’s not fun, it’s frustrating and it makes us feel helpless and powerless  but we do not have other options so we have to deal with the ending and navigate our way through the limbo and learn how to move on.

When we are in moving on limbo we are untethered, anchorless, and rudderless. The energetic forces that once drove our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions are no longer appropriate or relevant.  And because we are ‘moving on’ from a relationship or situation that required a huge contribution of our energy we have lost our set point and our focus which is why we can feel so purposeless, ungrounded, and anxious.

After an abrupt exit from an intense karmic cycle or situation, which is what these relationships are, we feel like someone has let the air out of us. We have used so much energy for such a big purpose and been so intent on our mission that when it ends we do not know what to do.

Our energy needs a new focus and if we’re not careful we will find a similar situation and jump into it in order to give our energy a focus and relieve the pressure buildup of healing energy that has nowhere to go. Remember the old adage that you should wait 2 years after a divorce or breakup to get into a new relationship? My understanding of moving on limbo has given that saying a whole new meaning and a new level of understanding.

This is not just about romantic relationships, it is about every life situation that runs out of energy road, that no longer fits or works for us, and that we are no longer aligned with and no longer resonate with. There is an emotional ending but there is also an energetic ending. But this isn’t one-sided. The other person, people, or the situation are no longer aligned with and don’t resonate with us either.

Maybe it’s because we have shifted and they can no longer connect with us. Or maybe it’s because we will no longer meet their energy needs and they will go find someone else to do their bidding.

When we have to move on we must acknowledge that in spite of our best efforts, in spite of our most inspired moves and actions, in spite of everything we have done and tried, we did not get the results we wanted and worse – it did not turn out anything at all like we wanted or hoped.

Our dreams of happily ever after have turned into a sad ‘see you later (or never)’ and we have to learn how to restructure our lives without some of the pieces we thought would be part of the foundation, instead of temporary décor.

This happens in jobs too, when you give your all to your work and you expect to get that big promotion and instead you get 2 minutes’ notice and 2 weeks’ severance pay. At least that was the case for me every time I had a job layoff.  No matter how dedicated or committed I was to my job when it came time for layoffs my employers showed no appreciation and no mercy. I had to move on and find another job

How about the relationship where you love someone so much and you are fully committed to the them and to the life you want to build together, and they end it one way or another. I absolutely believe that when a partner cheats in a relationship or does something so egregious that the other partner has to end it, that they do it because they do not have the courage to acknowledge that they are no longer committed or interested or able to carry on. Instead, they force the other person to do what they do not have the courage to do themselves.

Moving on is the space in between and it’s a tough place to be. If you’re heartbroken, grief stricken, bereft, confused, angry, and scared you are paralyzed, motionless, hoping that somehow the rewind button will be activated and you can go back to the life you had, new beginnings will not be necessary.

But that’s not how it happens and moving on is the only alternative. It appears to be the case for so many of us these past few years as we have had to move on from relationships we thought would be part of our lives forever because they involved partners, family,  and long-standing friendships. Yet in the space of a moment they were over, done, and we had to move on.

Moving on is a sign that we have run out of energy road, our journey with that person or situation is finished, there is nothing more to do and no more energy available for that connection. No matter what we do, someone’s decision to step out of energetic alignment with us is their choice and we have to accept it.

No matter how much it conflicts with our plans and our expectations.

Or maybe our decision to align with new energies has made that decision for us. But there is something else at work here, another force that has been powering this relentless path of endings and beginnings, of painful cycles of relationships that end in disappointment and sadness, and it is our karma.

Ever since 2004 I have been saying that this is the lifetime where we end our karmic cycles, contracts, entanglements, connections, and pathways. It has taken a very long time to get us to this point but we are here and if you have noticed in the past 4 or 5 years many of your long held, cherished relationships, the ones that you thought would eventually change or get better, the ones you have poured your heart and soul into, the ones that have taken all of your time, energy, attention, and effort to maintain are ending. And it’s time to move on.

If you wonder who you have karma with, it’s everyone in your life. The person who stops to help you change a tire, the stranger you meet who shares a bit of information, the rival at work who tries to take your job, the wonderful friend and the awful friend, your family, partners, neighbors, they all share karma with you. Sometimes it is resolved quickly with one good deed. Sometimes it is more complicated. Listen to the podcast for the story of a ‘good deed karma’ that happened to me.

It is not easy to complete karmic cycles though, I have to warn you. These are relationships and situations that include our most cherished desires, our deepest, strongest connections, these are our soul mates and long lost loves, the love denied to us, the child lost, the lover who abandoned us, the loved one who died in our arms. There are lifetimes of grief, pain, guilt, shame, love, and every other emotion which are embodied in these connections.

So  not only are we dealing with the emotional impact of moving on and going through endings we did not want and new beginnings that we did not ask for, we are dealing with the energetic impact of not being connected to people who drain us of our energy, love, and power.

Moreover, where we got used to having a limited amount of energetic resources for our lives because we were using every available frequency to hold up our connections, we now have to find something else to do with our energy. It’s a sort of empty nest syndrome where the nest was the energetic space we had prepared for our karmic partners to change, transform, and to become the person we wanted them to be. It’s over, that is not going to happen and that is something we have to get used to.

You may think that we would celebrate the end of our karmic prisons and cycles, the end of relationships with people who use, abuse, mistreat, and manipulate us but that isn’t the case. Our vision for those relationships has always exceeded their potential because n thought that with enough love, attention, and energetic support they would become something else, something we could live with and find joy in. that the people who are our karmic partners would be nice and gracious, respectful and appreciative. But that did not happen.

Instead it becomes painfully obvious that the relationship must end and we have to move on into the limbo of moving on as we figure out what we are going to do when we are not the healer, are not energetically compromised and emotionally bound, and are free to be in joy.

Our path towards energetic sovereignty invites the end of our karma and also moving on because we have to move beyond any situation which exists solely via the continuous application of our energy. You know what those relationships are – if you pull back your energy  at all, in any way, they fall apart. Those are the ones with the strongest karmic connections and they are the ones we believe we should  maintain at all costs.

Our definition of karma, our belief in what we should be doing with it, our commitment to our karmic mission (as we see it), and our desire to be karma free through resolution, not release, is the culprit here. We truly believe that our lifetime of ending karma means that we are going to heal all of our karmic connections, that those will become fabulous, committed, permanent relationships and that we will have the relationships that we have always wanted and worked and sacrificed lifetimes to create.

But that is not to be because karma rarely ends with a happily ever after, it usually ends with a regrettable separation that may be permanent. And do you want to know a secret? It would have ended permanently lifetimes ago if we had not held on to the belief that it was our job to fix it or to turn it into a perfect relationship and the people or persons involved into model citizens.

So moving on becomes more than the space between endings and beginnings, it is more than an emotional and energetic limbo that we find ourselves in when we a relationship or connection ends. It is the ending of our karmic missions, the end of our pain and grief, and the end of our feeling responsible for the energetic well-being of everyone in our karmic circle.

It is the end of our sacrifice and limitation and if we can see it that way then moving on becomes a celebration and not a punishment. It is an acknowledgement that we have truly conquered our karma and we are free to live our lives the way we want to. But first we have to acknowledge that we no longer have to live the karma focused, limited life, that we can become energetically sovereign without fear of leaving anyone behind, of not fulfilling our karmic mission, and of being able to manage our energetic resources and to use them for ourselves and for our own well-being.

It is the end of the presence of the 4 core karmic pillars in our life and the beginning of energetic and emotional freedom.

We can acknowledge that as we are contemplating our next moves in that moving on space, the space between endings and beginnings. We can choose to grieve in that space or to celebrate. To use it to plot our return into our karmic unfinished business or to enjoy our long deserved, new freedom and to explore the new energetic resources we have access to.

And if we can see that moving on is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves then we are ready to release our karmic burdens, as we have been promised was possible in this lifetime, and start living our life from a place of total energetic sovereignty, alignment with our own re-vibed soul mission, and to finally know the joyful, joy-fille high vibes living that is our divine birthright, is our soul’s gift to us, and that we have longed for for so long.


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  1. 1984

    The energy I feel is quite different. I feel very strongly the energy of idioogical submersion.

    *To change the perception of reality to confuse so no one can come to a conclusion.

    *People removing themselves from reality through meditation, viewing life as a play, game or illusion stops them from participating in reality and creating solutions to real life problems.

    All tools of the propaganda machine.