Expanding Your Reality via Your DNA

By Jennifer Hoffman

I shared photos of my baking results over the weekend. I always bake, clean, and organize when we have big energy downloads. And I know many of you do too.

I baked and cleaned so much (I even washed all of the throw rugs in my house) that I know we’re receiving a lot of energy right now.

I was thinking about two things this weekend – the big energy movements and DNA, most specifically, how our DNA is activating and changing as we move up the ascension spiral.

Your DNA is more than the coded instructions that creates and maintains your physical body .It is also an antenna that interacts with the morphogenic field and is how you receive energy to create and expand your reality.

DNA is more than 2 strands, we have 13 strands of DNA (the ‘extra’ strands are not ‘junk DNA’ as science has told us for decades).

When we activate our DNA we awaken the extra potential we have to fully express ourselves and expand our energy field.

The morphogenic field has been growing exponentially for the past few weeks and it’s why we’re seeing more potential and possibilities as we have more energy available to tap into.

It is also why we’re consider new choices and potentials – there is a lot more energy available outside of our differentiated field to tap into.

It can feel overwhelming but exciting and it’s fueling our creativity and desire for change.

I know I am feeling it! It impacts everyone too so if the people around you are making weird choices or are doing things differently this may be contributing to that movement.

Start thinking about what you would expand in your life – might as well create the energy container for this energy!

Shine on – go with the glow.

Are you feeling all of the energy activity?