What’s the Secret Pathway to Intuition?

By Jennifer Hoffman

Would having better and more powerful intuition help you?

Would you like to know you could get answers to your questions and trust that they were correct?

What if you could access the full scope of your intuition?

What would you do or dare or try if you had confidence in your ability to know it was the right thing for you?

As you know your intuition does work (except when we don’t listen to it) but we don’t always trust it. And our intuition is limited by our ability to expand our energy field.

But what if we had a secret pathway to access greater levels of intuition? What would we do with the information (forget about winning the lottery, everyone tries that and it doesn’t work).

You do have a secret pathway to access your intuition and it’s – you guessed it – the morphogenic field.

But there is a catch – you have to be able to access the field from an empowered, energetically congruent place to be able to access the full scope of your intuition’s energy.

And that happens when we modify our DNA antenna. While it’s the blueprint for our physical body, your DNA is also an energetic antenna that access the Source energy field – the morphogenic field.

When you’re operating at a 2 strand DNA level you are connecting in mono – with a very limited scope of access. The signal is weak, you only get 1 channel and the sound quality is poor.

But when you upgrade your DNA you’re operating in full stereo, like a 1980s super size boom box. The connection is bigger, clearer, louder, and the information is more robust and you get a multitude of channels.


One Reply to “What’s the Secret Pathway to Intuition?”

  1. Kevin Stallcup

    where is any useful info or do i need to upgrade DNA to intuitively know how to um upgrade DNA ? like is this bait to buy your books or something should probably say so , maybe i just off today but seemed like total waste of time reading this post .