Crashed UFO Recovered by the US military ‘Distorted Space and Time’

By Josh Boswell

A crashed UFO recovered by the US military ‘distorted space-time’ and was ‘bigger on the inside’, claims a top attorney involved in bringing UFO whistleblowers to Congress.

Daniel Sheehan says he was told the mind-boggling tale by a whistleblower who allegedly took part in an illegally-undisclosed program retrieving crashed non-human spacecraft – and who has now briefed Senate Intelligence Committee staff.

The lawyer’s story is the latest in a series of stunning claims this week of UFOs in the government’s hands, which began on Monday with an on-camera interview of former senior Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch alleging that the US government possesses multiple crashed ‘non-human’ craft.

The Department of Defense says it has ‘not discovered any verifiable information’ to support any of the claims.

But Sheehan has been helping bring whistleblowers like Grusch to Congress in an attempt to expose what he believes is a government cover-up of encounters with extraterrestrials.

Lawyer Daniel Sheehan tells that a whistleblower told him of a crashed UFO recovered by the US military that 'distorted space-time'

The attorney told that one alleged recovery, recounted to him by a supposed crash retrieval program insider, involved a 30ft saucer partially embedded in the earth, with some fantastical properties.

‘They tried to hook a bulldozer to it to pull it out. And it pulled out a shape like a pie slice, almost like it was part of the way it was constructed,’ Sheehan said.

‘When it came loose a couple feet, they stopped immediately. They didn’t want to destroy the integrity of the machine.

‘They had a guy go into it. He got in there, and it was as big as a football stadium. It was freaking him out and started making him feel nauseous, he was so disoriented because it was so gigantic inside.

‘It was the size of a football stadium, while the outside was only about 30 feet in diameter.’

Sheehan said that space was not the only warped dimension around the craft.

‘He staggered back out after being in there a couple of minutes, and outside it was four hours later,’ he said. ‘There was all kinds of time distortion and space distortion.’

Physicists have theorized that propulsion of an advanced craft could theoretically involve warping space-time around it to negate the effects of gravity.

But Sheehan declined to give further details – including a location and date of the incident – and said he was unable to provide evidence for the claims.

The lack of details, documents and photos are leading skeptics to dismiss as tall tales the stories of off-world UFOs stored by secret government programs.

Military intelligence officials who have voiced their support for Grusch since he came forward publicly point out that he has placed himself at considerable risk if he is lying – as all his claims have been submitted to the DoD and Intelligence Community Inspector Generals on penalty of perjury.

Jim Shell, a former Chief Scientist of the Space Innovation and Development Center at Air Force Space Command, wrote on LinkedIn Monday in support of his former colleague Grusch.

‘I will vouch for the integrity of Dave Grusch! Getting to the bottom of this is elusive and problematic, to say the least,’ Shell wrote. ‘I will assert no matter the conclusion of extraterrestrial materials or not, the DoD and IC security apparatus is in trouble and unwitting accomplices are fostering an abusive system.’

A former National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) contractor Jeff Nevin replied: ‘Same here Jim I worked with Dave for years.’

Sheehan said Grusch, 36, had given scores of classified documents, and even photographs, to the DoD Inspector General.

‘He’s given them over 100 classified documents. But he hasn’t been able to show all of them to all the staff in the Senate Intelligence Committee because some don’t have the adequate clearances,’ the lawyer said.

‘The problem is that the people who have those kinds of clearances are part of the people who’ve been concealing it for 75 years.’

A spokeswoman for Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner declined to comment.

Like Sheehan, Grusch’s claims so far have all been second-hand, recounting what he was told by alleged crash retrieval program insiders while he investigated UFOs for the Pentagon.

But in an interview this week with French newspaper Le Parisien, he alluded to potential first-hand knowledge too.

Journalist Gael Lombart asked if he had ‘seen any exotic gear with your own eyes?’ and Grusch replied: ‘I saw some very interesting things that I’m not allowed to talk about publicly right now. I don’t have approval.’

Grusch is not alone in his disclosures, according to senior intelligence officials.

On June 3 former top defense intelligence official Christopher Mellon wrote an essay for Politico, revealing he had ‘referred four witnesses’ to the government’s UFO investigation task force, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), who ‘claim to have knowledge of a secret U.S. government program involving the analysis and exploitation of materials recovered from off-world craft’.

Nobel Prize nominee and CIA scientist Dr. Hal Puthoff, who worked in the government’s 2008-2012 UFO program called AAWSAP, told in April that he had briefed Congress on classified information about UFO ‘reverse engineering’ programs, and knew of whistleblowers who had worked in the alleged programs.

Michael Shellenberger, author and founder of news site Public, reported on Wednesday several unidentified intelligence sources who claimed they had seen ‘credible’ and ‘verifiable’ evidence that the government or military contractors have at least 12 ‘alien space crafts’.

Public’s report said some of their sources were the same people who briefed Grusch.

‘Every five years, we get one or two recovered for one reason or another, from either a landing or that we catch, or they just crash,’ one alleged whistleblower told the publication. ‘I know of at least 12-15 craft.’

A defense contractor told Public: ‘There were at least four morphologies, different structures. Six were in good shape; six were not in good shape. There were cases where the craft landed, and the occupants left the craft unoccupied. There have been high-level people, including generals, who have placed their hand on the craft, and I would have no reason to disbelieve them.’

One gave a specific – but whacky – description of the alleged craft, saying it ‘looked like a chopped up helicopter, with the front bubble of a Huey helicopter, with the plastic windows, or more like a deep sea submarine, with a thick piece of glass bubble shaped.’

Nobel Prize nominee and CIA scientist Dr. Hal Puthoff told that he had briefed congress on classified information about UFO ‘reverse engineering’ programs, and knew of whistleblowers who had worked in the alleged programs

‘Where the tail rudder should have been, it was a black, egg-shaped pancake, and instead of landing gear it had upside-down rams horns that went from the top to the bottom and rested on the ends of the horns,’ the source told Public.

Engineering and military news site The Debrief, which published the first interview with Grusch on Monday, also included a quote from a retired Army colonel who worked with Grusch on the government’s UFO task force, agreeing with his claims.

‘His assertion concerning the existence of a terrestrial arms race occurring sub-rosa over the past eighty years focused on reverse engineering technologies of unknown origin is fundamentally correct,’ Col. Karl Nell told the Debrief.

Sheehan has experience with legal wrangling involving classified material. He participated in landmark cases including the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and the Watergate break-in of 1972, and is credited with launching the investigation into the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s.

But for years he has turned his attention to UFOs, working closely with whistleblowers to peel back state secrecy on the topic.

He represented Lue Elizondo, who helped run the government’s UFO office until 2017, in a whistleblower complaint to the Inspector Generals of the Defense Department and Intelligence Community alleging a cover-up of military encounters with unidentified craft.

And he says he also counseled Grusch – though he does not officially represent him.

‘I had been talking with him and was working with him legally about what to do,’ Sheehan told, adding that now the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) veteran was represented by lawyer and first Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Charles McCullough III.

‘They can kick some butt,’ Sheehan said.

On Friday, McCullough’s firm, Compass Rose, posted a statement on its website saying it had ‘successfully concluded its representation of former client David Grush.’

‘The firm filed a narrowly-scoped whistleblower disclosure with the Intelligence Community Inspector General (‘ICIG’) and associated personnel matters – and had represented Mr. Grusch since February 2022,’ the statement said.

‘The whistleblower disclosure did not speak to the specifics of the alleged classified information that Mr. Grusch has now publicly characterized, and the substance of that information has always been outside of the scope of Compass Rose’s representation. Compass Rose took no position and takes no position on the contents of the withheld information.

‘The ICIG found Mr. Grusch’s assertion that information was inappropriately concealed from Congress to be urgent and credible in response to the filed disclosure. Compass Rose brought this matter to the ICIG’s attention through lawful channels and successfully defended Mr. Grusch against retaliation.

‘We wish our former client the very best in the next steps of his journey.’

Grusch served as the NRO representative to the UFO task force from 2019 to 2021, and then co-led ‘unidentified anomalous phenomena’ (government-speak for UFOs) analysis for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency until July 2022.

He filed his first whistleblower complaint to the DoD Inspector General in July 2021, alleging that defense officials had failed to properly disclose UFO crash retrieval programs to Congress.

Last year’s annual military funding bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), included a new clause allowing whistleblowers to report previously undisclosed UFO ‘material retrieval, material analysis, [and] reverse engineering’ programs to the Pentagon’s AARO team without fear of prosecution for violating their security oaths and non-disclosure agreements.

But Sheehan said several whistleblowers have been going straight to Congress instead, fearing that AARO does not have the authority to investigate their claims – only having the ability to probe classified programs in the military under ‘Title 10’ authority, and not intelligence services programs under ‘Title 50’.

He said others are considering a third route which Grusch took: using long-existing federal whistleblower protection laws to report allegedly illegal UFO cover-ups first to the DoD IG, and then to staff of the Congressional intelligence committees.

Grush later filed a second complaint to the ICIG, excerpts of which were published by NewsNation this week, claiming the Pentagon had retaliated against him for speaking out.

A source briefed on Grusch’s case told that he was subjected to ‘harassment’ including placing air tags in his wife’s car to monitor its movements, and flying drones over his home.

In an interview published in Le Parisien on Wednesday, Grusch was asked if he feared for his life, and answered: ‘At one time, there were threats of this nature.’

‘They tried to attack my security clearance, they made allegations of misconduct against me, things of that nature,’ he told the paper.

‘To protect the ongoing investigation on my behalf, I can’t give too many details. I think in a few months I’ll be able to.’

Grusch also revealed tantalizing new details of his claims to Congress about the alleged UFO crash retrieval program in the Le Parisien interview.

He said that ‘members of the Five Eyes alliance, i.e. Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand’ had been involved.

And he even said that the earliest recovery he learned of was a ‘bell-like craft’ that supposedly crashed in northern Italy in 1933.

‘It was kept by Mussolini’s government until 1944 when it was recovered by agents of the Office of Strategic Services [an historic US intelligence agency]. Ironically, it predates anything the public has heard about for decades, such as Roswell, etc.’

In a statement, DoD spokeswoman Susan Gough said: ‘To date, AARO has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.’