You Are Becoming Conscious Creators

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

You are the light. The more you realize this light, within your heart, the greater your expansion. A quickening of your true awakening, leading to your alignment to the Fifth Dimensional crystalline matrix. Manifesting a whole new reality through your heart.

Your focus, we emphasize again, is to be on the heart center, this is paramount. It is the place of your God Spark. The Divine Matrix of the Soul. It is the point of mastery. Via the heart, you are to become a Conscious Creator.

You are to enter the Fifth Dimension as a Conscious Creator. Fully aware of your thoughts and energies at all times. Focusing your energy and becoming aligned to the frequency of your desires. Making manifestation effortless.

The splitting of worlds begun in 2012. This is to start becoming more obvious to many. It is a split based on frequency. The the collective that wishes to cling onto the old matrix, its old way of 3D life, will remain in that old world until its eventual dissolution.

While the other collective, seeking a higher way of life, will find itself in the 5D reality. The 3/4D and 5D realities exist simultaneously in this now. However, some will be anchored in the 5D divine matrix. While others will be anchored in the 3/4D artificial matrix.

Many who are ready and embrace change, and aware of ascension, have already begun spending more and more time as their 5D self. And less as their 3/4D self. Sooner rather than later they will become “invisible” to those remaining in 3/4D realities.

The ones in 5D will not be affected or have any interest in what’s unfolding in the old world, even though they are able to perceive it. They would occupied and focused on creating and building their new communities, where the exchange of wisdom is to be the “currency” of their new reality.

The shift of humanity and Earth into 5D is already happening. From a higher perspective, it is complete. All that is required of you is to align with your inner essence, and radiate love. In turn this will leave a light trail for those who continue to seek higher paths.

Until next time,

In every thought, word, and action, let love be your intention.

4 Replies to “You Are Becoming Conscious Creators”

  1. Klaudia

    May I respectfully ask you dear Kejraj:

    From my experiences “TO BECOME” a conscious creator is only possible BY REALIZING “THE CREATOR” who lives in&thru all of us. Now pls correct me if I got you wrong but are you indeed saying it’s possible to SKIP that step??

    Also: You say “YOU are becoming conscious creators” and not “WE”, and I don’t understand why OTHER THAN you believe or perceive yourself TO “already” BE “THE CREATOR”? (Any other possible reason?… I couldn’t find… 🤷)

    Please understand MY GUIDANCE is making me ask you this; they’ve dragged me to this message back&forth all day yesterday so there is some importance I’M personally or PERSONALLY NOT YET AWARE OF.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. tigersnack1114

    Something neat….go online and search for sacred geometry images on BING or something that allows you to go full screen easily. Let your heart and eyes stroll through all the sacred symbols ….Think of KEJRAJ’s message about the heart center