Piercing the Veil of Collective Lack

By Whitney

It’s clear that we’re in times of profound global changes. Economic instability, culture wars, political upheaval, and pending pandemics are ever close to us. And while some people’s lives have been seemingly uninterrupted by these changes, many others’ are directly and painfully impacted. Yet for most of us, these myriad issues are still profoundly concerning, triggering a deep, primordial survival fear.

Many people in our world are without the awareness and tools to navigate these times, and they are unconsciously acting out in all manners of strangeness and even horror. For those of us who are aware of the spiritual times we’re in, this collective survival fear is seen and understood as a byproduct of the great divide that is ushering in the spiritual Ascension. Despite this awareness, we may still feel unsettled and affected by the state of the collective consciousness.

Survival fear creates a state of energetic contraction—and this blocks the flow of spiritual light within and around us, which interrupts our wellbeing on all levels. Therefore it’s important to understand that sensitive spirits carry the double duty of not only sharing our inner light during these times but also paradoxically shielding it so it doesn’t get snubbed by the rampant survival fear that is spreading.

So how do we actively protect against this survival fear? Enter Abundance Consciousness. This is the field of infinite generative light that is our natural source of energy and wellbeing. It is the attractor factor that magnetically aligns us with our spirits’ destinies—including all that is in resonance with our highest paths. This accounts for the right work, the right relationships, the right medicines, the right opportunities to help us thrive during this shift and beyond.

Embodying Abundance Consciousness begins with first recognizing and disallowing our own thoughts and feelings of fear, and then noticing when, where and with whom they also show up around us. As we shift our attention and allegiance away from the shared energetic field of fear, we innately resume contact with our spiritual center, our heart, where our wealth and wisdom lie. Learning to willfully redirect our mental and emotional attention is a profound practice that pays dividends!

Once we take command of our thoughts and feelings, this is when inspiration can find us. It’s this inspiration that is the lifeboat pulling us to safety amidst the stormy seas of these times. If you find yourself struggling to find your abundance now, then allow yourself to step away from the world as much as you can and begin listening more to the silence within you. What does it say? What does it feel like? What does it want you to know?

If you tune in, you’ll feel the pull of light, the tug of inspiration in your heart that represents your own personal frequencies of wellbeing, and it will guide you back onto your unique path. Once you feel this energy, protect it by continuously feeding it with your loving presence. Even beautifully simple gestures such as peacefully pulling weeds in your garden or joyfully making coffee can reset your heart space to immediately realign you and open up your field to receive unexpected blessings and grace. This is the energy of Life at work.

Do not be disturbed by the news. Do not be disturbed by what the governments are doing. Do not fixate on the statistics of lack or the displays of violence or the contagion of judgement or the infelicitous infighting that is being propagated ‘out there.’ The new world is formed by disavowing the machinations of the old world. This doesn’t mean being in denial of it, not at all, but it does mean discharging the darkened hold that it has on us so that we can discover our very own untapped world of wellbeing during these times.

When we sidestep the hypnotic pull of the mainstream world around us, we say no to the endless traps of collective survival fear that are placed in front of us. We then say yes to a new world of loving connective consciousness where we can share our inspirations with others who are ready to live in the light. This is how we ascend into abundance during these times. This is how the light wins.

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