November 2023 Energy Report

By Jennifer Hoffman

November is a fresh start after October’s eclipses and that’s a welcome change. Eclipses always shake things up, reveal what’s hidden, bring situations to a head, and challenge us to find new options when what was once a permanent fixture in our lives is reduced to rubble. November brings in the 9 energy and like October, it’s double 9s because November was once the ninth month (novem means nine) and it’s the number of completion.

November’s themes are Energy Reclamation and TRIM (which stands for Transformation – Release/Renewal — Intention/Integration–  Mastery/Manifestation) and with the retrogrades ending this month, fresh starts and new perspectives are possible.

November is the 11th month, but it was the ninth month in the Roman calendar. In 2023, a 7 year, November is a 9 value, the number of completion. But we need to expand the meaning of ‘being over’ – look at how 9 is written. You have the staff and the circle, 1 and 0, beginning and end.  1 is the word becoming matter and 0 is the infinite potential, the morphogenic field of energetic potential waiting for a word to materialize. This is the cycle of infinite creation. I find it interesting that basic computer binary code is written with 1 and 0.

Completion is more than endings, it is being whole and lacking nothing, being finished, fulfilled, and at peace with what we can say is a perfect masterpiece. Here perfection is not measured by the outcome and there is no failure.  We have achieved perfection in our performance, our participation, and in what we could accomplish.  Within my definition of forgiveness, completion and closure are prominent aspects because completion allows us to move away knowing we have done all we can, and our role has been fulfilled and closure allows us to do that without guilt or shame or regrets.

November’s themes are Reclamation and TRIM and both refer to how we connect, align with, and use our energy. Reclamation is the process of reclaiming your energy and it is a lot more than getting your power back. This is recalling your energy across lifetimes of energy drains such as  grief, disappointments, unmet expectations, drama, trauma, loss, anger, sadness, regret, and the whole host of energies that arise with our karmic partners.  It is our intention to remove our energetic participation in situations, memories, challenges, and any activity that is draining our energy away from our present moment.

Any past hurts or regrets, sorrows or fears, have a strong stake in our energy flows. They drain energy away from us. We can reclaim that energy and remove ourselves from these karma pathways. Of course that means we have to abandon all of our karma agendas too. Are we ready for that? We will know soon enough. This is one situation where the pain of staying where we are has to become so strong that we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and seek new avenues.

Since I first started writing in February 2004 I have said that this is the lifetime in which we end our karma and here we are. We are now in Ascension 2.0, a milestone we achieved in January 2022, we have managed to survive a 16 year global Pluto return (which we will fortunately never have to do again), a variety of historic astrological and energy  aspects, and a great deal of world chaos. We have been witness to and participants in a great reveal of individual and collective karma and now that we have seen it and know what it is our next step is to reclaim our energy, to remove all energetic connection to these karma pathways, and to reclaim our energetic sovereignty and divine blueprint of congruence and divine harmony.

Now this happens on several levels and the karma we have with others is one area of reclamation. But what about the energy and power we have given away to our own traumas. You know that energy trauma creates grief and grief is an energy that infests every area of your life with its strong regrets about the past and all of what we have experienced there.

This includes situations where we were victimized, disempowered, disrespected, dishonored, and our power dis-membered until we had nothing left. It includes those situations in which we were victims and became victimized, forgetting our manifestation abilities and succumbing to the motive and inspiration erasing stories of our victimhood. I think I can best describe this by sharing my experience with it from my book, From Victim to Victor.  (you’ll hear the excerpt on the podcast).

You can find my book, From Victim to Victor, on the Jennifer Hoffman Books page at this link.

Once you start exploring the opportunities for reclamation you can get overwhelmed by the realization that all of your energy has been siphoned off by a variety of people and situations – no wonder you are having trouble manifesting, you feel like ‘powerless’ is your middle name, and bad luck seems to follow you everywhere, or you really believe that the universe has been ignoring you.

When your energy is depleted by energy drains you have no energy resources, and you can’t get your manifestation, miracles, or intention to work out.  That’s because you may have the process in place, but someone drained all of the gas out of your gas tank – and has been doing that for a very long time.

Reclamation is the key to 5d success because we need all of our energy to create our reality and there is no karma in higher frequencies.

Another November theme is TRIM which stands for:

Transformation  which means to permanently alter the form of something – like cooking an egg – and creating something new

Release/Remove energy that conflicts with your transformation and blocks your peace of mind, heart, and spirit

Intention/Integration  Intention creates an energy container and is the second step in manifestation (you know what the first step is if you took my IDEA manifestation class). But integration is equally important because you must create energetic space in your reality for your intention xxx.

Mastery/Manifestation is how we show the Universe that we are energetically sovereign, by acknowledging our  mastery and then using our creative power to manifest. This is not something that only special or gifted people can do.

We are all capable of manifesting our reality – we do it every day – but now we must do it with greater intention and in alignment with our 5D ascension path. By approaching the process as a master, not a servant or initiate, we claim our authority to create miracles and give form to energy. This is the process of considered and determined intention – not responding to the chaos and drama with scattered energy and hopes for a better future. Rather, setting an intention and aligning our energy with it, deliberately and creatively.

One of the big events in November is Saturn moving direct on November 5 which is a big deal since it is in Pisces. I watch planetary cycles because they are important in setting the energy tone for the period. Saturn previously entered Pisces in December 1964 and in January 1994. If you can remember any significant events in your life at those times, this is coming back around for review, reconsideration, and the application of new methods, processes, and energies.

I do not agree with astrologers who talk about the dire effects of Saturn transits. I see Saturn as what it is, the force that removes temptation, digression, and misdirected energies from our path and forces us to narrow our field of vision to a single point of power. That’s true now too.

And when we achieve the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (not exact but close enough), something that has happened only 3 times in the last 2000 years – in the years 375-6, 1523-4, and from April 27 to May 6, 1847, it will be another level of spiritual awakening, alignment, and integration.

Saturn will be within 10 degrees of Neptune in 2024 and interestingly, will conjunct Neptune in Aries in June 2025. This is a 5D aspect, the discipline, grounding, and focus of Saturn connecting with spiritual, illusionary Neptune creating an opportunity for us to achieve one of our ascension milestones – creating the synergy of human and divine, of material and spiritual.

For now we can use Saturn in Pisces to start embracing and embodying our spiritual and divine aspects into usable, serviceable forms by staying grounded in our humanity while also applying divine principles to create our reality in an intentional way. I have always said that it is just as bad to be too spiritual as it is to reject spirituality and be 100% material. Neither way accomplishes anything and being so materially ungrounded that we cannot put 5 words together in a coherent sentence or ignoring the reality in front of us because we are ‘too spiritual’ to mess with these things and be ‘in our ego’ is simply foolish.

Another great energy aspect this month, a gift from the stars, is Venus going into Libra on November 8. This is another Venus ruled placement, so we have double Venus energy happening and from Taurus, Venus’ other rulership, we pull Uranus and Jupiter, both now in Taurus, into the mix of Libra inspired themes like justice, balance, relationships (including romance and friendship) and revealing our enemies because Libra represents open enemies.

So you can expect to see more justice and the revelation of more corruption and dirty dealing, as well as finding out who your friends really are and being faced with some choices that may be difficult. And when inspired by Uranus these can be quick, surprising, but very decisive. e   with Jupiter they can be big, bold, and open you to new perspectives and more freedom.

On November 13 we have a new moon in Scorpio which opposed Uranus in Taurus exactly so the theme of revelation, justice, and getting out of your comfort zone is at work here. We also have a conjunction with mars at 20 Scorpio which is going to provide the action energy we need.  What does it take for you to get so tired of not being happy that you decide it’s time to do something else? You may reach that point in November, especially at this new moon.

The full moon on November 27 is in Gemini, sparsely aspected but opening the door to exploring more of what we love and what we are good at. Gemini is creative and excels at multi-tasking. Is it time to explore or expand a hobby or interest? Do you want to start a small side business and see what happens with it?  This full moon would be the time to do that since it also opposes Mars in Sagittarius and Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is also in Sagittarius.

Remember November’s theme of Reclamation – reclaiming your energy? This is the time to do that, to get yourself out of the blame game, stop revisiting the past with the could, would, should, didn’t can’t, and never stories, and try something new that feeds your soul and your bank account at the same time.

Overall November is a reprieve from the heavy eclipse energy of October and it continues the theme we had starting in August as we move forward on our Ascension path. To understand and make the most of November’s energy we need to see it as another step on a longer ascension trajectory that began in August.

August theme was the Inflection Point, where the force of transformation pushed us out of inertia and into action.

Then in September we had the Conversion, where everything that could be, must be, and had to be transformed came up for our inspection.

Then in October we had a theme of Catharsis, which was the big purge, the energy clean out, the tough choices of what to keep and what to let go of.

Now in November we may be stripped bare of everything we thought we needed and have to make a whole lot of new life choices but we are free of distractions, temptations, and manipulations. Reclamation Is not about taking your power back because you have no power without energy – everything begins with energy. So reclaiming your energy is what restores your connection to your own power and that’s what we will do this month.

For extra support, we have both Mercury and Mars in freedom loving Sagittarius this month where they will provide us with a new level of spiritual maturity. Sagittarius is Gemini’s higher expression, helping us trade our karmic pathways in for upsourced creative expression. As the third fire sign, it takes the brash reckless Aries energy, the self-absorbed Leo, and turns them into self-aware, deliberate, and thoughtful empowered masters.

Energy Reclamation is also the end of a rite of passage where we throw off the mantle of the Martyred Healer and embrace the Empowered Master. TRIM is our guideline for removing what is no longer necessary, what doesn’t serve our intention and vision, and what drains our energy and prevents us from being fully aligned and congruent with our own energy resources.

This is not about balance, it is about congruence. It is not about the synergy of masculine and feminine energies – we have long moved beyond that. Anyone who is still talking about masculine and feminine  energy balance doesn’t understand where we are on the ascension path and probably thinks we’re still trying to get through the veil between spiritual and material. Now more than ever watch who you are following and be very aware of people who use coercion, fear, manipulation, and glamour spells (yes that is a thing) to showcase their messages.

Next month the long planetary retrograde cycle ends and we will begin 2024 with a lot of accomplishments to empower our new journey into this 8 year. If you’re feeling tired and worn out, use November’s energy to start your energy reclamation. What is draining your energy and where can you start reversing that process? Remember that the longest journey happens one step at a time, and we live in the present moment – which is the moment in which you are breathing.


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