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Ascension Symptoms; More Details

Are you experiencing any of these? Share your thoughts!

Headaches: May be experienced as non-localized pressure in the head, or as waves of pressure that seem to move. Third eye “pressure”.

Visions and/or new “sight”: Your vision may seem to be shifting or non-stable. You may feel you require glasses one day, and a different shift the next. You may be certain you are “seeing” someone/thing out of the corner of your eyes. A deepening sense of the ability to “see”

Sleep pattern interruptions: This takes on several different forms. The most important thing is to allow the energy to flow. Try not to resist it. You will not be sleep deprived unless you ‘fight the flow’.

Feeling that you are going crazy, or losing your mind. This may also feel as if you are unable to focus in a manner you are accustomed to.

Re-visiting habits and patterns that you were confident were gone. Try not to go into judgment around this. In order to fully “ascend”, you must be at peace with old habits. Just say “thank you”, and keep moving forward!

Emotional tenderness, mood swings and “mania”. Know that you are moving an extreme amount of energy. Be gentle with yourself through this shift.

Embracing Unity consciousness. Feeling overwhelming love for all of humanity, the planet, your existence

Heightened sensitivity to smell, sound, and taste. This can also include a shift in your eating preferences, aromas you enjoy, and music selections.

Losing track of “time”. This can manifest as missing appointments or exits on the freeway. Being late for meetings, needing to ask “what day is this?”

Physically dropping or bumping into things. Be careful here, know when it is not a good time to be cutting the vegetables!

“Hearing” high pitch tones, or a series of tones. This may also be accompanied by a pressure in one or both ears.

Spiritual Death or brief suicidal thoughts. Try to remember that these are merely third-dimensional concepts trying to unlock an understanding of what you are experiencing.

A heightened sense of “not being on the planet”. This may also express itself as a sense of detachment, and occasionally may feel like a hangover.

A general sense of “free flowing” energy that can often manifest and be mis-interpreted as anxiety without basis.

Krias: jolts of energy that are felt physically and often will move your body. They can be felt as a wave of energy of a sudden jolt that may lift you. Breathe through this experience and let the energy flow.

Lack of focus and attention for any length of time. Try to patient here, keep lists, and simply recognize that you were busy in another dimension.

Heightened/newfound discomfort with some public environments. This is usually triggered in “high density” buildings with toxic lighting, air, etc.

Sudden urge to make everything spacious. You may desire to release a personal “treasure”, feel a need to remove old clutter, donate old belongings, and remove furniture.
Heartburn or chest pressure. Your Galactic Heart is opening!

Attraction to new colors. This can also include a desire to totally change your wardrobe. Paint your bedroom, etc.

Change of priorities in your career/relationships. This often occurs when there would be no “rational” reason to make a change, however, you feel called to make a change.

Feeling of “moving fast”. You are accomplishing more energetically in a shorter period of time! This may have a physical “rush of energy” sensation. You may find yourself on a Friday feeling as if a month has passed instead of a week.