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Greetings to You!


I just wanted to greet and welcome the new members on the forum!

Go ahead post and share what you wish! Keep the discussions interesting! hahaha!

Welcome new subscribers, awakeners and lightworkers!  We are one family anchoring and holding the light for the planet while the algorithms running this illusion are dismantled.  I am not a big UFO follower but this link is amazing taken from a citizen in Colorado USA recently.  If this doesn't convince us we are not alone nothing will.  Like a portal opening up in the matrix!



Greetings and welcome 1510!

All the light to you as well!


The awakening is at full speed now.

Good morning to all.

I see this hasn't reached it's full potential yet, I'll throw my light in.

Thank you to EraofLight for hosting!

Welcome TeeLight!

I want to say people just want to read read read, and not engage in discussions. But when you look at the posts on the blog, the comments section is very active. I don't know.

Era, thought about this a lot, wondering why so much passivity?

I'm an incredibly verbose, talkative human, but while in the depth of transformation, I withdraw.

But I really think there is a fear/wall/filter that keeps us silent, I've experienced foundation destroying miracles, visitations, and insights that have made me question my own sanity, let alone risk crucification, or death by fire by opening our mouths and sharing with others.

So, fear of judgements and cellular and historical memories/thoughtforms.

2020, the current astrology, all support letting go of our fears to see reality clearly and rising from the ashes of ignorance and fear to become able to stay

My guides tell me now is the time to let go of fear, and build the foundations (#4, numerology, 2020 year) for a brighter future.

I have never, in 52 years, been as full of hope and optimism as I am right now. So much toxicity and trauma has been transformed since I fulfilled a promise/challenge from the Divine Mother last fall and the planets aligned in support of my personal piece of the collective Ascension.

Love to you Era of Light for both you being you and for the light you keep sharing in the insanity inducing intense times!


Thank you!

I too think it is fear that keeps people from fully expressing themselves.

I speak of the lightworker community specifically. We are the leaders of the new world.

It is time to come out of hiding.

but what should we do??

and as the book of hermes once foretold. There will come a time when the wise will be thought insane, and the wicked will be thought wise. Whatever can we do in a world which favors the most indoctrinated, the most mind controlled, whatever can we do?? To begin with most of us do our work in secret.