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I Have To Confess

Hi, KejRaj here!

This is in regards to the discussion we have on the blog, on the Eruption: Limitation in 5D

A reader by the name Archangel Metatron talked about wanting one sign that this world is becoming a better place for humanity. And if this sign is not given within the year 2019, he may disincarnate.

So what do I have to confess about?

Well for one, with me it isn't just any sign. For me it is quite specific.

I have contemplated this about three months in fact, for over two weeks. Giving the Universe, the Galactics until Spring Equinox 2020 to deliver one of the following;

- World wide open contact or physical contact with me and I am allowed to take pictures.

- Manifest the Global Currency Reset.

- The Event

Only the three mentioned above are acceptable. If at least one of these does not become a reality by the Spring Equinox 2020, Ascension and anything related to it will no longer be a priority in my reality.

I've had a change of heart since then, but the mentioned above is still not 100% off the table.

Pause for now.

I agree with your three visions.  I am exhausted too as you and he are.  And not good at surviving financially in this current controlled setup.  Funny how those that buy into the 3D matrix (work hard, save for future, reach retirement well invested) seem to accomplish matrix goals.   I don't think I will disincarnate myself, but, my Light may dim, if we don't get some major progress in Spring 2020 (which yes, yes, we have to earn ourselves and as a collective).  G, California

Whatever is happening, we are being kept in the dark and that is not nice.

AA Metatron

Perhaps for "security" purposes. hahaha