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Lightworkers Intro


There are lightworkers worldwide that visit EraofLight... Would you care in presenting yourself ?... In brief of course, or make it as long as you wish...

Sure. I am me 🙂 Hello light tribe 🙂

Welcome Jarek!

Blessings! Hello lightworkers … I am new to this site and thankful I can meet others. My daily wish is for wisdom, knowledge and understanding! Cassara

Greetings and Welcome myartangel!


Hope you enjoy your time here.

Hi Everyone! I just found this page. I'm freshly awakened and loving all the information on this site. I'm hoping to connect with other lightworkers because I live among very unconscious people and it gets old to say the least. I also have a 10 year old, who is a third waver 🙂

Greetings and welcome Andrea!

I hope you enjoy your time here on era of light page.