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First let us say, if you have not done this all ready, begin doing this NOW. Expect nothing but WONDERFUL things in life. We have now entered a new phase in this spiritual evolution. All that you think, speak and do shall manifest and return to you threefold.

Stop and change your thought the moment you become aware of the thought being of low vibration.

Release fear now. No, realize that there is NO fear. What is there is simply a misunderstanding. Do not lower your vibration just because you may not understand something, or you may not be certain of something.

It is time now to STRENGTHEN the connection with all the other accepts of yourself. To do this, you must BE THE LIGHT and nothing else, to make room for the merging.

Raise your own vibration through just BEING. Be clear from all the old ways of thinking and you will rise, and your soul will meet you half way and you will once again RELIGHT the CONNECTION with your SOULSELF.

This is all ready happening with YOU. But what is most important here is that YOU are causing others to snap out of the amnesia and begin to see this world in a new way. THIS is what you came here to do, and you are doing the most magnificent work.

Below you will see a written guided meditation on how to invoke the soul.

It is now in these times that we must begin to strengthen the connection with our true self, our SOUL(Source Of Unconditional Love). For it is our soul that will reveal to us the next steps we need to take towards fulfilling our purpose, towards our expansion and upliftment to a higher vibration.

It is now that the soul of each being wishes to be involved in this reality DIRECTLY with EVERY ACTION you take. The souls of the startseeds and lightholders in particular. It is time for you to invite, to call your soul so more and more of this essence of YOU grounds in your NOW BEINGNESS.

The very first step before attempting anything else while working on your soul connection is to bring your attention about 5 to 7 inches(varies person to person) above your head, that is the place of your Soul Star Chakra. Begin by taking a few slow deep breaths, and say the Soul Invocation mantra out loud:

I Am The Soul

I Am Divine Light

I Am Divine Love

I Am Divine Will

I Am Divine Design

As you are saying each line, pause for a bit, and FEEL the Soul Star responding, as it begins to increase in size and radiancy. And more refined light is than released from your Soul Star to your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Bringing a greater amount of your Soul’s light and balance into your ‘earthly’ self.

In this way you are not only inviting your soul but also other higher aspects of your self into your NOW, blending with the higher frequencies. You are also identifying with your true self.

You may also say/repeat the mantra: I EMBODY MY SOUL ESSENCE.

While in meditation, focusing on your Soul Star, citing out loud the mantras, seeing a bright light coming from your Soul Star to your Crown Chakra, to your Third Eye, slowly filling with this light all of your chakras, down your spine, all the way to your Kundalini and moving back up to your Higher Heart at the center of your chest. The more you do this, for longer periods of time, the stronger the connection becomes and the more you will begin to feel and notice the signs in your now physical reality. You will once again RELIGHT the connection with your SOULSELF and REALIZE your TRUE ESSENCE.


Relight: Equinox Reset, I Am Grateful