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Where do you stand concerning the Global Currency Reset?

Where do you stand concerning the Global Currency Reset?

Share your thoughts...!

Welcome ALL,

I find this topic to be of interest in that I have followed it for 5 years now. As much as I would like to share thoughts on the matter that could paint a fair picture of understanding for some not in the know, it would have to be many pages long.

In short I will share this.

-There is a new financial system (Quantum comp. based system CIPS, tracks money movement 40+ moves forward and back)  ready to spring forth, assisting humanity to break free of the debt slavery system currently in operation on our planet.

-Banks will be regulated (Bisel III, IV, V compliance) to end corruption in a system pre-designed to serve a tiny percent of humanity.

-Return currency/money to Gold backed or Gold standard Globally. End of petrodollar/fiat currency based on no thing = inflation. We will experience 1950's prices again.

-First steps taken to, in near future, remove money all together from humanity via the release of suppressed technology.

-I am hearing GCR this month 25th - 31st, if all goes well.

-I am hearing the announcement of GESARA later this year.

-Despite what one see's on the world stage via MSM, ALL (globally) is under control of the Light and is scripted to unfold according to plan for the benefit of humanity. All nukes are non functional and have been for some time. All malevolent characters that have/were controlling humanity have been  removed/contained despite appearances.

I could go on but this should give a general idea I trust. EnJOY the show 🙂

LoveLight to ALL



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