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Horus: A Time of Light-filled Creations

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self with Beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team, Heru has the following message for you all. Dear Ones,

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Yeshua: Dreams Always End And The Dreamer Always Awakens

Everyone, all of humanity, is becoming aware that there is no separation, because modern physicists have proclaimed it in public many times now, but the vast majority of humanity has no idea what that really means.  Those of you reading

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HeavenLetters: What’s In A Name?

God said: Coincidences are what you see in front of you as unlikely bizarre occurrences. Coincidences carry a certain aura of unbelievability

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The Pleiadian High Council of Seven: Your Physical Symptoms

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom. In the

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Illegal Military Research and Development in Antarctica

The U.S. military industrial complex has been conducting military research and development in Antarctica that grossly violates the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, according to secret space program insider Corey Goode

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Archangel Gabriel: Joy

It is a construct born of human experience that has separated you from the element of your fuel. Love is the essence. It is the essence of the Mother, it is the essence of who you are, it is your … Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey 10/20/2017

Whilst time continues to speed up, your concept of events upon Earth leaves you with the impression that there is a stalemate and that things are at a standstill. However, we can tell you that behind

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Akhenaten: The Way Forth

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with Heru my Beloved Main Guide With Akhenaten and the rest of my Spirit Guide Team. I have the following message coming forth.

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Montague Keen: Right Timing

My last words to Veronica on the 15 January 2004, as she sat by my side at the Royal Society of Arts, moments before I was due to speak: “When the timing is right, my dear, when the timing is … Continue reading

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Sananda: Speak From The Heart

My Dear Friends, It is me again, Jesus-Sananda, who is coming through this channel Camilla. I and other members of the Council would like to give some, let us call it

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We May Have Found a Pathway That Controls Aging

A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has identified a conserved molecular pathway that controls health and lifespan in nematode worms (Caenorhabditis elegans) — a frequently

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Difference Between Your Old And New Earth Realities

For awhile, this is a backwards process, where everything is the opposite of what you thought/understood/knew.  Waking up/Awakening “shakes” and “shifts” everything

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Sandra Walter: Gateway Choice Point: Assisting the Collective Timelines

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe Our next acceleration and collective timeline choice-point arrives October 21-25. Gatekeepers opened yesterday for the influx

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The Collective: Shifting Vibrations

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

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What The Libra New Moon Angels Are Promising Us

Dear Friends, I am sure you are already feeling the influence of the Libra New Moon, which is at its peek tomorrow and brings us a new direction

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New Moon and Your Spiritual Heart

The 10/19 New Moon comes with an opportunity to make a big leap forward. Now is a perfect time to energetically prepare for this opening. Continue reading to understand your potentials at this juncture

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Universal Mother: Break The Shackles That Hold You Back

Erase the illusion that you are less-than, for all the knowledge of the universe is within you. Greetings, my beloved children, my sweet daughters

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Lord Melchizedek: The Patterns of Life

The patterns of life are all around us in the natural world; the bees and wasps have stripes, so do zebras, each of who’s pattern is original and unique. Butterflies and moths have distinctive patterns according to their species, as … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene: Elohim Grace

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mother Mary. Mary Magdalene and Jeshua are here as well. We say to you, Dear Children, that the vibration of Grace Elohim the energy of Divine Mother is here with you, and so … Continue reading

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You Crowned Yourself

Dear Ones, Go inside your being to determine who and what you are. Of course, such a command seems silly for you know who you are

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Four Major Mineral Deficiencies

You may think that in a society where food is abundant and starvation is relatively rare, that nutrient deficiencies would be a non-issue. However, in many parts of the world, including North America, nutrient deficiencies

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Khazarian Mafia Attempts to Start War Fail

The Khazarian mafia’s rule by murder, blackmail, bribery, and propaganda is being systematically dismantled in ways that can no longer be denied.  These fanatics, who wish to force human history down a path to destruction

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Seven Things You Do Different Because You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and process your own as well as others’ emotions. People with higher than usual emotional intelligence, understand the world and its people better and can regulate their emotions

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KejRaj: Forward At The Speed Of Light

Greetings to You Lightholder! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I AM KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective

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Archangel Michael: Live as the Beacon of Light

Dear Ones, What a bumpy ride you are currently experiencing – the closer you move towards the end of 2017 (the year of endings and new beginnings)

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Update New Moon in Libra 10/19

This is a POWERFUL New Moon in Libra on October 19th, 2017 at 4:12pm ADT. With a strong aspect to Uranus we have Unexpected Surprises! Maybe a powerful Relationship? Abundance? Change? With the fixed

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The Team: Support This Planet’s Ascension

We are here, ever ready to support and assist you and all those who request our presence. We remind you of your true power as the divine multidimensional being embodied and experiencing the limitations of a 3D reality. Everything

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The Arcturians: Constant Connection with Your Higher SELF

As time begins, and continues, to collapse, the concept of remembering is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. At first “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but you increasingly realize that remembering

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HeavenLetters: Let’s Turn the World Upside Down

God said: Hello, Beloveds, how are you today? Actually, let Me tell you how and Who you are. Let’s have a new take

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Washington Post: U.S. Congress Engineered DEA Racket to Protect Big Pharma’s Opioid Drug Giants

Although best known for publishing fake news or being forced give back a Pulitzer prize after being caught committing fake journalism, the Washington Post occasionally stumbles across an actual news story

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