Archangel Michael Responds to Nostradamus Predictions for 2018

archangel michael eraoflightNostradamus prediction:

​A great eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, killing millions of people.

Archangel Michael: I am afraid that there are forces at work within the mountain that are likely to occur. This, however, is preventable and predictable at the same time. All of Mother Nature is under attack from forces on your Earth, as well as Continue Reading →

Solstice Energy Update and the Lion’s Gate 2018

itstime eraoflightdotcomThe Sacred Year of 2017/18 is drawing to a close, and the Wave of Light Codes and Energy that was released at the Lion’s Gate of 2017 reaches a climax at the June Solstice of 2018.  Beloved Ones, it has been a powerful journey as the Waves of Light and Water Codes are activating more and deeper levels of Continue Reading →

On Donald Trump’s “Madness” & A New Gold Standard

eol news sourceWay back in 1995, when Mexico was in the throes of another financial crisis, I figured out the problem of the existing world’s monetary system, based on the paper dollar as the fundamental currency of the world.

In my ignorance, I did not know that a man named Triffin had already pointed Continue Reading →

Universal Mother and the Fairies: Cycles of Newness

time to wake up eraoflightWe are the fairies of old who have surrounded and support humanity quietly for eons, and we wish to have our voices heard once again; for all is unhinging and we like that analogy very much for as we see with open, awake eyes, we see that humanity has been asleep too long, locked up and away, isolated, in the prison of their own making and we see this as being ridiculous to continue this game and to allow the walls Continue Reading →

The Arcturian Group: Illuminating the World

arcturiansGreetings once again dear ones. We are well aware of the troubling activities and chaos tempting many of you to fall into fear and doubt. Always remember that in spite of appearances, what you are witnessing is the exposure of old programming, secrets, and three dimensional creations. High resonating energies of Light are illuminating and paving the way for their removal because denser energies cannot exist in the higher more refined ones Continue Reading →

It’s Not New: Pictures Show The Fight Against Vaccines Is Well Over 100 Years Old

vaccines killThe Facts: The struggle against vaccination, especially compulsory vaccination mandated by a government/industry coalition, was met with fierce resistance from people during the early history of vaccination over a century ago.

Reflect On: What does the pictorial evidence of opposition to vaccines from early in the previous century tell us about today’s vaccine industry Continue Reading →

Energy Update: Fatigue Wave Arriving, Massive Insights and More

thebluerayBlessing Beloveds,

Suddenly today we have had an extreme fatigue energy WAVE arriving. I have not slept so long at night in a very long time as last night. When I was doing client sessions today, after my last healing session, I spontaneously feel asleep and I was not even tired! I suddenly woke myself up wondering what was going on, then realized it’s the wave we have coming in Continue Reading →

The Federation of Light: Thoughts of Victory

gfoleraoflightHello my friends. My body clock is totally out of sorts, along with many of my thoughts it seems! However, so keen to get back chatting with you. So, here I am, trying for the second time since my return, to connect. I feel I have shed my skin and ready for the new me to emerge. Yet, at this juncture I just seem to feel rather vulnerable and insecure.  Is this normal for this time in Continue Reading →

Sananda: The Truth Will Set You Free Part 3

sanandaGreetings my brothers and sisters,

Today Adele is at last ready in every way to channel my rather-long, third message in the ‘Truth will set you free’ higher dimensional teaching series we all have planned to create together, in this exact NOW moment. Most of the time, something needs to first ‘happen’ in Adele’s personal/work life to then trigger the next channeled message Continue Reading →

Master Kuthumi: Clear – Open – Breathe Through The Shift

master kuthumiI greet you as you prepare your bodies to fully integrate my words. Clear your mind, open your Heart Center and breathe deeply. Now you are able to fully focus. Eighteen years ago a new energy became available to humanity through the Ethers. It was stronger, to create awakening, a finer energy to filter through your Energy Centers. Many began to experience change within, the predicted awakening of humanity was beginning. First came the thought, the wondering, the Continue Reading →

Message from Oversoul Collective, Mother God, Sananda: Expansion

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptWe are the Oversoul Collective, assisting in this auspicious time, bridging the gap of dimensions and energy vortices, transmuting and transmitting our codes of upliftment and encouragement for humanity’s great discovery of themselves, of their strength and of their purpose. Their purpose is the discovery of their own inner strength, their own inner light which lights up the darkness, illuminating. You are Continue Reading →

Cannabis Doesn’t Increase Suicidal Ideation in Patients with Psychiatric Disorders

cannabis leaf eraoflightIn an article published June 11, 2018 in the Journal of Biological and Sex Differences, researchers from McMaster University have found that there is no association between cannabis use and suicidal behavior in persons with psychiatric disorders.  While the authors acknowledge that more study is needed based on how accessible cannabis is as more states and countries legalize its use, the findings are contradictory to prior Continue Reading →

Sound As a Healing

era of light dna upgradesHistorically, sound has been used as a point of focus and invocation in meditation, prayer, healing, and ritual throughout much of the world. As with so much that is mystical, our culture has lost touch with the nature of sound as a healing vehicle. Yet more and more healers and musicians are focusing on the power sound has on our Continue Reading →

Zap/Poofness for 6/17/2018


Greetings and Salutations,

Things are perking up and getting less sticky; the major issues have been addressed and the way in which the bellwether people can make a mess has Continue Reading →

Sananda: Ascension Period of Self Realization

sanandaAs you create an intention to follow and develop your spiritual pathway of awakening and remembering your truth, so you will move through levels and layers of ascension training. Each period of your ascension pathway will focus you upon different areas of your body, thoughts, emotions, spiritual self, continuing until you have a deeper understanding and knowingness of yourself. Your ascension journey and the levels or periods of growth and awakening you Continue Reading →

Cannabis Chemical May Keep HIV Patients Sharp

Medical MarijuanaResearchers have found that a chemical in marijuana, called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, could potentially slow the process of mental decline that affects up to 50 percent of HIV patients.

“It’s believed that cognitive function decreases in many of those with HIV partly due to chronic inflammation Continue Reading →

Archangel Uriel: Merging your Soul with Spirit Part 3

aa urielUriel: When more souls begin to reawaken to levels that are compatible in consciousness, that compatibility begins to resonate in the entire system of the physical realm. Then more changes happen very quickly that will substantiate and hold that compatibility more firmly in place.  You won’t have the various states playing out.  It becomes more unified in its expression. Until that can take place, it is important that you understand what is playing out and what is happening Continue Reading →

Crystal Core Activation

light spiral gate eraoflightDear Ascending Family,

Currently, there is immense activity occurring underground as the result of the earth’s Crystal Core activation. This has ignited new arterial pathways running liquid crystal frequencies throughout the earth’s crystalline grid, establishing new circuitry and lightbody code in the horizontal Continue Reading →

The Angels: Live in Love

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

You need not wait for another to live In Love! You can live in Love right here, right now. When you witness and take delight in the goodness of another person, in nature, in your coffee or your chocolate, you are in Love! When you look with compassion and witness the light in another who is struggling, you are in Love. When you Continue Reading →

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Love & Support of your Guides

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken a great deal of your experiences into our own consciousness to get a better understanding of what life is like for you on planet Earth at this time. We have genuine compassion for you, and we also utilize this information to determine exactly Continue Reading →

Ashtar: For All Is At Hand Now

ashtarI AM Ashtar.

I appreciate the time I that I can be with you to share this meditation, to share these many messages that we have been bringing forth over the years. Many more messages yet to come. But as was said earlier in your discussion time, messages that come from within are the most important. The knowing that you have within is the most important Continue Reading →

Archangel Uriel: Merging your Soul with Spirit Part 2

aa urielJim:  In simple terms there are two actions going on at this moment and within these classes.  The consciousness that I’m speaking from is merging with the Soul and that merging is becoming much more conscious to me. Simultaneously, there’s an interaction between the Soul and Spirit happening outside of my conscious awareness.  Both actions are happening in such a way that, in a future moment we will become one full unit. Is this what I’m hearing you say Continue Reading →

Hostess of Light: A Seeded Future

mother god eraoflightdotcomAs the energy of Gemini clashes with itself like teething twin two year olds, we all feel pushed and pulled in every direction. The dark and the light of the impish Gemini twins demands that we make peace with the pushy energy within us before we battle the pushy energy on the outer limits.  Everyone is a little more sensitive, a little grouchy, a lot distracted, mostly bewildered and vague.  We seek council of our own light and soul but all we see is fog. Our moods Continue Reading →

A Daily Dose of Baking Soda to Treat Autoimmune Disease

listen to your body eraoflightA simple solution of baking soda and water could help people treat autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, according to recent findings from scientists at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.

Excessive inflammation is the foundation of most autoimmune diseases, where the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s Continue Reading →

From Reader Joan Amela Towards the Galactics

light shines unveilingIn my opinion, and observing the opinion and discouragement of the people, I believe that delaying your arrival for a longer time will only cause that there is more lack of control, fear, despair, apathy and many other things that circulate inside each mind.

for these reasons your physical Continue Reading →

Goddess of Creation: Integrate Your Future Self

divine love and energy update eraoflightMany people feel as if they are walking in multiple places at the same time. This leads to disorientation, feeling sick and perhaps ungrounded. Part of this is due to the ascension process taking place through all of humanity both in the conscious and unconscious aspects. Dimensions are another term for levels of consciousness, particular Continue Reading →

The Council: Retuning

ascended beingsA great number of you are experiencing what appears to be a ceasing, or an interruption, of your communication with your guides, teachers, and high selves, what this channel has named The Council. We would speak to this now in order to remove your discomfort.

You have asked repeatedly, have you not, that your level of communication be Continue Reading →

Archangel Uriel: Merging Your Soul with Spirit Part 1

aa urielThis is a three part conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Uriel as they prepare to teach a class together.

Uriel:  Greetings.  It is I, Uriel!  As I have mentioned the last we met, these are very auspicious times that you are creating for yourself and for your students.  Many things have occurred in the last 90 days.  Many doors have been opened in your conscious awareness and in your ability to create, maintain and use the Living Light of Source of which Continue Reading →

The Oversoul Collective: Many Changes Are Coming

higherself eraoflightWe are the Oversoul Collective. You, precious humans, are us having a unique experience as the seeding of conscious expands ever outward and upward. It is difficult for our energies to be contained within these words. But perhaps breathe in and sit back, and be comfortable and allow them into you.

We are of the higher dimensions, above your higher selves. As our Arcturian friends Continue Reading →

The Arcturians: Timeline Bridge

arcturiansOn June 14th a Timeline shift has occurred. It was a shift in time, a change of momentum during the bridging of the Solstice. This Beloveds, is an activation, a start, a point of acceleration which instigates this momentum of the Now.

Energies are building up and as these come into an acceleration, a shift point breaks through as to where a bridging momentum suddenly Continue Reading →