Loneliness; The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind

lightworker eraoflightdotcomToday I wish to address to you a certain brand of loneliness. It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition. The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being

We Are Pathfinders

waves of light eraoflightdotcomI don’t know about you all but it has been a whirlwind of Energy’s and events, since 2019 was birthed, pushing us forward like a triathlon, never allowing us to stop and take a breath. One energy

Science Says Silence is Vital for Our Brains

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomThe value of silence is felt by everyone at some point in their life. Silence is comforting, nourishing and cosy. It opens us up to inspiration, and nurtures the mind, body and soul. Meanwhile, the madness of the noisy

The Progression of Waves February Through May

we are ne love eraoflightdotcomBlessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers unified last Saturday to open for the Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:53 am PT. The immediate triggering of Gaia’s core, now operating

Your Soul Will Announce When the Bridge is Safe to Cross

lightworker eraoflightdotcomAs we finally enter our next destination of time and space, we all seem to be stuck at the stoplight of the old self, waiting for the light to turn green, allowing us to enter the future.  Crossing our fingers

Supermoon LightWarrior Activation

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomHold onto your hats lovelies, the coming super moon is gonna be a doozie. Already we are feeling it’s uber rays of truth, transformation and trust. February’s super moon follows a trinity of portals and a

People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomA biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major


reflections eraoflightdotcomBlessed Being, your Ascension path through separation is to find connection. This is the evolution that is before you. It is a gradual progression in the physical realm, for the flow of time supports

Find Your Center; Stay in Your Heart During Intensity

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWe knew before 2019 started that life would intensity this year. Knowing things like this ahead is one thing – being able to sanely move through the ups-and-downs over weeks and months is


cloud love eraoflightdotcomBlessed Being, as you incarnate into the Earth experience, you are subject to the collective field of creation. It is the nature of this connected physicality to reflect the inner into the outer experience. The

Soul Awakening; Living the Awakened Life Part 8 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comSoul awakening brings many positive attributes into your life. True happiness can be yours, vibrant wellness can be yours, and, best of all, profound spiritual awakening can be yours. Your soul’s

Soul Awakening; How to Take Inspired Action Part 7 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comSometimes a simple decision is all you need from the resources of your soul consciousness and the Inner Connect Technique delivers just such a quick answer. At other times, particularly when

How Medicinal Plants Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution

nature is life eraoflightdotcomWe’re used to thinking of plants as “things” rather than living, sentient beings that are connected in profound ways to the health of our bodies, minds and souls. But what if plants — with all their health-giving effects and

Soul Awakening; Back to the Future Part 6 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comEach night, as you fall asleep, reinforce your desired reality with additional creative power.

Each night, remember that you are one day closer to the

Soul Awakening; Avoiding the Time Trap Part 5 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comHere is the main reason why people often fail to implement the Law of Creation. To be successful in creating a new reality, you have to create a scene where the desired reality has come to fruition. You

Soul Awakening; The Law of Creation Part 4 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comYou can create anything you want in your life. You can create true happiness, vibrant wellness, and profound spiritual awakening. Anything that you desire and anything you can imagine will appear in

Cobra Update: Bubbles of Heaven Update

waves of light eraoflightdotcomThe purpose of this update is to provide clarifications of the Bubbles of Heaven article to the surface population. First, the six phases of a phase transition will be explained in more detail. Each of those

The State of Consciousness on Earth

new earth eraoflightdotcomIt feels very fitting, to write today on the state of consciousness here on Earth. On the one hand we have mass consciousness that feeds off itself, as a programmed conditioning of fear. On the

Soul Awakening; How to Know Everything About Anything Part 3 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comSoul awareness is like standing on a mountaintop compared to being down in a valley: The view is incredible. You can see so much more from the mountaintop than when you were down in the valley

Energy Update Angels and Demons in the 4d Matrix

wishing stars eraoflightdotcom2019 is the Year of the Warrior Healer. Stealth shamans able to manipulate their realities for love and peace. The Great Clearing has begun. Phase 4. Celestial portals have accelerated our awakening

Soul Awakening; Soul Mates Part 2 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comRomance makes you come alive. It brings joy to the soul, happiness to the heart, and places rose-colored glasses firmly in front of your eyes. With the arrival of romance, you feel that you are walking on air and

Soul Awakening; Soul Awareness Part 1 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot com.jpgThese are the days of great change and also great opportunity. Today’s climate of rapid change brings with it the potential for making great improvements in your personal life. Today, it is easier than ever

Breaking Away… Living Your New, Fully…

break free eraoflightdotcomThese “new” frequency bandwidths and the 12D template… it’s interesting to “observe” it as it “works”…. soooooooo VAST and yet, soooooooooooooooooooooo SIMPLE…. PURE DNA

February 2019 Energy Report

wishing stars eraoflightdotcomWe’re into another month and this one will be focused on cleaning up after the chaos of January. Remember that chaos is the result of dis-integration of old paradigms and we’re seeing a lot of that now

The Era of Higher Harmonics – February 2019 Energy Update

collective mass mediation eraoflightdotcomThis is a transcript of the Lee’s spoken February Energy Update video.

I shared in my annual video for 2019, that 2019 marks the beginning of a brand new seven year cycle

February Ascension Energies: Power Vision

divine love eraoflightdotcomJanuary’s energy of Patience was a powerful preparation for February. I feel the energy of February as fast-moving twists and turns. Like the spiral of creation is folding in on itself and breaking

The Shift from Carbon Base to Crystalline Silicon Structure bodies

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomHave you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why? Have you been

May We Begin This Day With Laughter

gratitude eraoflightdotcom.jpg# One day in class I was talking to a friend, the teacher approaches us and asks “What’s wrong with this picture?” I responded “You’re in it”. Teacher “Would you like to spend some time in detention?”, Me

Science Has Proven That Meditation is Powerful for Helping You in So Many Ways

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomMeditation is self-hypnosis. Or better put, self-hypnosis is a type of meditation. Instead of switching off the egoic light like in some meditation techniques, it uses the ego to navigate through the subconscious

A Message to Humanity: Universal Law and Service to Others

waves of light eraoflightdotcomIt’s time for the world and America to wake up and grow up and end the ignorance and beliefs that have nothing to do with God or the origins of humanity. We no longer have the luxury of