Daily Message for 9/26/2023

The Starseed, the one who holds the light and frequencies of the stars. The one who is on Earth to reignite the memory of divine(unconditional) love in the human being. The Starseed Collective, who prepares now to start a new cycle of intense clearing, to anchor a higher light on Earth so the energies of the past are transmuted, laying the foundations for a brighter future, in a whole new reality. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 9/25/2023

You are here to hold the frequencies of love, and through this, the illusions of fear and separation are to dissolve. Bringing about the change and upliftment of Earth into a new light filled reality. The more people that become aware of this shift, and embody their divine qualities of peace, love, wisdom, service to others, the easier and quicker the transition into the new reality will be. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 9/24/2023

You have not found or understood the truth until Love is the only thing that remains in your heart. Love is the key to expanding into higher states of consciousness. You spiral towards the divine realms via the heart portal. It is time. Miracles will follow after the trials humanity will go through in the coming months. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 9/23/2023

The idea that you are alone in the Universe was invented by the same bloodlines who brought you the religious institutions who speak of a vengeful god, and you needing a savior. The same ones who brought you the monetary system. The same ones who brought you covid. It’s time to snap out of it. You have Divine origins. You are limited by nothing other than your thoughts and beliefs, which are not even yours to begin with. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 9/21/2023

You find yourself in the reality you match with vibrationally. Change the vibration of your being, you change your reality, your life. No one outside of you is going to do this for you. Only you can do this for yourself. Let go of all fear. Be kind, be loving, remain in a state of joy, be of service to others. Meditate at least once a day for twenty minutes or more. Deep breathing clears your energy centers in the body, and speeds up the vibration of your light particles in your cells. This way you expand your consciousness and capacity to hold more light, gradually uplifting into the higher more positive timelines. ~Kejraj