Energy Update: Timeline Shifts / Geomagnetic Storms / Post Eclipse Ascension Symptoms Continue

light shines unveilingBlessings Beloveds,

A Timeline Shift occurred within the Eclipse Gateway. Timeline shifts are full of Mandela effects and psychic happenings. They can come at any time, but usually occur with increased vibrational intensity.

For me, as most know Continue Reading →

The First & Most Important Thing to do When Suffering Kicks In

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptWe all seek absolute happiness above all else and want nothing but to have pleasant experiences. But life doesn’t always give us the experiences we want. Oftentimes, it can feel like life is giving us a series of failures and disappointments.

We might experience health problems, lose a loved one, go through sudden Continue Reading →

Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers

time to wake up eraoflightThe Seven Sacred Teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman, also known as the Seven Grandfather Teachings, are shared, valued and practised by many indigenous peoples.

Each of the Seven Sacred Teachings honours the virtues necessary for a full and healthy life. Each of the Teachings is embodied by an animal Continue Reading →

Mahala’s Astrology; News Flash August 2018

galaxies eraoflightThe Uranus/Mars aspect is also making a trine to Saturn on three degrees Capricorn. Because Lilith was conjunct Uranus at the time of this eclipse she is giving Uranus the power to change things in the government of the United States. Because this energy also tunes into Jupiter in Scorpio, more scandals have come to light in our Continue Reading →

How Things Work in the Higher Realms: Compassion is Loving Self/Others

gods lightDid you know we take 17 – 30,000 breaths and have 50 – 70,000 thoughts a day? (1)

As we become more and more conscious of our thoughts, emotions, actions, we realize that each day there are thousands of opportunities — connected to our breath, our thoughts — to be the blessing of compassion, the Mother’s Loving Movement Continue Reading →

Accelerated Death Cycles for the Human Body (3D/4D) as “Body-Aging Death” Increases: 5D (Light) Bodies are the Opposite

througthelight eraoflightI write this to assist with those preparing to transition “out of body”, or those “still here”, as well as having loved ones transition out. This is a “Cosmic/Quantum HOW” all now accelerates and some “why’s”…. for this now.

There are infinite truths…. each “believes” according to their own conditioning, programming and truth. This is different Continue Reading →

Intention for Healing

mike quinsey eraoflightI get a lot of requests for the intention that I have a client or group set before I do energy healing, so I want to share that with you for you to use if you like. I even use it when I am doing healing work on myself.

I was guided to do this intention by my non-physical guides so that the Continue Reading →

New Moon Update 8 11 18

yeshua and maryA Super New Moon with a partial solar eclipse (the last one of three eclipses) is Saturday, August 11 at 3:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This New Moon bookends this rare eclipse trio that has given us such an opportunity for change, growth and maturity despite the discomfort and challenge that we may have also experienced. The theme of Continue Reading →

Thoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives

unfolding mysteriesThoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives are Annunaki hybrid Fallen Angelics that are from Nibiru and formed alliances in the NAA with Necromitons, Odedicrons that serve Nibiruian interests in capturing territory on earth and in this Solar System. Most of their main harvesting networks are located in the United Kingdom, and thus they have a heavy presence in the land mass that is known as reptilian central. It has been brought to my Continue Reading →

Final Eclipse and Unity in the Intensity

full moon 7 eraoflightBlessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

There is Unity in the intensity of this passage. The energies, and our Higher levels, are pushing for deep personal shifts to accommodate our true heart’s path and Ascension. If you allow it, choosing Unity and Love as your Primary focus and Primary timeline choice, the Source codes can activate, shed what does Continue Reading →

Energy Report Update: The Lion’s Gateway and Portal is Open

eraoflight lions gateDear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

This is such a magical time of year where things automatically align with you that are for your highest good through doors which have opened after closing the Continue Reading →

The Ways Meditation Will Improve Your Sex Life

7 chakras eraoflightWhile sex and meditation are not obvious bedfellows, there’s a tradition linking both which goes back for centuries. Tantric practice from the East viewed the energy generated through sexual activity as a possible springboard for specific meditative states. But that connection isn’t a one-way street: Sex might be a way of improving meditation, but in case you are looking to liven up your sexual life, meditation might Continue Reading →

Aligning Ourselves With The Energy Field Of The Lions Gate

Lion PeopleDear Friends,
over the past years I have been reporting in details about the energy field of the Lion’s Gate, which opens in our stellar realms every year between July 26th and August 12th. This yearly rather intense event is making an additional impact on humanities collective awakening process into the Golden Age of Aquarius, to the massive Full Moon in Aquarius with Total Lunar Eclipse on July Continue Reading →

6 Common Habits That Are Holding You Back

non-physical eraoflightIf you are reading this blog and frequent our site, chances are you want to live your very best life. Congratulations! Acknowledging and recognizing this is the your biggest first step in actually doing so. While we all know that healthy and positive habits help us to create the life we desire, there are some habits I have been noticing in myself that creep in and hold Continue Reading →

Lightwave Update

time to wake up eraoflightA key event in Gaia’s cosmic calendar of ascension, July’s blood moon and lunar eclipse marked the crest of a great tidal wave of light. Gaia is raising the vibrations of planet earth to tune up to higher dimensional realms. Realms where hate, greed and fear cannot operate. Like tuning a radio to another station, Gaia, the goddess soul embodying planet earth, has chosen to shake off the Continue Reading →

Controlling Perception

non-physical eraoflightThere is an all-out information war occurring in order to control the mainstream narrative and thus the general perception of the public, as we can see many areas of free speech and information access through an assortment of online mediums are becoming more and more restricted worldwide. Why are the Controller’s so desperate to maintain control over public perception through the mainstream media Continue Reading →

Eclipse Corridor Is Asking Us To Choose

full moon 7 eraoflightWe are now in the final stretch of the eclipse corridor. We are in the pre-wave for the Lions Gate 8/8 and then the final eclipse will be on 8/11. This is such an amazing time, yet it can be downright uncomfortable.

We are being asked to pay attention to our discomfort. What is the discomfort asking us to acknowledge or change Continue Reading →

5-9D Love

mike quinsey eraoflightSome of the more recent moments/messages have been on light and love…  perfect for me as it’s my foundation and where the journey started.  In the past I’ve shared perspectives on soulmates/twins (as well as self-love).  The newer word though seems to be, divine counterpart – a mix of soul mate, twin and friend.  I even think of the word, platonic in a new way; a very profound Continue Reading →

Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions

ashtarI used to think of an “ascended master” as a Fifth-Dimensional being.  Here is the conversation with Ashtar from Hour with an Angel, April 2012 when I realized that I was wrong and had my horizon expanded.

It also illustrates how matters we think are firm knowledge (that ascended masters come from the Fifth) are being challenged every day by new information (that they can come from Continue Reading →

July & August 2018 Internal External Multidimensional Alignments

light spiral gate eraoflightI’ve written about the Ascension Process Inner Body Vibrations many times over the years at both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife. I’ve shared how these inner vibrations have manifested and changed over the years in my own physical body and Light body, and what this process has felt like and sounded to me. As with all Ascension Process related transformations Continue Reading →

Here’s Why It Is Completely Fine To Cut Out Family Members From Your Life

thebluerayIn my opinion, there is nothing more challenging and heartbreaking than having to end the connection and distance yourself from a loved one.

Family ties are some of the strongest bonds anyone has in their entire life. Whether you are family by blood or family by choice, everyone has certain people they consider to be family Continue Reading →

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, July 27, 2018; Conscious Release

third eye chakraThe end is the beginning of all things, suppressed and hidden, awaiting to be released through the rhythm of pain and pleasure. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

The period between Eclipses, as many of you already know, is one of profound change. What can seem chaotic to our human self is nothing but the natural transformation Continue Reading →

The Most Powerful Gateway Week Ever

mike quinsey eraoflightAloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!


That about describes these powerful gateways that just keep blasting wide open all week!

How are you LOVING EXPLORATION into your Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Impact Of The Aquarius Full Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse

full moon 7 eraoflightDear Friends,
do you feel ready for a collective quantum leap?? If not, I highly recommend you prepare yourself well over the coming days!! On July 27th we are collectively experiencing the massively rattling impact and the wonderful blessings of a Full Moon in 4 degrees and 44 minutes of Aquarius. This stellar event will be coupled with the longest and Continue Reading →

Navigating Volatile Energies

merkabah eraoflightThis year we’ve had so many moments of accelerated volatility and surprises, it may seem like the norm to experience these things. People can become numb to the amount of change unfolding. For you as a divine changemaker, this is not the time to go numb, pretend that what’s happening has nothing to do with you, or leave your body to escape reality. Continue reading for tips on how to find Continue Reading →

What True Love is ~ SELFLESS ~ Caring, Respectful and Kind

newlightearth eraoflightThis is a CALL to true self-awareness.

The True Love everyone desires, starts within.

The qualities and virtues that TRUE Love embodies, involves true caring, being respectful of others boundaries, is kind, gentle and is selfless. When I say selfless, do not Continue Reading →

Lightworkers Unite

lightwarrior eraoflightdotcomLightworkers Unite!

We are now moving through the eclipse corridor for the next four weeks. Eclipses awaken karmic imbalances in an effort to flush out hidden unconscious patterning and programming that limit our human reality. Think of eclipses as cosmic ‘liberators’ of unwanted realities, be it outdated, corrupt or destructive. We need to shake Continue Reading →

Planet Alert August 2018

gowithin eraoflightThis is my August article although I am still talking about events that happened in July, and some that are still to happen. The first eclipse was a solar eclipse on July 12/13 depending on where you live. It was on July 12 here in Seattle. That was a very powerful eclipse because the sun and moon were in exact opposition to Pluto, the transformer, or the god of the underworld. Pluto is in Capricorn and that sign Continue Reading →

Heaven on Earth

meditation one eraoflightI receive accept appreciate Heaven on Earth

I Intend I Am Infinite Awareness.
I Intend I Am Infinite Love.
I Intend I Am Infinite Wisdom.
I Intend I Am Infinite Magic.

Lions Gate 2018

eraoflight lions gateDear Friends

Here we are, once again, at the portals of the Lions Gate!

This will be such an important transit, as it will lift us into the New Earth experience if we are ready and Continue Reading →