Daily 1/30/2023


Greetings! People lack the realization of the connection with their Inner Self, Soul Self, due to the lack of Self Love, so they are constantly on the look out for any connection outside of themselves, whether it be in what you call real life, or in the digital world, internet collective. The Spiritually Awake here and now, are humanity’s hope and bridge to freedom. You do not have to feel obligated, however, this is how you can serve humans at this time. Lead by example, and assist them in arriving to that realization of the light they hold within. ~Kejraj

Daily 777 Message For 1/23/2023

Greetings! When you are first born on Earth, the eternal Threefold Flame of your I Am Presence exists expanded beyond your physical body. As you “grow” and “contract” in consciousness with focus on false identities and outer world creations of the third dimension, this Flame decreases in size. In these times, as you begin to remember, by bringing your focus more within you, on your Heart Center, remembering your divine origins of love, the Threefold Flame begins to increase in size, and you notice more positive change in your life. This is due to the higher influence of your I Am. ~Kejraj

Daily 777 Message For 1/22/2023

Greetings! You speak truth, and you’re thought of as crazy. The ones who speak lies, and those who believe in their lies, are the ‘normal’ ones. Well, there is a new energy on Earth now. And in this new energy, the liar and the believer of the lie have no room here. Much more is to be revealed. Many will find things shocking, yet still hope for the ‘normal world’ to return. Such will not occur, for 3D is dissolving. Embrace the change ~Kejraj

Daily 777 Message For 1/21/2023

Greetings! As your mission on Earth nears completion, some of you will leave Earth after ascension, and return to your original home planets. The Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda, and so on. In the fifth, sixth, and seven dimensions. Many will choose to complete this lifetime on 5D Earth, and further assist with building the new light communities. ~Kejraj