Planetary Staff (Informative)

newlightearth eraoflightThe last few months have been quite difficult on the body for many, as we are attempting to find our new grounding and equilibrium in the next Harmonic Universe, while tracking the changes to the light body and manifestation templates.  More recently the focus has been on seeing how these changes are affecting the planetary light body, specifically changes to the central Continue Reading →

Six Ways Meditation Can Help Us Navigate Our Crazy Modern Life

merkabah eraoflightThere are benefits to meditation that we seldom talk about.

We all know that meditation releases stress, helps us feel more fulfilled, and teaches us to deal with our mental chatter better. However, meditation is more than a brief daily practice that can help us relax.

What we learn in meditation stays with us Continue Reading →

2018 is All About Change

light shines unveiling2018 is all about change and I don’t mean that loosely. Change, Change, change is echoing in the chambers of our souls.  The very word change is an 11 vibration. (Within the energy of eleven lives a de-light-full smorgasbord of experiences. Each experience is designed to offer food for thought through a maze of learning, allowing you to Let go of man-made manifestation and coming into Christed Continue Reading →

Building Wings for the Planetary Lightbody

dna activationTo support the change in the gender fin rate of spin and to help correct the male and female rod and staff planetary architecture, Starseeds have been processing 6D-7D wing trauma that connects into Sirius B and Arcturian energies, as well as the Gaian timelines recorded in the Indigo and Violet Ray spectrum. The 6D-7D ray frequencies connect into vertical axiatonal lines and horizontal meridians that are connected to energetic portals Continue Reading →

As the Light Comes Forth

light shines unveilingAll one can say is holy moly, what the heck did I do to piss off the universe? Those of you that receive this newsletter all hold a brilliant light and a good heart. You try harder, give more, and love deeply, so why is the Universe turning your worlds upside down? Everyday there seems to be something blocking our progress, keeping us from achieving our hearts desires, our mission orders, and our Continue Reading →

Reading the Clues of Life

dove of peace eraoflightHIGHER SELF COMMUNICATION

Life is always “speaking” to you, as is your Higher Self. I encounter people that are frustrated because they can’t hear their Higher Self. Since your Higher Self is you, the communication is so Continue Reading →

Aries New Moon; A Catalyst for Change

astrolog mind eraoflightdotcom

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power Continue Reading →

Animal and Human Role Reversal Illustrations(Graphic Images)

Can you think of all of the horrible things we do to animals? By using colorful imagery to invoke a sense of realization, these illustrations are sobering reminders of how we treat our fellow species. The illustrations surprisingly reverse the animal-human relationship by putting humans Continue Reading →

Energize a Breakthrough – Living as Soul

energy updateDid you know you have the potential to rewrite your life script with more ease now? This means that you can create a new path forward and energize breakthroughs involving your life purpose. Most likely, this involves relationships, naturally interconnected with everything you manifest here on Earth. Continue reading to better understand these energies Continue Reading →

Spiritual Influence of the Aries New Moon 4/15

full moon eraoflightDear Friends,
the last New Moon cycle has taken us from an intensively strong Pisces New Moon that was pushing for a big collective change in humanity, to a powerful Libra Full Moon with its intense scream for harmony and balance in this world, to the upcoming New Moon in Aries full of inspiration for higher actions. We will encounter this New Moon Continue Reading →

Carl Sagan on Mystery, Why Common Sense Blinds Us to the Universe, and How to Live with the Unknown

starseeds earth eraoflightdotcom“We are bathing in mystery and confusion on many subjects, and I think that will always be our destiny. The universe will always be much richer than our ability to understand it.”

In our recent On Being conversation, NASA astrophysicist and exoplanet researcher Natalie Batalha said something that stopped me up short Continue Reading →

Freedom: Ignorance is Bliss?

soul light eraoflightSometimes I think that not having the awareness I have now might just have been easier for this process. Perhaps being ignorant of the truth would have been more peaceful for myself, and maybe for others too.

I look and see the average American, let us say. Work, eat and sleep. Sometimes movies, or a party. Seems like they have not a care in the world Continue Reading →

What is So Threatening About the Feminine?

mother god eraoflightdotcomLet’s get to it, shall we?  The toxic masculine, which is part of a patriarchal system, feels threatened by the feminine.  And that is because his position is tenuous, even though outside appearances seem to defy that truth.

As we know, the qualities I am speaking of can be found in both sexes. Women can embrace the toxic masculine and men can embrace the balanced Continue Reading →

Crystal to Diamond Transition: Reaching the New Earth Frequency

thebluerayIn 2003 I wrote an article called “The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis” which was about the experience of waking up and activating the Light Body in order to embody the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness.  For many people this was a very deep experience that went along with a powerful “healing crisis” on many levels as they broke through layers of conditioning and programming to reach their authentic self and to connect with Continue Reading →

7 Signs Telling You That You Have Been Here Before

higherself eraoflightdotcomKejRaj: In this moment I’d like to speak from a personal perspective. One of the most prevalent signs that you are an old soul is this; You never wish to be in a physical confrontation with anyone. Not because of fear but simply because you have experienced this many many times, the lesson has been learned. And you no longer believe in violence as a means for resolving anything Continue Reading →

Realities: Flipping, Merging, Blending, Dissolving, Shifting & Current Cosmic Photonic Multi-Dimensional Energy Update

spiral starWe are in a huge transitioning process right now, as much occurs on a Quantum Cosmic Level and within each one/physical form. Some more aware than others, yet it really doesn’t matter, because “how” all correlates will be realitive to that individual, not everyone else, as human aspects love to believe.

Collectives are formed Continue Reading →

7 Reasons for Clearing Your Chakras and Aura

rainbow angel eraoflightdotcomI’ve been studying and working with the chakras and aura for 27 years, and I appreciate them as tools for getting to the heart of things.

Energy is formative, causative. If I am challenged by an ineffective behavior, or an outdated belief system. If I have a physical issue or concern, I can get to root cause by engaging and clearing my energy field Continue Reading →

Q&A Session with KejRaj: Earth, Self Love, Atlantis

gowithin eraoflightGreetings Friends, It is I KejRaj(KayRy). These are questions I have received from readers via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart.

Question: Hi Kejraj! I have a quick question to which I have heard many different answers already, but I want your thoughts on this Continue Reading →

The Mass Upgrading on Planetary and Galactic Levels

starseeds earth eraoflightdotcomAs souls we are now going through a massive re-awakening period, to a much higher degree and at much higher frequency bands than ever before.  We are called back to the higher truth within our own soul, our soul mission and purpose and the reasons why we incarnated onto planet earth.

On planetary level Continue Reading →

Embracing Angelic Light On Our Path Now

the collectiveDear Friends,
just last week we have collectively experienced the influence of a quite challenging Libra Full Moon. The energy field of this stellar event represented very strongly  the master energy of this year to bring new creations into this world, which are aligned with the laws of a brotherhood of man on planet earth. A big chance for us to vibrate closer to the essence of the Golden Age of Aquarius lies in Continue Reading →

Five Kids Who Recall Having A Past Life

starseedsReincarnation is a fascinating topic. It gets even better when we hear about children who not only claim to have had a past life, but who remember intimate details about it that make you wonder how they could have such knowledge.

Often, when a child claims to have been someone in a past life, research confirms that the person once existed. It would make sense if these children only Continue Reading →

Cosmic Consciousness

divine love eraoflightdotcomGravity when observed through our own Quantum View, shows us so very much… so here, I share with you!

These Cosmic encodements are “targeting” THE GRAVITY OF ALL, shifting our Gravitational Fields (another pole flip) and how our Physical/Universal and Cosmic Realities occur. These will “shift” the vibration Continue Reading →

Solar Storms, Upgrades and Fourth Dimension

thebluerayWe are experiencing profound DNA upgrades triggered by solar pulses of intensely high frequencies. Portals of light are opening around the globe. Energetic shifts can be felt, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality. When these adjustments occur vertigo or nausea can be experienced as well as feeling untethered, disconnected or dissociated with our perceived reality. We can feel the ground shift Continue Reading →

The Border Guards

light_speedWe live during a time on the planet when the language used for public discourse, attempting to give some kind of expression to the existence, nature and experience of the Soul, Spirit or God, is being used to twist, manipulate and control what is actually said in order to distort and confuse its true meaning. We live in tumultuous times where there is a type of covert psychological warfare Continue Reading →

The 7 Auric Levels

auralayersAuras can be seen with the eyes open. It can also be seen psychically with the eyes closed. It is best seen under soft light. Look beyond the object, and not focus on the object. Aura are observed more prominently around the hands, between the shoulders, neck and head.

Those who see aura mostly observe the mental and etheric layers or planes. These are Continue Reading →

Sai Baba: Becoming Insusceptible to Praise and Criticism

sai baba eraoflightdotcomI am SAI BABA

On the path to enlightenment potentials realize themselves on their own. Your task is to make the necessary provisions. This is best described as being entirely open and truthful, “honest” as it is commonly called, with yourself. For that it is important that you bring these topics out of your subconscious. This leads you to beginning to detect Continue Reading →

The DNA of Love; Relationships in 2018

allislove eraoflightDuring these times when so many aspects of life are being reworked and rethought, it is important to apply this concept to the relationships in your life. After all, relationships are the key to self-actualization and this year they become even more important to your well-being and success. As we move into a Libra Full Moon on the weekend, I recommend taking a look at your key relationships and what may need shifting. Continue reading for specific Continue Reading →

Drishti: Focused Gaze for Spirituality and Healing

third eye chakraThe power of focus in igniting the chakras. Learn how to control and hold your stores of focus using Drishti. Meditation, self-reflection, and self-discovery have two things in common:

All of them are the introspective roads towards knowing one’s self, and hence achieving balance and harmony. All of them demand and rely on our ability Continue Reading →

10 Signs You’re Being Watched by a Guardian Angel

soul light eraoflightOne topic of interest that is common among most religions and spirituality, is the idea of angels! Regardless of what they are described as, we all have a special form of life energy positively watching over us throughout each day!

Angels are a very heartwarming and comforting subject to think about. Just the idea of a higher power watching over you for sanctity makes you Continue Reading →

33 Symptoms of Lightbody Activation

merkabah eraoflightLight waves propell us up and down the frequency spectrum preparing us for a major timeline shift. This shift is a cosmic shift, coming to us from outside our planet’s gravity field. A timeline jump, a gateway to higher dimensions has been opened, our mind body soul systems are responding in ways we cannot fully comprehend. The matrix is being decommissioned from all sides, this is quantum evolution Continue Reading →