Solstice Energy Update and the Lion’s Gate 2018

itstime eraoflightdotcomThe Sacred Year of 2017/18 is drawing to a close, and the Wave of Light Codes and Energy that was released at the Lion’s Gate of 2017 reaches a climax at the June Solstice of 2018.  Beloved Ones, it has been a powerful journey as the Waves of Light and Water Codes are activating more and deeper levels of Continue Reading →

Energy Update: Fatigue Wave Arriving, Massive Insights and More

thebluerayBlessing Beloveds,

Suddenly today we have had an extreme fatigue energy WAVE arriving. I have not slept so long at night in a very long time as last night. When I was doing client sessions today, after my last healing session, I spontaneously feel asleep and I was not even tired! I suddenly woke myself up wondering what was going on, then realized it’s the wave we have coming in Continue Reading →

Sound As a Healing

era of light dna upgradesHistorically, sound has been used as a point of focus and invocation in meditation, prayer, healing, and ritual throughout much of the world. As with so much that is mystical, our culture has lost touch with the nature of sound as a healing vehicle. Yet more and more healers and musicians are focusing on the power sound has on our Continue Reading →

Crystal Core Activation

light spiral gate eraoflightDear Ascending Family,

Currently, there is immense activity occurring underground as the result of the earth’s Crystal Core activation. This has ignited new arterial pathways running liquid crystal frequencies throughout the earth’s crystalline grid, establishing new circuitry and lightbody code in the horizontal Continue Reading →

The Angels: Live in Love

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

You need not wait for another to live In Love! You can live in Love right here, right now. When you witness and take delight in the goodness of another person, in nature, in your coffee or your chocolate, you are in Love! When you look with compassion and witness the light in another who is struggling, you are in Love. When you Continue Reading →

From Reader Joan Amela Towards the Galactics

light shines unveilingIn my opinion, and observing the opinion and discouragement of the people, I believe that delaying your arrival for a longer time will only cause that there is more lack of control, fear, despair, apathy and many other things that circulate inside each mind.

for these reasons your physical Continue Reading →

Energy Surges Becoming More Intense

light spiral gate eraoflightBlessings Beloveds,

What many may think is a wave of energy coming in with no source, many times has a source. This is why it is so important to be completely schooled on ENERGY and how it works. What are waves, what are energy upgrades, what are energy downloads, what is energy coming from Continue Reading →

What is the Dan Tien?

7 chakras eraoflightDan Tien is one of three energy centers in the body. It is most important for martial artists and energy practitioners.

In Taoism, martial art, Qi Gong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known to be the sea of Qi/Chi, the elixir field, or red field. It is also known as the Alchemical Cauldron Continue Reading →

New Moon Process 6/13

full moonThis week’s Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to put your divine changemaker creation energies in motion, fashioning a higher outcome for something important to you. Continue reading for what this means and how to make the most of these two weeks ahead of Post Wesak.

Perspective Continue Reading →

Tidal Wave of Light

mike quinsey eraoflightThe cosmos and interweb are buzzing with news of a tidal wave of light coming our way. Already here, it’s momentum will build with the new moon on the 13th. Gaining pace, lighter fifth dimensional frequencies will bring tidal waves of upgrades. The Solstice, 21st June, will herald a cosmic turning point. Reaching its peak on the 24th June, karmic manifestation. The full moon 27th will mirror and magnify Continue Reading →

Experiencing the Influx and Solstice Source Codes

gowithin eraoflightBlessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The higher trajectory attained at the beginning of June opened the Creator Gates, within and without, for a more direct experience of Unity Consciousness. These diamond-plasma flows will maintain their intensity through the end of June, with our Cosmic Trigger point during the June Solstice passage (peak on June 21 Continue Reading →

What’s Coming … is Relative to Each’s ENERGY…

thebluerayA beyond powerful day yesterday, beautiful energies and soooo much aligning easily, simply and purely… Today, awoke to StarGates aligning/synchronizing constantly and continuously, on like Day 5 of this… which is powerful within itself, because of what it means for REALity….. for each.

Crystalline Grids strongly charging up, lots of movement and cosmic activity Continue Reading →

Why Nikola Tesla Was A Spiritual Mystic And Told The World To Study Non-Physical Phenomena

non-physical eraoflightOne of my favourite quotes of all time comes from Nikola Tesla, who said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

It’s happening. Post material science is here, and although it’s challenging the current dogma in science, it’s where we need to go Continue Reading →

Stargate Activities

light spiral gate eraoflightDAYS of Powerful Cosmic Light Rays & SOULar-Star Codes Activating, Integrating, Re-Calibrating, DNA Re-Coding and Electromagnetic Re-Balancing … In Your Bodies, Earth & Atmospheres… High Photonic Anchoring, Body-Field Ali

BEYOND POWERFUL Comic Upgrades, Enhancements, DNA Continue Reading →

NOW Clearing Our Cosmic Akash: Are YOU Truly Ready for YOUR Entire Matrix Reality to Quantum Shift?

mike quinsey eraoflightThis is where we ARE now…. This means HUGE shifts for all. Individually and collectively, in absolutely every way. ♥

A few weeks ago we began clearing the Cosmic Akash. No, I don’t know we have these things/do these things, until we actually “get there” Continue Reading →

Release Fear to Experience Magic

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptRelease the fear. It sounds easy, it’s ridiculously hard to do. Fear layers itself around our chakras, our organs, our aura, like an onion. It deadens the vibrations of our beating hearts. Freezes our systems. Paralyses us emotionally and stunts our energetic evolution. We evolve as soon as we release fear from our being. The matrix conditions fear into us. Fear of death, god, angels and demons, illness, loss, war and poverty Continue Reading →

Accelerated Ascension: Life On The Cosmic Road

energy updateNot that this needs repeating but, April and May 2018, wow! Do you still have hair? Skin? How’s your continually upgrading CNS (central nervous system)? Do you know where you are, not that it matters much at this point? Did you mandatory daytime reboot nap these two months more than ever before, especially from early mid-May on? I’ve mentioned the Continue Reading →

June 2018 Energy Update; Power and Vulnerability

spirit and physical worlds eraoflightThe themes of Power and Vulnerability will be hitting us strongly through June and into the month of July.


It brought with it a lot of change, a SHIFT IN OUR IDENTITIES and also Continue Reading →

How to Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body

meditation one eraoflightYour body is your temple and home to your soul. It holds its own divine wisdom and knowledge, but unless you meditate regularly or take the time to tune in, chances are you’re going to be unaware of this innate wisdom.

This is not unusual, and why most of our aches and pains and overactive mind goes unnoticed until we are winding down for the day Continue Reading →

Love Expands; June 2018

light spiral gate eraoflightHi my friend,

May brought us so many changes. June is going to give us the opportunity to rest and catch our breath, before the energies pick up again during the eclipse and multi-retrograde season later on in the summer. The first week of June will offer us the opportunity to think outside the box, and to focus on Continue Reading →

June Ascension Energies; Earth Family

mike quinsey eraoflightMay Review

May had the energy of Peaceful Heart, and it was an interesting flow. I had a deep processing prior to the monthly energies teleclass. I had a flash of feeling like my heart area was a vacuum, a deep magnetic pull. Then my head and crown chakra were so activated it was uncomfortable and I just Continue Reading →

Message for Light Warriors: All Systems Go

lightwarrior eraoflightdotcomStarseed, volunteers, indigo, crystal and rainbow children are lighting up the planet. Spread far and wide, our mission is to raise the vibrations from ground zero. We have each agreed to do this. We experience life as a human, with the usual amnesia to establish a fair playing field. However this is not a normal lifetime. There is nothing about 21st century planet earth that is normal. The focal point for a war of frequencies that has ravaged humanity physically Continue Reading →

People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses

dee4ac31.jpg“If I were my peach smoothie body butter, where would I be?” I say to no one while I search for my favorite lotion. Then: “Aha! Here you are. You rolled under my bed.”

I talk to myself a lot. And I don’t mean only in the privacy of my own home. I talk to myself while I’m walking down the street, when I’m in my office or when I’m shopping Continue Reading →

Denial and Blame Shifters

thebluerayWhen we understand how fear is created in the body, it is helpful in releasing the grip of anxiety and fear patterns. People that are triggered into fears and mental anxiety may impulsively turn to blame shifting or the projection of their fears onto others. When people are in deep pain and they are suffering, many times they will move unacceptable impulses in themselves and place them onto someone else. Sometimes, if another person or situation Continue Reading →

CNS Recalibration

newlightearth eraoflightIf we do not deeply know ourselves, then we do not know of our Original Spirit. One cannot know the nature of God’s Spirit until deeply knowing themselves, through the process of becoming increasingly self-aware. Through meditation, prayer and heart focused inspiration, we can become conscious of our direct relationship with our original God Spirit. Our inner spirit is accessed directly through our heart complex Continue Reading →

Five Misconceptions of Living a Conscious Life

energy updateThere’s an interesting phenomena that happens when you hit a rock bottom of sorts, you open yourself up to new thinking, new experiences, and new ways of living a conscious life that can totally transform your life, if you let it.

In 2012, I took a dive into the self-help, empowerment, wellness world Continue Reading →

The Ascension Process & the Embodiment Process Clarified

soul light eraoflight“…would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP?” — Kara

These two questions may sound like they’re not related but they most certainly are. First, Kara’s question.

I have intentionally been writing these two terms — the Ascension Process Continue Reading →

High Frequency Wave Crown and Heart Chakra Activation

meditation one eraoflightCosmic energies are triggering crown and heart chakra expansion. Our frequencies fluctuate up and down in the blink of an eye. In a wave of higher vibrational surf or a smackdown of matrix meanness. Being hyper aware of our energy, of the language of energy, helps us ride incoming waves, transcending the third dimension. We learn to manifest our realities through mindfulness and mantras. We are here to learn or relearn the meaning of quantum existence Continue Reading →

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Understanding The Upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon Field

astrolog mind eraoflightdotcomDear Friends,
here we are all together on the road to enter the energy field of this years Full Moon which appears in eight degree and ten minutes of Sagittarius. This is an excellent time for each of us to embrace life again as the big fat adventure, that it was as long as we looked at any moment Continue Reading →