The Council of Light: Equinox; You Know What to Do

ascended beingsIf you allow it, the whole thing can be completely overwhelming, it’s true. But don’t stop there. It is for you to be a change maker in the midst of it, without feeling like you have to shovel dirt to move the mountain. You are a very powerful light bearer with much work to do, so start. Remember. When you hear about something that tugs your heart, send light. See the highest outcome transpiring. Send light to those on the front lines. Envision the entire planet and all of the sentient beings and intricate systems in Continue Reading →

Scientists Working for the U.S. Government Do Not Vaccinate Their Kids

eol independent newsWelcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where our country’s most scientifically literate families are avoiding vaccines like the plague. Meanwhile, the infected “vaxxers” are all throwing poisoned fits, wondering why all the “sheeple” aren’t following the rest of the “herd” like they’ve been summoned to do by the script-fed mass media and the morally corrupted Continue Reading →

The 9D Arcturian Council: Upgrades Are Coming

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun the process of giving you the various upgrades that you’ve been asking for. We are working, of course, in concert with your guides to provide you with Continue Reading →

Aerospace Insider on Aliens: ‘We Don’t Have To Go Anywhere To Find Them, They’re Already Here’

et are here eraoflightThe Facts: Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation lets the world know that he has knowledge that we are not alone, and that we are currently being visited by intelligent extraterrestrials.

Reflect On: Bigelow is just one person, but he is joined by hundreds of others with impressive credentials Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: Death is Like a Debut

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, you may have always welcomed good ideas about death. You have heard that you have had the experience of death a time or two before, yet you don’t recall, and you may want to avoid the subject of death altogether. You are inclined to put it off Continue Reading →

Your Level of Consciousness is Going to BE BEyond Important

time to wake up eraoflightI prefer not to write this stuff, yet it’s important to assist those collectives finding themselves “challenged” with their own Consciousness/physical reality. I will explain, paint a “picture”, so all can read/see, and then CHOOSE: HOW to experience all… from inside… as Shifting your Energy/Consciousness, shifts your overall vibration, therefore your body’s transmission, therefore your physical experience Continue Reading →

Archangel Gabriel: Life Expression

aa gabrielAs you continue to grow and expand into living your biggest, most beautiful life expression, old belief systems that stand in the way of where your soul wishes to go will come up for release. The one we would like to discuss today is, “Enjoy yourself while you are still young”.

While it may initially seem like good advice Continue Reading →

Attorney For Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Was A Fundraiser For The Hillary Clinton Campaign

altnews eraoflightThe more we learn about the woman who has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh, POTUS Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, of sexual assault 36 years ago the more it becomes plain this is all a Democratic-run operation to delay or derail the confirmation of an imminently qualified jurist.

For a woman who initially claimed – if we’re to believe Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif Continue Reading →

Saint Germain: RV/GESARA Report

st germainPrelude: Yes dear heart, I am here and just waiting for you to get settled. I’ve been thinking about what message I would like to give the Lightworkers of Earth today and here it is, in a nuthshell.

In your seats, your point of view, you may not see that anything is occurring all these days and nights that you wait on the edge of your seat for news to come Continue Reading →

Q: We Are Not Alone

real news source eraoflightQ has released the Disclosure genie from the bottle by confirming that we are not alone in the Universe.

Q hosted a Question/Answer session on 8 Chan – it was so popular it nearly crippled the server with over 400,000 people responding Continue Reading →

Saint Germain: A New Experience

saint germain eraoflightI am here today to tell you about a coming time in your lives. It is a time for you all to come to the conclusion that you have given of yourselves in various ways in which you have not only followed your hearts but have followed your inner knowing as well. I am St. Germain, and I am here speaking through this one because she has been giving me the outcome of what she is learning in her times of the past few years. She is taking the time now to explore her own inner Continue Reading →

A Vitamin Within the B-Complex That’s Vital for Neurological and Mental Health

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightMost who are knowledgeable with supplements know the importance of vitamin B12 for preventing and reversing negative neurological maladies. But recent research has uncovered the more obscure B1 (thiamine) vitamin deficiency can result in brain damage, neurological conditions, terrible mental states, coma, and death. It’s important to understand that although high dose B1 or B12 Continue Reading →

Marijuana a Possible Treatment for AutoImmune Disorders like MS, Arthritis, and Type 1 Diabetes

cannabis cures eraoflightAuto-immune disorders occur when the body’s immune system turns on itself, attacking healthy cells as if they were dangerous invaders. These conditions are usually chronic and can significantly impact the quality of life for people who suffer with them. So what’s a solution? One recent study indicates tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component in marijuana, could Continue Reading →

Light Initiations

creator writingsA little bit of forward thinking info:

The first movement into the three levels of the Trinitized core frequency has been initiate into the magnetic core of all bodies, human planetary and inter- Galactic.

This is part of the Continue Reading →

How Many “Swamp Critter” Heads Will Roll When Trump’s Declassified Order Of Specific Documents Is Fulfilled?

freemedia eraoflightdotcomListen to what Dobbs and Farrell think may happen regarding President Trump’s order to declassify specific documents.

The Deep State players now are in a Catch 22 position: How can, or do they, protect themselves / each other, plus not Continue Reading →

Five Things to Know Now About The Equinox

gods lightWith Equinox just around the corner, it’s helpful to understand the key potentials and things to pay attention to, as part of your preparation for this next big energy gateway. Continue reading to discover 5 things you will want to factor into your week.

Equinox as a reminder marks a change in seasons and is often associated Continue Reading →

Yeshua: Don’t Stop Searching

yeshua eraoflightI encourage you to go deeper and deeper into your knowing

Greetings dear hearts! I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I am your brother and family.

I am here with you today, and every single time you call on me, for I am always Continue Reading →

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Balance of the Equinox

arcturian council“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to explore the different possibilities that exist in your very near future as a collective, and we are happy to say that we see you moving in a direction that is taking you closer and closer to experiences that you all wanted for quite some time Continue Reading →

The Dragon Collective: Your Rebirth

dragon whiteWe are the Dragon Collective. We have come from far and wide across time, across vast distances of space to witness the rebirth of your world and of this sector, that has held much darkness for much time. It is your rebirth, your re-dawning, of understandings, of truths suppressed and re-revealed. It is time for your wings to unfurl humanity and to test them Continue Reading →

Dow Surges As Latest US-China Trade Barbs Are Not As Bad

eolnewsStocks rose on Tuesday as the latest tariffs on U.S. and Chinese goods are not as bad as previously feared. Strong gains in tech also lifted the broader market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 250 points as Nike and Intel outperformed. The S&P 500 gained 0.8 percent, led by tech and consumer discretionary Continue Reading →

Avocados Contain Cancer Killing Compounds

herbal medicine eraoflightAML is a form of blood cancer which is most common in people over the age of 65. According to Cancer Research, around 8,600 people are diagnosed with leukemia each year, 2,600 of which are diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Around 90 per cent of people diagnosed with AML over the age of Continue Reading →

Sheldan Nidle: Uplifting News

sheldan nidle eraoflightSelamat Balik! We return with uplifting news! Progress continues. The dark cabal has reached the point where its only option is to surrender. Every strategy to disrupt the Light has utterly failed. We are approaching the very brink of events that are to be the true prelude to your freedom and the rise of new governance. Along with our Earth allies, we are in the middle of executing a well-thought-out Continue Reading →

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Cabal Rule Could Collapse Within Three Months

eol alt newsThere is a real possibility that the Khazar Kabbalah will collapse in the next three months and that the alternative power structures must be ready for this moment, according to MI6’s British secret services. The triggering cause is likely to be the arrest of Kabbalistic leaders in the United States from October Continue Reading →

The Arcturians: Dawning Of A New Day

arcturiansGreetings from the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, which is much larger than you may imagine. Please realise that every decision that humanity makes within this NOW has a great impact on the planet.

As humans become more conscious of their “Higher SELF” who is their Multidimensional SELF, they will feel more and more of a need Continue Reading →

Energy Report: Clairgustance/Hormone Recalibration

newlightearth eraoflightDear Beautiful Souls!

There is much going on right now. I have spent the past few days being highly in tune with my body and the energy to be able to express, and explain the upgrades that are currently taking place.

First, we had very intense geomagetic storms for 5+ days straight Continue Reading →

Babaji: Remedying The Lack of Self-Confidence


The lack of self-confidence causes warriors of light to hesitate when they should be taking action! We now want to remedy this deficiency.


Fears from a long time Continue Reading →

4 Habits That Add Stress to Your Life

7 chakras eraoflightIn almost every conversation I have with friends, family, or acquaintances, the topic of managing stress habitually comes up. If I were to poll all of you reading this article right now on what is bothering you the most, I imagine a majority of you would answer something related to stress, and how to manage it.

Yes, stress is annoying Continue Reading →

Matthew Ward: Energy Behind the Scenes, Trump and Putin

matthewwardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. If you are sensing that something important is afoot, you may be responding to the energy of behind-the-scenes efforts that are poised for action. Those efforts are why we are speaking about the incredulity of numerous readers that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are in the international group working to abolish the Illuminati’s Continue Reading →

The Great Experiment

galaxies eraoflightThis Planet was created as an experiment.  As a place to work out some galactic issues that had us divided, one against another.  It was the perfect environment, because our creations are slowed down enough so that we can see how we, with our own frequency, our own vibration, create our own reality.  And there it is, that Continue Reading →

Wall Street Bankers Never Punished for Massive Fraud Leading to 2008 Financial Crisis

real news source eraoflightAs the world marks the 10th anniversary of the worst financial crash in recent history, it’s worth looking into who was held responsible for knowingly issuing fraudulent mortgages that led to the crisis.

On 15 September Continue Reading →