Daily Message for 12/4/2023


You are healers and bringers of the light that will see this world into a new reality very soon. Continue your focus within. Allow the light from the source within to expand, and envelope your entire being. The energies will continue to intensify. You must remain heart centered in these times of great change. Breathe in light, breathe out love. As more and more higher aspects of you are joining you in this now reality. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 12/2/2023

In this shift you are going through a rebirth. With this rebirth comes a new mind, new body, new level of awareness, and a whole new reality. All of these changes must occur and be felt within prior to be seen and manifested in the outer world. Now is the time to realize that all of the above are in your energy field, in your DNA. Breathe, feel, commit to the shift, and see yourself morph into your Fifth Dimensional Self. ~Kejraj