Your Galactic Family: Meeting Your SELF

gfoleraoflightOur dearest Grounded Ones,

We commend you for hearing our message and for sharing them with others. We speak to you within this NOW to share with you that it is the Now for you to prepare. For we, your Galactic family, are now approaching earth. Continue reading

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God’s Message: Divine Rapport

godmessagesSo many thoughts rule the world, thoughts escaping like a mass release of prisoners. Thoughts like cars entering the freeway. Thoughts speeding on electrical connections.

Thoughts come in so many languages, and thoughts tussle with each other to make more room for Continue reading

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Celestial Dolphin Consciousness: The Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now

dolphinsWe, the Celestial Dolphin Consciousness, greet you with joy, laughter and elation as we send our energy forth to commune and connect with your being. We are channeling the innocence of the Creator through our souls to connect with the innocence of the Creator within your own being. Let our celestial vibrations penetrate your being deeply, connecting into the truth Continue reading

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Jeshua: The Spiritual Meaning Of Life On Earth

sanandaDear like-minded friends,

I am Jeshua speaking. You are my brothers and sisters. I join you here as an equal, not as one who is exalted above you, but as a friend, a comrade. Feel the common source through which we are connected. Feel the life flow between us, the connection Continue reading

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Arcturian Council: Humanity’s Ascension Journey

arcturian council“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There are many possibilities in front of the human collective right now. There is not one future that has been set in stone for all of you. There is not one path to your ascension Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey: Events on Earth Gathering Pace

mikequinseyEvents on Earth are gathering pace as uncleared karma is working itself out, and as you are experiencing it would seem to getting worse. Please bear in mind that only those who need to clear karmic debts are directly involved, and it includes those who are often viewed as innocent bystanders. As unlikely as it seems to many of you, all souls involved are able to clear old karma Continue reading

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New Moon Update 6-23-17

full moonDear Friends,

New Moon is Friday, June 23 at 8:31 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

On the heels of a very powerful Continue reading

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Solstice Passageway Conclusion, Crystalline LightBody Templates, Next Phases of Integration

spiral starWe are completing this Solstice Passageway and anchoring phase for all new higher dimensional timelines and further materialization and implementation of a “bigger picture” here. For me, I have a beyond huge project that began in January and continues even now… It’s to complete the writing out of processes necessary for each of us to bring forth more Heaven on Earth Continue reading

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Archangel Michael And Raziel: Let Go Of Fear And Stand In Your Power Now

thebluerayEnergy Reading for this week:  Let go of fear and stand in your Power Now!

This morning Archangel Michael is stepping forward with his message to “Let go of fear Now!” And then Archangel Raziel also steps forward with his message, “Stand in your Power Continue reading

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Sananda: The New Age Is Approaching

sanandaI am Sananda and I come today to prepare the way for The New Age that is approaching – The New Age that is at your feet dear children on Earth. It is up to you to grab hold of your dreams and see to it that they are realized. If the dream is sufficiently strong and alive it will manifest in just a few moments. It is the blink of an eye that counts now, as the large masses are beginning to move and Continue reading

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Montague Keen: Great Achievements

monaguekeenWhat you and your team unravelled in the last 10 days will help unburden humanity. When minds are open to working with the spirit side of life, the sky is the limit. It helps you to break free of oppression. Firstly, you need to understand who and what is oppressing you. You have come a long way towards finding the answers. To help explain this, I ask Continue reading

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The Group: Transitioning into Spiritual Mastery

starseedsFrom the group with love.

Greetings from Home, dear ones

We join you this day watching from afar. We must say first of all, we are so incredibly proud of the work that Continue reading

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2017 The Powers Of This Years Cancer New Moon Energy Field

astroscopeDear Friends,
on June 23rd/24th, depending on where we are in the world, we will experience the peek of very water influenced Cancer New Moon at 2 degrees and 47 minutes. But not only is the Moon located in the water zodiac sign of Cancer, but also the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Topping up that Continue reading

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Brother Paul: Go Forward

baldorGod bless you. I am Julia and Gabrielle is beside me. We have come to give you a blessing today. As always we give blessings and love. We stand aside now for there is one who wishes to speak to you.

I have taken over this vessel to give a message into this machine. I am Brother Paul. That message is: go forward Continue reading

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Dying Mi5 Agent Admits to Killing Princess Diana in Deathbed Confession

retired-mi5-agent-death-bed-confession-i-killed-princess-diana-19617A dying British Intelligence agent has made a series of stunning confessions after being told that he only has a matter of weeks to live by doctors, including that he was tasked with the murder of Princess Diana. 80-year-old John Hopkins is a retired Mi5 operative who worked as a hitman for Continue reading

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The Solstice Gateway

third eye chakraCreate Positive Energy Shifts

Ready to shift some energy in your life? This week we have a powerful Solstice gateway, providing a new doorway for transformation and progress. Continue reading for a simple process you can do now and throughout the Continue reading

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The Team: Quantum Consciousness

council of lightWe are here to remind as well as encourage you to step into your unlimited possibilities. Who you are in your physical form certainly knows and understands limitations, however we are addressing your divine self now, the energetic aspect that animates the physical body and continues to trigger your personal awareness and activate your quantum consciousness. Continue reading

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Jesus: The Intent and the Decision to Go Within

sanandaAs you all know, readers and listeners to these and other inspiring and uplifting channeled messages, enormous changes are in progress now as humanity enters the final stages of the awakening process.

It has been a long journey for you to return to your point of departure, the place you never left, at peace Continue reading

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The Council: Include Yourself

council of mastersThere is a wonderful song title that we love, “What If God Were One of Us?” We would change it a little, hoping that we do not offend its authors. We would have it be “What If God Were All of Us?” Does it surprise you to have us tell you that it expresses truth?

That is because God, or Creator, or Source Continue reading

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Judas Iskariot: Wonderful Times

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I have much news to share today.

First of all – RV has started my friends. It is in full swing.

Secondly – Peace has spread out in the world. People can draw a sigh of relief and start to rebuild their homes Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford: Petrodollar Doomed as Qatar Breaks Ranks and Sells its Oil in Yuan

benjamin fulfordThe crisis in Qatar marks a major turning point in the battle against the Khazarian mafia. Ostensibly Saudi Arabia and other oil exporting states decided to try to blockade Qatar “because it was supporting terrorism.” In reaction to this move, US President Donald Trump showed the world he was not in charge of the US by first supporting the blockade and then being forced by the Pentagon to Continue reading

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Sheldan Nidle 6/20/2017

sheldan_nidle4 Cimi, 9 Kayab, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Everything continues to move forward in its own fashion. Those in charge of the secure counting and proper delivery of currency are confident that it is to be completed in a timely manner. The only delays are being caused by the methods chosen to finish complicated assigned tasks. We are Continue reading

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What YOU Need To Know BEFORE The Solstice!

thebluerayYou have not heard much from me lately, I know– but then, you may not have even noticed, since it’s likely that you are either coming out of or still in some sort of a whirlwind just like me. Everybody’s whirlwind is as different as everybody’s life, of course, so I have no idea where the vortex of your whirlwind began. Could have been anywhere, really… relationship(s), career, health, physical Continue reading

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Archangel Michael: Solstice Energies

aa michaelGreetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the current energies for the planet and the collective. The Full Moon, Planetary Retrogrades and more have brought much to the surface to be observed, felt and released. All this is in preparation of the Solstice and in helping to bring forth your Souls, the Higher Self into Physical Manifestation. What these energies are bringing forward Continue reading

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Energy Update: The Divine Merging Of Our Authentic Self Through Soul Fragments Returning Now

body of lightDear Beloveds,

We come to you today to tell you of the Divine merging of our authentic selves that is taking place in the moment of NOW. What does this mean and what does it look like ? The energy upgrades that have recently come in over the Continue reading

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The Event: Lifting The Veil

eventsuneraoflightGreetings Beings of Light! As always, from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message. Continue reading

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Ashtar: Have Courage To Keep Going Through Any Darkness

ashtar“Well! Greetings, Beloved Family! There certainly is a lot of shaking going on right now, is there not? And this is how it needs to be! It is necessary – imperative for everyone who is at all awake – and, if they’re not, they need to wake up! I’m not talking about you, Beloved Ones. You’re awake! But it is that you can -perhaps, by sending out your LoveLight, or even doing something Continue reading

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Archangel Metatron: The Universal Womb

aa metatronImagine, if you can, a chalice, much the same as the one Jesus drank from before he was crucified. It is large enough to hold the water of the world and more in it without ever spilling a drop. If water signifies emotion and the chalice symbolises the mother’s womb, it seems logical, then, that the emotion most likely to be equated with the mother’s womb would be unconditional love. Every mother’s Continue reading

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Message from Babaji: Prophecy: It Will All Happen Very Fast

babajiUnderstand: when the “day of days” is dawning, everything happens very fast. Understand: when the sky returns to the earth, it will only take a few moments. Understand: when God reveals himself to you and calls you by name, the age of darkness will come to an end.

I am BABAJI Continue reading

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A Message From God: In Its Finest Sense

godmessagesIn its finest sense, a great thing to be able to say about someone is:

“He really knew how to enjoy Life.” Or, “She really knew how to live Life and to Love it!”

Alas, you may wonder where you fit Continue reading

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