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Greetings friends! We are at the end of another year already. The flow of higher energies to Earth in the recent days have been very intense. Physical and energetical shifts are felt continuously, within, as well as seen in the outer world. Compassion is paramount, especially when observing those of a 3D mindset. Offering your light and love, and guidance when the opportunity presents itself. Returning often to the heart space, and going forward from there. I hope you have been finding useful the things that are being shared on Era of Light, for it is made possible with your support. Thank you in advance. With eternal gratitude, Kejraj.

Daily Message for 12/10/2023


This is nothing but great news. For with it, come new light particles, showering the Earth with higher light codes, accelerating the awakening of humanity. This will only intensify in the year of 2024. Drink plenty of water, and get much rest. Do not allow the mainstream media fear mongering to bring you down. The Sun is there to serve you. Open your heart, and accept the new light, feel yourself rise, as your 12 strand DNA connections are restored. ~Kejraj