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The Event: Lifting the Veil


event wave awakeningGreetings to You You Bright One! As always, from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message

The Arcturian Group: New Earth

arcturiansDear readers, welcome to the new Earth. “New Earth” you say, “Where is it?” Enlightened ideas and the changes that follow them must first enter individual awareness and integrate before they can become a state of consciousness able to manifest outwardly. Not understanding this is why so many have become discouraged as they observe chaos and believe that nothing is happening

The Light Body Structure is Being Activated

lightwarrior eraoflightdotcomBlessings Beloveds,

Today I want to talk about the Light Body and how it is activated and what is the process of activation. The Light Body is the structure that we take with us to the New Earth. We can not transport in our 3D bodies as they are too dense and of a 3D composition. I found out in 2013 when I had my Near Ascension Experience

Chemicals In Vegetables Prevent Cancer

mother nature is the cure eraoflightChemicals produced by vegetables such as kale, cabbage and broccoli could help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent colon cancer, a new study from the Francis Crick Institute shows.

The research, published in Immunity, shows that mice fed on a diet rich in

Mira of the Pleiadian Collective: All Eyes On You

mira pleiadianWe are the Pleiadian Collective. We greet you humankind today with warm wishes and arms extended in service. We see much turmoil on your planet in this most rigorous now, but simultaneously we see the light unfolding and literally piercing the darkness…

Greetings, this is Mira of the Pleiadian Collective. I offer my voice

The Council: Who We All Really Are

ascended beings“Once an enLIGHTened HUman has had the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, and (Self)Realized Who We All Really ARE — but still has bills to pay, children to raise, work to do, etc. — how can that person best stay sufficiently ‘grounded’ to deal with all the daily ‘stuff’ to fulfill his/her chosen obligations and responsibilities while also not denying One’s multidimensional existence and Perspective?

Why is the DOJ Indicting Julian Assange but not Hillary Clinton?

realnews source eraoflightAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Justice Department is about to indict and prosecute Julian Assange, a journalist whose life has already been destroyed through his “imprisonment” in an Ecuadorian embassy for the last six years.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, a traitorous political mafia boss who sold out America’s strategic

The 9D Arcturian Council: Different Paths of Ascension

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot ComKejraj Note: I found this one interesting, brought more joy for confirmation. Because I not only touch people energetically, I can see and feel that. But I interact with anyone that makes eye contact. It is simply the look they give that allows me to see the potential in them, in which I begin to open my self to them. Even the ones that think I’m crazy, they cannot help but return for more

Create Your Own Sacred Space

merkabah eraoflightCreating Sacred Space was a titillating ancient secret. Observe how far people travel to a sacred site – without knowing that they can create such spaces themselves.

Everything is vibration, and every vibration has a frequency… such as the rocks in the ground, the mineral content of the soil, the presence of water in the air (or not)

Zap/Poofness for 11/18/2018

zap poof eraoflightPOOF SAID

Greetings and Salutations,

There are big things coming down that are going to rock the entire country; and its tied to politics, to banking, to laws, to Congress to celebrities and much more there are many things going on that will all hit

The Pleiadians: The Flow of Fifth Dimensional Light

The PleiadesDear Earth Friends and Fellow Shipmates now holding an earthen vessel,

We, your Pleiadian friends and family on your Starship are very pleased when you, the Earthlings, as we call you on the Ship, wish to communicate with us. We are also pleased when you tell

Matthew Ward: Current Situations

matthewwardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. How much does Forgiveness help to change the energy that causes storms and the mass consciousness of the planet and does it help the earth??”  It is not an overstatement to say that forgiveness is one of the most vital ways to help Earth and its civilization. The energy of forgiveness emits the high vibrations that are undergirding planetary and personal ascension

GESARA; The Hands of God

154059659211780217Paradigm change fair social engineering.

What change can we expect with GESARA and make a transition run smoothly to avoid Chaos and inflation. Who determines what we do and how we do it,……… WE SELF!!

1. Democracy of the future and how

Messages from the Angels: The Gratitude of the Infinite

the collectiveThis week the Presence came through again…

I love you with a love beyond measure. I am grateful for your willingness to go beyond the dreams I once dreamt for you when you were originally created. I appreciate your creativity, your tenacity, you love, and your kindness to one another. I appreciate even your sadness, for it shows you care. I appreciate even your anger because

Four Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

energy updateLadies and gentlemen, before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a simple question – are you a lightworker, or you know someone who is? If your answer is yes, then please, show them respect and honor their gifts, because without lightworkers our planet would be much darker

Archangel Michael: Work On Your Stamina And Strength

aa michaelGreetings dear and brave ones! Greetings! I AM Mi-ka-el. I AM Archangel of Love, Warrior of the Peace, Bringer of the Truth, and I am in charge of heart communications, your protector, and so much more to all of you.

A long time ago, before you descended into this world of density and seeming separation from the Source, I promised you that I would be by your side

Zorra of Hollow Earth: When Fully In 5D

time to wake up eraoflightDear beloved Gods and Goddesses,

It’s that time of year once again when many are very busy with the holidays. Certainly, most feel that time just flew by so quickly and one asks oneself, “where did the time go”?

Perhaps you have already left the “time” element behind and have focused more

Mercury is Retrograde, Relax

new astrology eraoflightI’m sure you’re not used to hearing that. Yet, this Mercury Retrograde is something to celebrate.

This Mercury Retrograde is a reminder for you to tune into your inner voice and take care of yourself.

When the fastest moving planet in our solar system heads toward its backspin, it’s the

Archangel Gabriel: Remember To Carve Out A Space For Your Sacred Selves

aa gabrielI AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpeter of Truth, Bringer of Joy. And I bring you joy this day, for there are times, beloved, when one must step back, when one must give the joy of being in physical form to oneself. And I am speaking to many of you. For you are dedicated, you are diligent, you are determined and we applaud you and we recognize you. And we laud you and we love you for this. But there is a time to enjoy the simplicity and take the burden that you

The Pleiadians: Your True Multidimensionality

pleiades star cluster eraoflightdotcomWhether you are aware of it or not, many of you, our volunteers to take an earth vessel, return to our Ships, usually that would be “your ship,” during your sleep. Also, many of you who visit us take advantage of the advanced, fifth-dimensional healing technology that you are welcome to

Upcoming Aspects for Nov 26th & 27th 2018

astrology new artEnergies

Working up to the 26th and 27th of November, we have an energetic situation that is building for leaders around the world. This situation should play out in the media or through channels of mass communication. Whatever is discussed will seem like a big deal, or, there will simply be

The 9D Arcturian Council: Light & Ascension

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have listened to the summoning that you have been doing, and we have noticed that you are making requests for a lighter experience there on planet Earth. You want less density and more light, and the transmissions that we are sending contain more

Celestial White Beings: Empowering Your Thoughts with Peace and Bliss

celestial white beingsBlissful and peaceful blessings, we, the Celestial White Beings share with you now. We wish for you to recognise the bliss and peace within your being, as this is your power and your access to your truth. We embrace you in blissful and peaceful energy from our celestial levels, supporting you

Reduce and Avoid Dangerous High Blood Pressure Naturally

mother nature is the cure eraoflightAccording to the American Heart Association, one out of every three adults suffers with elevated blood pressure. That means that at least one third of our population is at risk of heart trouble. Fortunately high blood pressure can be corrected with common sense, simple dietary and lifestyle changes and natural remedies

The Team: Divine Seeds of Hope

thecollectiveWe are here honored to have this opportunity to share these words and acknowledge you for your magnificent courage. This is not always an easy dimension to be embodied within. It is however a dimension of all possibilities. You, along with all other physical/divine beings who have chosen to be embodied, are here playing in this reality

Are Digital Devices Altering Our Brains?

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightSome say our gadgets and computers can help improve intelligence. Others say they make us stupid and violent. Which is it?

Do video games make people more aggressive, or are they beneficial—improving certain abilities, such as reaction time? Probably a bit of both, according to recent research, although any benefits

Mary Magdalene: Message Number 3: Third Eye

mary eraoflightHello my beloved ones,

today you get more specific information from me concerning the Third Eye. You are not sure if it is already open? Here’s a simple method: relax and straighten yourself, rub your palms together in front of your breastbone. Then you put them over your eyes (like playing hide and seek). Form a cave over the eyes, touching neither

Top US Officials Confirm To Putin That Trump Is Preparing For Military Takeover Of United States

eol independent newsA stunning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin’s brief meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence and US National Security Advisor John Bolton confirmed Russia’sworst fears that President Trump is in preparations for having the American military take over control of the United States as, according to these top US officials

Mike Quinsey: Waiting For The Event

gods lightYou are waiting for what has become to be known as the “Event” and in the higher realms it is seen as in the Now, and it is therefore difficult to put a date on it. At best it is possible to say that there is a probability it will occur quite soon, and within the period of the next 10 years. However, that should only be taken as a guide as things are constantly changing. It is unwise to hold fast to firm predictions even for such a great