Smart Meters Are Destroying Your Health

1On March 7, 2017, State Senator Patrick Colbeck testified before the Michigan State House Energy and Technology Committee regarding House Bill 4220 which would allow homeowners to opt-out of having to use Smart Meters without incurring fees. He is hoping to, at best, keep so-called smart meters from becoming Continue reading

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Sheldan Nidle 3/21/2017

snidle4 Men, 18 Ceh, 3 Caban

Dratzo! There is a strange silence that permeates everything. The rascals of the night, the cabal, realize that the current period of nothingness signifies how the cabal can, to a certain Continue reading

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Archangel Michael: The Event Horizon; Equinox Timeline Separation




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The Federal Government Is Now Referring To Marijuana As Medicine

148537773994057A profound shift in the federal government’s stance on cannabis was marked by subtle changes made this month to one webpage. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health, now has a webpage titled Marijuana as Medicine. Prior to March 2017, it was titled Is Marijuana Medicine? Continue reading

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The Arcturians: Being ONE with Gaia

earth1Dear Readers,

I wish to share with you that I have been moving through a deep process of transmuting my SELF into an entirely different reality. With great thanksgivings I add that the reality to which I am “moving” is the life that my true SELF has always wanted, but kept that desire as an “impossible reality” that I could only imagine and dream about. Continue reading

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Adamu: The Starseed Contract and Planetary Ascension

148726772299444My dear friends I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation speaking to once again through my scribe, Zingdad.

Today I wish to speak directly to the Starseeds of Planet Earth. But, even if you do not think it possible Continue reading

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Channellings from the Masters: The Golden Ray of Truth

148831325812153Greetings and blessings to you all. The time has come for the Earth to shake off her cloak of misery. The treacheries, tragedies and atrocities in the last 5 years have cast a shroud of misery over much of the human race, but it is lifting, even if it may not be apparent to many. Continue reading

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The Team: Nourish and Strengthen Your Light Body

carefybWe are here, honored to inspire and trigger your remembrance and awareness of who you truly are. You are beings of pure light, energy and consciousness. You are embodied in a dense physical form that allows you to interface with the 3D reality in which you find yourself. However, we continue to remind you with our words and transmissions to shift your focus Continue reading

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The Ocean Of Light

148986018277273Greetings Lighted Ones! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT Continue reading

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David Rockefeller Dead At 101

1Rockefeller died in his sleep at home in Pocantico Hills, New York, on Monday morning as a result of congestive heart failure, according to a family spokesperson Fraser P. Seitel. Continue reading

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Ashtar: You Are Becoming Multi-Dimensional Level Beings

ashtarGreetings, Beloved Family!  Well, we have an interesting situation here on the ground at Ashtar On The Road, because the familiar format has disappeared!*  Oh, it will be found and, in the meantime, it is for everyone to come up together to the Bridge of my ship without the ‘New Jerusalem’ music.**  So if you are familiar with it and have heard it before – just kind of hear it in your Hearts Continue reading

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Pleiadian Consciousness: Healing the Emptiness Within

output_bqU4zdWe, the Pleiadians Consciousness, come forth in love and truth to greet you. We bring forth the energy and light of our civilisation to support you in your period of ascension. As a being upon the Earth, you are not alone, your consciousness is connected to all aspects of the Creator, and all aspects of the Creator are connected with Continue reading

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Archangel Michael: March Equinox 2017 – The New Beginning and the “Empty Space”

3465478So, Beloved Ones, you are now approaching the first equinox of the year 2017.  In the North this will be the powerful Spring Equinox, and in the South, the Autumn Equinox.  The Wave of Diamond Light that is released at the time of the Equinoxes is gathering momentum, preparing to bring even more illumination and radiance to the Earth.

But, at the same time, there is a feeling Continue reading

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The Council: Expectations

collectiveToday the channel had a conversation regarding this subject and we would like to speak further about it.

You often have expectations regarding where you want to go, where you want your path to lead to. You want to experience this. You want to develop that. Is this the right path for me? Is this the best thing for me to be doing? Why am I ‘stuck’? I’m not Continue reading

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Saul: When You Open Yourselves In Love You Have Nothing to Hide

saulHumanity IS awakening! There [are] numerous signs of this appearing all across the planet, signs that are plainly visible except to those who choose to remain unaware or in denial about the true nature of humanity – that humans are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary and limited physical experience embodied Continue reading

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Vitamin B17, Known As Laetrile and Amygdalin, Kills Cancer

anti-cancer-vitamin-vitamin-b17Vitamin B17, better known as Laetrile or amygdalin, is a powerful natural cancer treatment that has been proven to kill both prostate and cervical cancer cells. Laetrile is derived from amygdalin, a natural substance found in raw nuts and the kernels of fruits such as apricots and peaches. The healing properties were so effective that Big Pharma Continue reading

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Zap/Poofness 3/19/2016

poofness_office3POOF SAID:

Greetings and Salutations,

The time of change is already underway and no one can stop it. Folks can holler, scream, point fingers Continue reading

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The Plant Consciousness: We Experience Ourselves As One

148989816569797We are the Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos.

Everything are connected through the Universal Grids of Love. Consequently, by seeing or by standing only in front of a ‘lone’ flower which is in a flowerpot of a balcony, you can, if you are sensitive, to feel the Wisdom and Love that exists in the Plant Kingdom, not only of your planet, but of every other place of the Creation. This includes dimensions Continue reading

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Numerology Series: 555

angelnumbersNumber 555 is comprised of the number 5 appearing tripled, making 555 a powerful number with its energies and attributes of being three-fold, amplified and reinforced. Number 555 carries the strong vibrations of making decisions and life choices, personal freedom and individuality, cleverness Continue reading

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Arcturian Council: Extreme Waves of Energy

1485892238829Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to give you a reading on the current energetic situation on planet Earth, and it looks like Continue reading

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Let Us Know

Greetings to All!

First. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, changes you think we should make to our website, please let us know.

Second. I receive email’s from readers, some just being thankful and others asking questions regarding ascension, global currency reset, our star family and so on. The ones with inquiry, at the end of their writing, they apologize for(if) they have ‘bothered’ me.

I just want to say, I READ and REPLY to YOU with A HEART FULL OF JOY, ALWAYS.

For anyone that wishes to contact me, please do without hesitation.Whether you just need someone to talk to, about anything you wish, I will listen, I will care. Or you may have specific questions regarding this ascension process and more, I am here, I am open for discussion, I will answer all questions to the best of my knowing.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.

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March Equinox 2017: Stabilization, Resurrection & Personal Sovereignty

148960075289026Beloved Ones,

In the last phase of this month, we find ourselves traversing the threshold that is leading us into a higher state of BEing and new ways of living in this New Cycle of our endless soul evolutionary path. For as you may already be feeling, our Planet, who has been bifurcating from old Earth for a while, is already relocating Continue reading

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The Masters: A Golden Age Message

148771002745782This is the time you have long worked towards. The great energies that are now impacting your Earth coupled with the releasing at the inner levels of your being, as well as the releasing of the planet Herself, are all coming together to assist you in fully reconnecting with the higher consciousness of your God Presence. Continue reading

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The Golden Ones: The Center Path of Peace and Calm

goldenonesDearest Golden Ones,

I have been moving through a major initiation regarding change and relocation. It has been extremely stressful, yet simultaneously great fun. In other words, I have been bouncing from one polarity to another. Continue reading

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John: The Master’s Words

148976898382189The following was channelled through Joan, one of the founders of our healing sanctuary in London.  Joan is now 92 and as an elderly lady has become a deep trance medium through whom many highly evolved beings, often on the council of the Sanctuary, are able to speak.  I hope that you will enjoy these words, John’s theme being faith.

I am John. I have come once before to Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey 3/17/2017

148573761543550Although you may not be aware of it everything is going in accordance with the plan that leads to Ascension. It may bring forth different periods of time for completion and one thing is certain, and that is the changes for the better are destined to manifest and nothing will be allowed to interfere with them. You can therefore withstand the uncertainty, knowing that all proceeds Continue reading

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The Divine Masculine with the Return of the Divine Feminine

147603601041672As the Divine Feminine has truly returned and is being anchored in, the Divine Masculine is feeling this change to the very core of his being.  He must now adjust to a new way of life, living, and expression thereof and therefore often is deeply confused of his own role Continue reading

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Ron Paul: Whistleblowers Are The True Heroes And Patriots In America

wbinfIn today’s backward world, whenever a whistleblower publicly exposes government corruption, politicians respond by condemning the source of the leak rather than investigating any unethical behavior. This doesn’t make any sense in a society that prides itself on being ‘free,’ for none of us are free when we are lorded over by a dangerous government that deceives the public in order to enrich those who manipulate government to their personal advantage. Continue reading

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Numerology Series: 444

angelnumbersNumber 4 resonates with the vibrations of the Archangels, practicality and responsibility, productivity, illumination and initiation, building solid foundations, stability and ability, honesty and inner-wisdom, determination and endurance, hard work and progress. Number 4 also represents our passion and drive and encourages us to work Continue reading

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Yeshua: The Dance With Darkness

sanandaDear friends, I am Jeshua. I greet you all.

I am with you as a like-minded friend, an equal. Accept me as your brother. I want to be with you and to hold your hand.

It is easier for me to see life from Continue reading

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