Detox with Zeolite Supplements to Remove Heavy Metals, Radiation and Protect Your Liver

time to detox eraoflightZeolites are a highly absorptive group of minerals that can be used as natural detoxifiers because of their many wonderful properties. Natural zeolites form in volcanic rocks and ash over thousands of years. Synthetic zeolites can be readily manufactured much more quickly using silica and alumina. Zeolites are often used Continue Reading →

Sananda: Grand Adventure

sanandaGreetings, friends! It is I, your Sananda. As I stand from the bridge of the New Jerusalem and look out upon all of the beams of light radiating from you friends, scattered like constellations in the night sky, it is obvious to see why you were selected and why you choose to be here in this Now moment of moments as Gaia embraces the light again, her birth right. Ah, that was a long winded sentence, was it not? I get verbose when I’m excited. There is so much Continue Reading →

The Angels: We Are One Love

angel messageHi Everyone – For over 17 years I’ve channeled angel messages. This one is different. I was sitting in a comfy chair late at night, fingers on the keyboard, waiting for the angels, when this came through. I’ll describe the experience in my message this week. For now breathe and ask to feel the beauty of the Presence sharing these words…

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. I am the seen and the unseen Continue Reading →

Energy Update: Personalities Fragmenting, Timeline Shifts, 5 Days of Geomagnetic Storms

througthelight eraoflightBlessings Beloveds,

Many are asking me “WHAT IS GOING ON – the energies are going crazy and I can barely function?”

Yes! What is going on is we are TIME SHIFTING since August. Yes, it was the Eclipses that brought in this ENERGY. NO, many do not know about or understand it. This is why I Continue Reading →

The Galactic Federation: Rising of the Phoenix

gfoleraoflightWelcome my friends. Here we are again, after attempting to communicate last week, only to find I felt, that … the channel/my mind … was being hacked. I will see how today’s session goes as to whether or not to add what I received. So, What Ho! How art thou?

We are indeed well, Blossom. We are never otherwise. We would like to speak Continue Reading →

Plasma Eruptions and Light Code Disbursals Have Begun

dna light activations eraoflight3rd Density Collective Consciousness – All Hell Breaks Loose. Alternate Realities Available. 5D Consciousness (and above) is the Opposite (as always)

I prefer not to write this stuff, yet it’s important to assist those collectives finding themselves “challenged” with their own Consciousness/physical reality. I will explain, paint a “picture”, so all can read/see, and then CHOOSE: HOW to Continue Reading →

Maitreya: An Urgent Message to Earth Humanity

Lord Maitreya EraofLightdotcomGreetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmitting this message to Elizabeth Trutwin, who many of you know as a medium for Sananda messages as well as others such as Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet. We are beginning a new set of messages through me, Maitreya. All who are reading this message have come in contact with me in some form at Earth or perhaps your Home Planet some time in the past and likely Continue Reading →

Mahatma the Cosmic Logos: Embodying Mahatma’s Role

mahatma cosmic logos eraoflightGreetings I Am Mahatma, known as the Cosmic Logos and overseer of the Universe of the Creator at the highest vibration. My purpose is to maintain the vibration and energy of the Creator throughout all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe.  I am a consciousness or source rather than one individual being or person. I embody all the expressions and aspects of the Creator within the Universe of the Creator and even beyond. While I am present within Continue Reading →

Treat Cancer With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture And Ancient Herbs

careforyourbodyeraoflightThe conventional medical community have accepted acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the ancient Chinese system of medicine known as TCM, as a credible treatment for alleviating some of the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy; however, little is known about its true potential to treat the disease itself. Acupuncture is one of the most widely used alternative therapies for treating a large number of medical complaints, and there have been many clinical trials performed Continue Reading →

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Past & the Future

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been delivering packets of information into your energy fields, and we have been doing so at your request. We are answering all of your requests, but you must be in a state of relaxation to be able to fully benefit from what you are receiving Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: Oneness is Here to Stay

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, here is the true story: Oneness alone is true. Greater than Oneness isn’t the whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always simple. How many ways are there to say One? There are more ways to express what is more detailed than to express One, yet, to say One, says it all Continue Reading →

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Ascension Assured

eraoflight portalsProgress may seem slow but in reality so much is taking place. You are looking at worldwide events that are slowly but surely pushing the dark Ones back, and preventing them from being able to prevent good progress being made. What only few of you will know is that the Lightworkers operate at a high level, where they have the influence and power to set moves Continue Reading →

The Economy is Dead in the Water

dailytruenews eraoflightThe End of private Central Banking

By design, the global financial system is breaking down, currencies are declining and markets are detached. In due course, the entire system will break down. This is the secret President Trump has let out to the public. Next, there will be a public explanation why the Fed Continue Reading →

The 9D Arcturian Council: Water

arcturian council“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have discovered the best way to get though to those of you who are asking for energy and information from us. We have been sending it to you through the energy that you receive when you are bathing. Whether you are taking a shower or a bath, you tend to relax Continue Reading →

Qi Deficiency; Treatment, Meaning and Diet

lyb eraoflightQi (usually translated as “vital energy”), also known as gi in Korean tradition, khi in Vietnamese tradition, prana in Indian tradition, ki in Japanese tradition, mana in Hawaiian tradition, or pneuma in the Greek tradition, is the most basic substance of which the world is comprised.

There are different types Continue Reading →

The 9D Arcturian Council: Receiving from the Earth

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to sense when your planet is reaching out to you, and some of you have this ability as well. Some of you are very tuned in to the Earth and all of her offerings, vibrationally, and otherwise. What we are sensing currently is that the Earth Continue Reading →

The New Science of Consciousness: Toward the Next Great Scientific Revolution

thebluerayThe Facts: A new scientific revolution is upon us, which is why hundreds of scientists are gathering to emphasize that matter is not the only reality. There is an entire non-physical reality that’s actually real, and it plays a huge role for science.

Reflect On: Science has long been a reflection of human belief, if something is too unbelievable and offends belief systems, it’s usually Continue Reading →

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Cabal Faces Doom

eol alt newsA pandemic scare is looming as airplanes in multiple countries reported to be full of “diseased” people are landing and being put in quarantine. However, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) sources say the incidents all appear to be fake ones involving crisis actors Continue Reading →

The One: Approaching The Finish Line

gods lightHello everyone. Please join together today and utilize your incredible individual and collective power. This day has been isolated as one of importance, not by your actions or desire, but by the actions of others, for their own self interests. All days are days of importance and power, make no mistake and do not be fooled. Embrace each of them with consciousness and presence and intent, and watch what transpires Continue Reading →

Saul: Life is Truly Far More Wonderful Than You, As Humans, Can Possibly Imagine

saul eraoflightdotcomHumanity’s spiritual evolution is now progressing very rapidly, as it most certainly needs to do. There is an enormous amount of evidence available on-line confirming this. Be of good cheer, your awakening is imminent!

Yes, there is much chaos and confusion across the world, as “stuff” that needs to be addressed arises into everyone’s awareness, and this can be quite Continue Reading →

The Council: Things Seem to be Chaotic

council of mastersWhen you look around you in your now, things seem to be chaotic. They couldn’t get much worse. Well, yes, what you are looking at can get more chaotic, and soon will. Remember what we have said many times, you cannot build a new house until you raze the old. In the case of what you have had until now, remodeling would not work. The wood rot in the very framing is far too extensive. You will not find it pretty, but you need to see it so that you never allow it again Continue Reading →

Mother Gaia and Mother God: Standing in Victory

vio flameGreetings children, it is I, your Mother Gaia. Much change is afoot, and although to many I may look the same, I am not, just as you children, you are not. You are not the same today that you were even yesterday with all of these energy influxes of light from the Great Central Sun, from the womb of creation, blessing and bestowing grace and release in new and unusual, unexpected ways. For we are being released Continue Reading →

Scientists Discover A New & Efficient Way To Turn Sunlight Into Fuel

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightThe Facts: A new process is able to effectively turn sunlight into fuel by combining natural processes and human made technologies.

Reflect On: With all of the emerging alternative energy sources that are becoming available to us, do we really need to be burning fossil fuels any longer Continue Reading →

Archangel Uriel: Another Mind

aa uriel eraoflightJim: Uriel, let me ask a question please. I have often referred to the phrase ‘Fields of Awareness’ as a pointer to an aspect of consciousness in the higher dimensions. There is a knowing and comprehension there that bypasses the third dimensional rational mind. In this body of information we’re presenting together, would I be correct to assume that there is a template that holds both knowledge and comprehension? And it’s not as much a learning process Continue Reading →

The Suppressed Truth About Tylenol: It’s Toxic to Children

eraoflight healthy livingIf you were to ask your average mainstream doctor, or investigate the issue in official scientific journals, chances are you’d discover that acetaminophen (Tylenol) is generally classified as being safe for pregnant women and developing children. But a closer look at actual science tells a much different story.

While the internet is Continue Reading →

Archangel Uriel: God is Our Light

aa uriel eraoflight.jpgLET THERE BE LIGHT!

This world plagued by darkness has become bright. Let there be light! Light pervades everything that is alive – to praise God and to honor all life.


God is our light, and I am Continue Reading →

September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report/Overview: Systemic Reconfigurations Begin

thebluerayThese new/next sets of Light Codes with this current Cosmic Re-Configurations Release that are about to increase/begin (they started yesterday), yet we’ve not started the “POWER” OF THE LIGHT BLASTING yet… thus far they are quiet, soft and working on a cellular level already, still preparing for the “massiveness” still to come forth… These work through depth and overall…. to synchronize our Systems, the Systems, all Systems in all new ways Continue Reading →

The Arcturian Group: Open to Deeper Awareness

arcturiansGreetings from the Arcturian Group. We are a collective of evolved Arcturian Beings of Light who have chosen to work with the people of earth at this powerful time of ascension energy by assisting all ready and willing to move beyond the third dimension and into a consciousness that no longer embraces duality and separation.

We are love and easily Continue Reading →

August Aftermath and September Equinox: The SOL Embodiment Energies

light pyramid eraoflightBeloveds,

How is everyone doing? Or shall I say, going and moving? For that is what’s happening for sure. We are moving constantly right now on different levels. The level which is most demanding right now is our physical and emotional level. I am sure I am not exaggerating when I say that we haven’t been so conscious of our physical body than in this moment Continue Reading →

Mother Mary: Sacred Union

m maryGreetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, the Blessed Mother. My son is here as well. We say to you at this time, that it is of grave importance for you now to begin once again to infuse the energy of the Sacred Feminine within your own heart chamber. This is a very important time upon the planet, for it is of grave importance that all souls now begin to activate the Sacred Feminine within their heart chamber Continue Reading →