Super Blood Moon Visible Across North America on January 21, 2019

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomThe past few years have been rich with lunar and solar events. From the 2017 solar eclipse to the 2018 supermoon trilogy, astronomy lovers have been privileged to witness a number of rare occurrences. Now, another

Planet Alert for December 2018

astrology eraoflightdotcomI know there is a lot of chaos in the world right now although this too will pass after we finish our journey through the dark side. We have been in an extremely dark time period since March 20, 2016

Mercury Finally Moves Out Of Retrograde; New Moon

astrology forecast eraoflightdotcomThursday 6 December 2018 – Mercury Goes Direct

At last we come to the end of the final Mercury retrograde of 2018! Just in time for the holidays

What the Year of 3 Means for Your Numerology

astrology eraoflightdotcomWith the new year on the horizon, it’s impossible not to wonder what this year could bring — not only on a personal level but also on a global scale. Will the world find more harmony than before or will there be more

Intuitive Astrology: December New Moon 2018

astrology forecast eraoflightdotcom.jpgAs we reach the last month of the year, we start reflecting on where we have been, how far we have come, and what lies ahead for the new year

23rd November 2018: Full Moon in Gemini; Let It All Go

astrology eraoflightdotcom.jpgThe Moon is full in Gemini at 5:40 a.m. UT on 23rd November. A Gemini Moon is rarely predictable. Interested in this and then that, it casts aside one thing in favour of the next, then the next. It’s great at

Mercury is Retrograde, Relax

new astrology eraoflightI’m sure you’re not used to hearing that. Yet, this Mercury Retrograde is something to celebrate.

This Mercury Retrograde is a reminder for you to tune into your inner voice and take care of yourself.

When the fastest moving planet in our solar system heads toward its backspin, it’s the

Upcoming Aspects for Nov 26th & 27th 2018

astrology new artEnergies

Working up to the 26th and 27th of November, we have an energetic situation that is building for leaders around the world. This situation should play out in the media or through channels of mass communication. Whatever is discussed will seem like a big deal, or, there will simply be

News Flash October 2018

astrology eraoflightFull Moon – Election

Hello everyone. I am in a much better mood than I was when I wrote my last letter. I think it is alright to express anger if you see things going on that you do not like. If we could all stay in a peaceful state all the time we would be superhuman. I am usually a very peaceful person and try to stay that way. This time I will just talk about

Intuitive Astrology: October Full Moon 2018

full moon eraoflightThere is a calmness that occurs just before a storm is about to hit. The weather gets a bit warmer, the air gets a bit drier, and the wind quietens down so things can stabilize before the storm arises. This is the calm before the storm and perhaps Mother Nature’s way of protecting herself. The October Full Moon falls on the 24th in the sign of Taurus. This earthy Full Moon is here to stabalize us, strengthen us

October 2018 Astro-Energy Report; Relationships and Revelation

new astrology eraoflightOctober 2018 sees a square from Uranus to the moon’s nodes settling in for five months. This alliance speaks of both positive potential and risk. It may signify sweeping change that cultivates a more innovative and courageous attitude at a personal, local and global level. Or we may end up reacting to life’s challenges blind to their deeper significance, unwittingly retreating to

September New Moon 9/9/18

full moonWhat are you holding onto?

Perhaps you are holding onto the past, an idea, doubts, fears, insecurities, regrets, should haves and would haves; perhaps you are holding far too much than you can carry.

The September New Moon falls on the 9th in the sign of Virgo and asks you to put down your heavy load and enter into the world of your imagination

Divine Council of Overseers: New Moon in Virgo 9/9/18

thebluerayThe New Moon on Sunday September 9th, 2018 at 3:01pm ADT ~ is an AUSPICIOUS Portal for your expansion of consciousness and ALIGNMENT for you with you and YOUR Eternal Self. This eternal self…BEING in its Original State, is ALL Levels of abundance NOW. AS ~ you as your expanded GOD Self is not separate from anything

Planetary Illuminations for 9/2018

horoscope planetary energies eraoflightdotcomMAJOR SEPTEMBER EVENTS

The harmonious inspiration for creativity involving Saturn and Uranus which I describe above culminated last month, but continues to unfold for the first couple of weeks of the month.  There is abundant inspiration and motivation released by this planetary dynamic to power our goals and dreams into action

Astrology for September 2018

new astrology eraoflightRUNE OF THE MONTH:  Ansuz “Signals, the messenger”. A reminder to be impeccable in our thoughts and words as they create our reality and impact others as well as the world around us. We are also required to pay attention to both the obvious and the subtle messages we receive on a constant basis that validate or invalidate the choices we are making. Our understanding of our path is deepened by walking from

What The Pisces Full Moon Energies Are Promising

full moon 7 eraoflightDear Friends,
I hope you are all doing well and have taken enough time to integrate the very intense impacts of the past six weeks moon events, because here we are already again within the growing energy field of the next one. On August 26th / 27th, depending on where we are located on the planet, we are collectively experiencing a Full Moon at 3 degrees and 12 minutes of the zodiac

Full Moon 8/26/2018

full moon 7 eraoflightThe full moon on Sunday August 26, 2018 is at 3° Pisces. The Full Moon August 2018 astrology is beautifully symmetrical. The full moon aspect itself of Sun opposite Moon forms the spine of a Kite aspect pattern. Five harmonious aspects surround this tense opposition to make it easy to improve your skills and develop your talents.

The August 2018 full moon also

New Moon Update 8 11 18

yeshua and maryA Super New Moon with a partial solar eclipse (the last one of three eclipses) is Saturday, August 11 at 3:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This New Moon bookends this rare eclipse trio that has given us such an opportunity for change, growth and maturity despite the discomfort and challenge that we may have also experienced. The theme of

Solar Eclipse and New Moon, August 11th, 2018; The Turning Point

solar eclipse eraoflightThis Powerful Solar Eclipse and New Moon on August 11th, 2018 Is in Leo at 6:57am ADT. This will be a powerful transformative influence of frequency. This Solar Eclipse supersedes the earlier Solar Eclipse on July 12th and its impact combined with the July Lunar eclipse will be felt till January 2019.

All New Moons are

Full Moon Update 7/27

full moonThe Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse is on Friday, July 27 at 2:20PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

This is a rather intense full moon, (some of you have been feeling it for days already), that creates a window to speak your truth, embrace your personal power, and step up to a new level of integrity, maturity and confidence. It is a perfect time for a bid for Power

Energy Update: Ascension Symptoms Due To Approaching New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse

mike quinsey eraoflightBlessings Beloveds,

Todays article is a quick update of the current energies.

We are experiencing Ascension Symptoms due to the approaching New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse on July 13th. Yes, it happens this way many can feel the effects before the event occurs

New Moon On 7/12 Detailed Update

full moonThis New Moon launches a month long period of intensity, change, breakthrough and opportunity to step up your game on many levels. During this time it is ultra important to focus on all the things that are working and that you appreciate in your life instead of letting yourself get bogged down in negativity. Face challenges with compassion and kindness and remember that not everyone has the tools that you do to see the bigger picture

The Spiritual Powers Of The Cancer New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

spirit and physical worlds eraoflightDear Friends,
we are about to face a serious of mega strong Moon events, in which the energies are heating up our collective transformation process with no less than three intense Moons in a row. The coming two New Moons and the Full Moon in between will all be coupled with eclipses, challenging us to

New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 12th, 2018; Ascension Process

full moon 7 eraoflightThe New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse on July 12th, 2018 at 11:47pm ADT. is a transformational PORTAL ~ that you will be entering.

This is a Powerful Transition into the stepping into the awareness of your Divine Ascended Self ~ fully realized. The levels of transformative powers through this New moon, Pluto and Partial

Intuitive Astrology: Solar Eclipse July 2018

new astrology eraoflightSolar Eclipses are always a time of change. Think of them like a powerful New Moon that can bring fresh opportunities and wake up areas of your life that have felt stagnant or old.

July 12th brings a Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This is the first Eclipse we have had in Cancer since 2009, and starts off a new cycle that will last until 2020

Chiron Retrograde in Aries 2018

spiral starWe have just entered the Chiron retrograde time of year. This one is particularly powerful for both individuals and relationships, as it starts at 2’ Aries and then moves back into the final degrees of Pisces on September 26th, reaching 27’ Pisces when it goes direct again in December. Chiron re-enters Aries, on Feb 18th 2019.

As Chiron moves back in the sky (symbolically), we are invited to re-appraise old

The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower in July

starseeds earth eraoflightdotcomThe Delta Aquarid meteor shower in July favors the Southern Hemisphere and tropical latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. The meteors appear to radiate from near the star Skat or Delta in the constellation Aquarius the Water Bearer. The maximum hourly rate can reach 15-20 meteors in a dark sky. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower in July favors the Southern Hemisphere and tropical latitudes in the Northern

Sun Trine Jupiter; Fortunate Blessings

new astrology eraoflightSuch GOOD news to share!

Our star, the Sun, is forming a gorgeous TRINE (120°) to Jupiter.

LIGHT (Sun) and JOY (Jupiter) are in total harmony! You are embracing leadership from the HEART. The Sun trine Jupiter effect keeps the focus on inner happiness– internal LIGHT that directs

Astrology Forecast Message For July 2018

astro energies eraoflightIn many ways, life is a collection of random, incongruent and incomprehensible moments; a jigsaw puzzle of ever-changing images and designs. If we step back to look at the bigger picture of our lives, we may be lucky enough to see some common threads weaving their way through the space and time that makes us individuals, but these often get lost in the mêlée and chaos of the ebbing and flowing tides

Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century is Coming, in the Sign of Revolution

full moon eraoflightOn July 27, 2018 at 1:21 Pacific time, the longest eclipse of the 21st Century will peak. It will last an hour and 43 minutes during the total phase, with the entire eclipse lasting four hours.

Unfortunately North America won’t be able to see it, it’s happening in broad daylight for us, but Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia, and residents of the Indian Ocean