Intuitive Astrology: February New Moon 2019

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomThe New Moon on February 4th falls in the sign of Aquarius and holds beautiful, abundant, glittering energy for us all.

After the intensity of the Blood

Activation; February Energy Forecast

astrology eraoflightdotcomIt is the energy of a spark, of ignition, of a burst of creativity or destruction. It is a month of passion, friction that causes change, and the adjustment necessary to re-balance and re-group. There is movement

February 2019 Astrology Forecast

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomIt’s hard to believe we’re already in February! The festive period feels like it was only yesterday, but the daffodils are already bursting up into the sunlight waiting for their opportunity

Super Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, January 20/21st, 2019; Unfathomable Change

gateway of light eraoflightdotcom.jpgUnfathomable and Far reaching, this Super Blood Moon, Full Lunar Eclipse garnishes us with bewildering Shifts in consciousness. January 21st, 2019 at 1:16am AST. For some of

Leo Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual January 2019

astrology eraoflightdotcomThe rare Super Blood Moon Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo on January 20-21st. This Eclipse is helping to bring closure to huge cycle of growth, healing, and transformation that we have been working with since 2017

Energy Update: Eclipse Gateway

full moon eraoflightdotcom.jpgBlessings Beloveds,

Since the Eclipse Portal there has been HIGH Energy coming in continuously. I expect this to last at least through the next Eclipse

Eclipse Energy and Your Karma

spirit free eraoflightdotcomIT’S BEEN A BUSY START TO THE YEAR. HAS IT NOT?

You might be wondering how you can have so much to do right out of the gate. This is definitely

Lilith and the Astral Plane of Imagination

astrology forecast eraoflightdotcomI’d like to talk about the Dark Moon Lilith and how I recently came to understand it’s place in astrology. But, before I get into this, I want to be perfectly clear that I’m

Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Redefining Ambitions & Duties

cloud love eraoflightdotcomWe are having a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn which happens on January 5th in the Americas and on January 6th everywhere else in the world. This is a supercharged New Moon which influences a longer

Eclipse All That No Longer Serves You

eclipse 1 eraoflightdotcom.jpgDear Beautiful Souls!

We are currently in Eclipse Season from the partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn a few days ago, to the Full Blood Moon

Eclipse Corridor & Divine Trinity

full moon eraoflightdotcomEclipse Corridor

We are in a very pivotal time as we move through this eclipse corridor, which opened with the Solar Eclipse on the 5th. The incoming energies

Legions of Light Warriors: Goddess Astrology Forecast for 2019

waves of light eraoflightdotcomI awoke this morning with a dream of Light Warriors moving like white blood corpuscles through the One Body of humanity clearing the collective shadow. My dream seemed confirmed by the year

Powerful Cosmic Events We Should All Keep A Close Eye On In 2019

numbers universe eraoflightdotcomNew years bring whole new opportunities and 2019 is no different. The Universe is already pointing out the different alignments that this year is bringing that will transform us. We can also progress a lot further

January Ascension Energies; Patient Potential

astrology eraoflightdotcomAs we begin the Year of Freedom, we are strengthening our interaction with the subtle realm. This is the path of Ascension—a natural evolution into more conscious connection with the subtle realm. As we start integrating

Don’t Miss The January 2019 Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

full moon eraoflightdotcom.jpgThe new year is upon us, and we’re going to kick it off with a bang! Stargazers prepare yourselves – on January 20th you will have the opportunity to witness a Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Cancer Full Moon Rising December 22nd: Take The Skeletons Out Of Your Closet

astrology eraoflightdotcomThe Full Moon in Cancer, happening on the 22nd of the last month of 2018, will light up the parenting axis, right in the time for a yearly celebration of childbirth. People may act like a child, also like moms, or even they can swing

Super Blood Moon Visible Across North America on January 21, 2019

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomThe past few years have been rich with lunar and solar events. From the 2017 solar eclipse to the 2018 supermoon trilogy, astronomy lovers have been privileged to witness a number of rare occurrences. Now, another

Planet Alert for December 2018

astrology eraoflightdotcomI know there is a lot of chaos in the world right now although this too will pass after we finish our journey through the dark side. We have been in an extremely dark time period since March 20, 2016

Mercury Finally Moves Out Of Retrograde; New Moon

astrology forecast eraoflightdotcomThursday 6 December 2018 – Mercury Goes Direct

At last we come to the end of the final Mercury retrograde of 2018! Just in time for the holidays

What the Year of 3 Means for Your Numerology

astrology eraoflightdotcomWith the new year on the horizon, it’s impossible not to wonder what this year could bring — not only on a personal level but also on a global scale. Will the world find more harmony than before or will there be more

Intuitive Astrology: December New Moon 2018

astrology forecast eraoflightdotcom.jpgAs we reach the last month of the year, we start reflecting on where we have been, how far we have come, and what lies ahead for the new year

23rd November 2018: Full Moon in Gemini; Let It All Go

astrology eraoflightdotcom.jpgThe Moon is full in Gemini at 5:40 a.m. UT on 23rd November. A Gemini Moon is rarely predictable. Interested in this and then that, it casts aside one thing in favour of the next, then the next. It’s great at

Mercury is Retrograde, Relax

new astrology eraoflightI’m sure you’re not used to hearing that. Yet, this Mercury Retrograde is something to celebrate.

This Mercury Retrograde is a reminder for you to tune into your inner voice and take care of yourself.

When the fastest moving planet in our solar system heads toward its backspin, it’s the

Upcoming Aspects for Nov 26th & 27th 2018

astrology new artEnergies

Working up to the 26th and 27th of November, we have an energetic situation that is building for leaders around the world. This situation should play out in the media or through channels of mass communication. Whatever is discussed will seem like a big deal, or, there will simply be

News Flash October 2018

astrology eraoflightFull Moon – Election

Hello everyone. I am in a much better mood than I was when I wrote my last letter. I think it is alright to express anger if you see things going on that you do not like. If we could all stay in a peaceful state all the time we would be superhuman. I am usually a very peaceful person and try to stay that way. This time I will just talk about

Intuitive Astrology: October Full Moon 2018

full moon eraoflightThere is a calmness that occurs just before a storm is about to hit. The weather gets a bit warmer, the air gets a bit drier, and the wind quietens down so things can stabilize before the storm arises. This is the calm before the storm and perhaps Mother Nature’s way of protecting herself. The October Full Moon falls on the 24th in the sign of Taurus. This earthy Full Moon is here to stabalize us, strengthen us

October 2018 Astro-Energy Report; Relationships and Revelation

new astrology eraoflightOctober 2018 sees a square from Uranus to the moon’s nodes settling in for five months. This alliance speaks of both positive potential and risk. It may signify sweeping change that cultivates a more innovative and courageous attitude at a personal, local and global level. Or we may end up reacting to life’s challenges blind to their deeper significance, unwittingly retreating to

September New Moon 9/9/18

full moonWhat are you holding onto?

Perhaps you are holding onto the past, an idea, doubts, fears, insecurities, regrets, should haves and would haves; perhaps you are holding far too much than you can carry.

The September New Moon falls on the 9th in the sign of Virgo and asks you to put down your heavy load and enter into the world of your imagination

Divine Council of Overseers: New Moon in Virgo 9/9/18

thebluerayThe New Moon on Sunday September 9th, 2018 at 3:01pm ADT ~ is an AUSPICIOUS Portal for your expansion of consciousness and ALIGNMENT for you with you and YOUR Eternal Self. This eternal self…BEING in its Original State, is ALL Levels of abundance NOW. AS ~ you as your expanded GOD Self is not separate from anything

Planetary Illuminations for 9/2018

horoscope planetary energies eraoflightdotcomMAJOR SEPTEMBER EVENTS

The harmonious inspiration for creativity involving Saturn and Uranus which I describe above culminated last month, but continues to unfold for the first couple of weeks of the month.  There is abundant inspiration and motivation released by this planetary dynamic to power our goals and dreams into action