Arcturian Group: Be In The Present Moment

arcturians eraoflightdotcom.jpgDear readers, during these tumultuous times of confusion and strife, we remind you to never lose sight of the fact that the real Self and the real world is fully

Archangel Uriel: All Are Yearning For The Mother’s Love

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcomUse my Grayelsha Flame so you can pierce through the veils of illusions and through the thick walls of fear of the so-called dark ones.

Greetings my dearest

Heavenletters: Keep Your Heart

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, it isn’t exactly that I say. It is more that I AM. I express Myself. I AM. I am not in arrears. I am current. I am instantaneous

The 9D Arcturian Council: Past Life Dreams

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited to give you the following transmission

The Federation of Light: Soulself Energies

federation of light eraoflightdotcomWelcome! I am looking forward to today’s conversation. May I quickly begin with the Triple Energy thing? I have come across a few (Me, being one) who have had complete meltdowns

Mira, Pleiadian and Arcturian Collective: Stir the Pot

the pleaides eraoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings dear friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective, returned to speak with you once again. Now, we have been speaking to many of you silently, and we want you to know that our presence is felt all

Message from the Angels: Happy Thoughts

angel messages eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is a human tendency to be nostalgic during your holiday season – to reminisce, and dream of times

The Council: Create

council of light eraoflightdotcomWhat will you create today? You are a creator being, fashioned in the likeness of the Being who created you and you have been given free will. Let’s explore for a short while some of what

Heavenletters: Like the Sun in the Sky

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, I say that I love, and love is all I know. Rather, love is all I AM. This is also true for you, yet you may bypass

Pleiadian Light Forces Inel: Operation Freedom Earth


The Pleiadians and Arcturians: Guardians for Gaia

extraterrestrials eraoflightdotcomGreetings everyone. We, the Pleiadians and Arcturians are being called on by more and more of the beings on Gaia to assist humanity with their process of transmutation. The first component of self

Matthew Ward: Lighter Planes

matthew ward eraoflightdotcom.jpgWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. A common thought around your world is, “I can’t believe the year is almost over!” Most people who are

Mike Quinsey: Blue Avians

mike quinsey eraoflightdotcomDavid Wilcock is without doubt the most reliable source of information, as is his video that lasted 3hr.01min.30sec.covering quite a few of the changes that lay ahead, and I believe they will be of much

Mary Magdalene: I Come Bringing Thee the Red Rose of Love

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcom.jpgExpect wonders and miracles, because love has won and is fully anchored on planet Earth.

Greetings dearest ones! Greetings! I AM Mary, I AM The Magdalena

Archangel Gabriel: Allow My Golden Bubbles Of Joy To Uplift You

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomThey will reach deep into your old traumas, bringing to the surface the ancient debris, and the reasons for dis-ease that are keeping you from moving farther along your paths

Kryon: Changes in Wisdom

galaxy eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It would astonish you to know the length of time that your soul has been here on the planet in some form or another. These are the things

Master Kuthumi: Creating Self Worth

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcom.jpgJim: Kuthumi, what I’m watching is that a sense of self-worth is really a key element of this recent work around the Heart chakra and the physical heart. The lower three chakras

Sananda: The Event Has Already Happened

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda.

As these waves continue to come into the planet, as you continue to feel these energies, these new higher energies that are, indeed, bombarding the planet

Ashtar: Reunion

ashtar eraoflightdotcomI am  Ashtar.

I come at this time, as I have come more frequently to be with this group, to be a messenger to all of you that yes, indeed, we are coming closer

The 9D Arcturian Council: December 2018 Solstice Energies

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to explore the various possibilities that are in

Yeshua: Preparation For Christmas

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved one, I wish to speak with you now about your preparation for Christmas. And you are saying, “Well, yes, I know, I have a whole list of people I have to buy presents for and people who I want to send a Christmas greeting

The Council: What is and What Mostly is Not Happening

council of light eraoflightdotcomAs this new season begins, let us call your attention to what is and what mostly is not happening in your world.

It was forecast that this time

Archangel Uriel: The 12:12 Transmissions of Unconditional Love

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

At the moment of 12:12 on the 12th day of the 12th month, the pure golden light of Christ Consciousness ignites the sacred vessel of your High Heart chakra

Mother God: Tsunami of Love Update

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear Children, many, many things are coming at you now, fast and furious. Not only in your news, and social media platforms, but within and without. Please know that I am sending my Tsunami

The Council: Indications and Judgments

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe are choosing to respond to two of your questions today. Call these indications and judgments. The first involves what you currently call symptoms and we choose to rename indications. The second is

Heavenletters: Your Crowning Glory

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, before you were born, you chose to take on the role of hero. You didn’t choose to accept the role of slug-a-bed

Archangel Michael: The Light and Love Has Won Dear Ones

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomIt is your energy exchange that is recognized at the soul level that will encourage others to follow your examples of being gods and goddesses in action. Greetings my brave ones! I AM Mi-ka-el, I AM

Yeshua: Do You Feel the Power of Change and Upliftment?

yeshua eraoflightdotcomDo you see how much you are doing just by being alive and walking on Earth – living your lives to the best of your loving intentions?

Greetings my dearest brother

Archangel Gabriel: No One Has Power Over You Unless You Allow it to Happen

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomDear One,

When you are in a situation where you begin to feel powerless and less than another, this can be viewed as a wake-up call. We are referring here

The Council: Almost Time for Lift-off

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe are showing the channel a picture of a ski jumper on the downward run. It is almost time for lift-off.

As you may have followed