The Lyran Council of Time: The Spiral of Creation

lyraBlessed Being, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. It is your awareness that shapes this world, just as it is this world that moves you into more creation.

You are in a powerful time of amplification as the movement around you brings rapid change. Yet, as you relax into this movement, you discover the power Continue Reading →

Arcturian Council: The Destiny of Humanity

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is the destiny of humanity to ascend, and you all have chosen to be a part of that journey. This is a time of much deliberation because there are so many beings in the universe who want to help humanity. Now, in the same way that when you are teaching a child Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: Waking Up to Your Self

heavenlettersGod said:

In what diamond carat of life do We, you and I, touch on this day called today? A metaphor of hearts touch and retouch one another. Does what another senses impinge on Our hearts as well as touch? Ah, yes, the sense of sight. The sight of loved ones’ eyes soothes your reverberating heart. A loved one’s Continue Reading →

Sananda: The Truth Will Set You Free

sanandaGreetings my brothers & sisters!

Today I am here to help you break the chains of powerful 3-D beliefs coming from certain religious teachings. This message will show you the way to a healthier physical body; a healthier, happier life.

But before we begin, I would like to remind ALL of you reading this message, that YOU ARE FREE Continue Reading →

The Fathers: Love is in Your DNA

divine love and energy update eraoflightGreetings dear friends, I am Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, Ancient of Days. And I am joyfully here today friends with my brother in the light, Sananda, here as a formidable team of love and light hearted victory. And we rejoice in this precious Now moment in between the lines, in between the moments, the dimensions, where the breath Continue Reading →

The Grandmothers: You Stood in Line to Be Here Now

grandmothers speak“Blessed are all beings,” the Grandmothers said.  “You are blessed.  Everyone on Earth is blessed.  Perhaps you think that because there is so much strife in the world today, you are not blessed, but cursed to be living in these times.  No!  We assure you the opposite is true.  You stood in line to be here on Earth now!” they cried.  “We are speaking figuratively, but in essence, you did.  You wanted very much to be part of life here at Continue Reading →

Huge Upgrades in Process

thebluerayBlessings Beloved Tribe,

As you may all remember, I talked about TIME speeding up and disappearing in my last video which you can find hereon my you tube channel.  I explained how I was then having time lapses of no time, time speeding up and time anomalies. It had taken place over and over again in a 2 week period. I was experiencing Continue Reading →

Montague Keen: Ireland

montaguekeen messages eraoflightSince my passing in 2004, I have stated quite categorically that IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING.

Julius Caesar wrote more about the killings in Ireland than most scholars. This man wrote more about it than you find in most books since the 1920s. Caesar was in office in 49BC over 2000 years ago Continue Reading →

Spirit of Water: Within Your Heart

gowithin eraoflightMahalo, I am Aloha Spirit of the Water and land of Hawaii. I come to position myself within your hearts as you feel the bloom of the hibiscus and the plumeria in your being, as you feel the healing emerald green of the highest peaks of the islands, as you feel the burning desires of Mother Earth as molten lava meeting the ocean, as you feel the tropical breezes within your soul Continue Reading →

Archangel Michael: Pay it Forward

archangel michael eraoflightI AM Archangel Michael.

Always a pleasure to be with you, to be able to share with you my brothers and my sisters. Those of you that are showing the way, preparing the way. Those of you that are the light workers and even more importantly now the warriors of light. Those that stand by my side as we continue to battle forth. Not battle forth in terms of war and destruction but yet Continue Reading →

The Council: Surfing the Wave

newlightearth eraoflightYou are all aware that there is a vast sea of change, building in intensity, upon your planet. A more accurate description would be that your planet is now becoming more and more deeply immersed in energetic fields that are both creating changes on your world and responding to the changes you are embracing. Both of those phenomena are manifesting as wave actions. You really are fortunate that it is happening Continue Reading →

The Creators: Being of Service Always Serves You

divine mother eraoflightdotcom“We do appreciate all that you do, and we offer you suggestions because we want you to have a more joyous life so that you can spread more joy. It is our desire for you that you give what it is you are strong in, what you consider yourself to be an expert in, to whomever is requesting your help and guidance, your support Continue Reading →

Arcturian Council: The Rest of the Journey to the 5th Dimension

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have placed yourselves in the position that you wanted to be in at this time. You knew before you incarnated that after December 21st, 2012, you would have a window of opportunity in front of you to make decisions as a collective that would either Continue Reading →

Sheldan Nidle 4/17/2018

theblueraySelamat Balik. Let us resume our look at what is happening around your world. The dark’s unrelenting arrogance, which is not permitting it to face your new and growing reality, is further allowing the Light filter in behind them. This is making it possible for the Light to merge in new and better coalitions, which are also allowing prosperity to break out of the endless delays caused by the dark. The Galactic Federation is stepping up its penetration Continue Reading →

Message from Matthew: Stay the Course

matthewwardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We thank the reader who listed several areas wherein she sees progress, then wrote: “So thank you for helping us all stay the course, keep finding our optimism, and keep working for the world we know is possible!”

Because optimism is light-filled, it plays a vital role in a society’s evolvement, and people who view the world as tumultuous and Continue Reading →

The Andromedans: You Are at the Juncture

light shines unveilingGreetings neighbors and friends. We are the Andromedan Collective here to today to send our love and light in greeting to you, friends, and family, on this crucial and integral time / moment on your beautiful Gaia.

For you are at the juncture friends, of something big, and that ‘big deal’ is you all, as you discover your god-selves within, and claim your divinity Continue Reading →

The Federation of Light: Be Love

gfoleraoflightHello there once again. I am happy to say that at this point in time I am feeling a lot brighter.  Here inside my washing machine, I seem to be on the ‘delicates’ cycle … yet, so much better than the ‘spin’. How goes it with you?

Indeed, we are aware that your Energy has lifted and this is nice to sense! Such intense changes and ‘removals’ are occurring at Continue Reading →

El Morya: Initiations, The Heart, and Sacred Timelines

el moryaDear Ones,

I El Morya, come forth this day with great delight for so much is unfolding for you all. I come forth this day bearing the Sacred Blue Flame of Will Power of Knowledge and Protection.

Dear Hearts, many of you are taking the process of ascension in this given hour and as you do you will find yourself being activated and going through Continue Reading →

Goddess of Creation and Yeshua: Ascension

energy updateWe have spoken about and heard about the ascension of the earth for many years.  It is what in many cases has driven people and certain aspects of society. The Ascension is HERE!  Gaia has shifted into the higher dimensions and this is really profound.  There have been many masters upon the earth who have sought to accomplish this and it all comes Continue Reading →

Quan Yin: The Divine Decrees and the Latest Happenings

quan yinQuan yin says, dear heart, I am Quan Yin. I come with important news today. Divine has decreed that all parties on the planet who have attempted to start wars, are guilty of it. No one, absolutely no soul on the planet right now, is allowed to kill. It doesn’t matter the reason. You can make up all sorts of excuses. But in Divine’s eye, there is no such thing as killing as a way to solve differences and calm the situations down. There is no soul on the planet who has the authority Continue Reading →

The Arcturians: Make Ascension NORMAL

arcturiansWE, The Arcturians and your Galactic Family, ARE HERE NOW, and we wish to say that if you can remember to start and end your day with:

“Dear Arcturians, Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, Elohim and/or Archangels, as well as any Higher Dimensional Beings with whom you can communicate, “I AM here today to tell you that I AM willing to communicate Continue Reading →

Archangel Gabriel: Shift from Victim Consciousness into Self Responsibility

aa gabrielNone of your experiences are ever a waste of time. Every experience, good or bad, has helped you further define your preferences and offered wonderful opportunities for growth and expansion, even if they didn’t turn out the way you wished they would.

There is also an idea that it has been a waste of time if you were kind to another who in the end didn’t appreciate your efforts. Dear Ones Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: What Metaphor Might We Name Your Soul

heavenlettersGod said:

You may find yourself filled and arrayed with all the colors of the rainbow. If this is the case, consider that you can think of your Soul as a gemmed necklace made of beautiful colors, here a color, there a color, all the colors of the rainbow! Let Us call all the colors your inheritance, or your DNA Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: Human Holy Light

heavenlettersGod said:

I can speak nothing but Truth, I am incapable of saying less than Truth. I do not imagine, for I know All. At one time I imagined, and My Creation appeared, for Creation is the fruit of My thought. But now I do not imagine. I see. I see All before Me. Therefore, I see only the Light of Truth. And therefore I sing only Truth Continue Reading →

Mary and Yeshua: Hold the Light

council of mastersGreetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary is here as well. Today, we wish to speak about the ascension that is taking place on so many levels. First and foremost, we ask you to begin to relax and to begin to embody the beautiful frequency of the ascension flame, calling in this frequency, calling in the light, calling in the love, calling in the peace, calling in the energy of the ascension flame as you allow your heart to open and to awaken to the energy of All That Is Continue Reading →

El Morya: The Importance of Crystals on the Earth

el moryaIt is the divine will and power of the Creator that I channel through my being to you from the source of All That Is. I am a guardian of these sacred Creator qualities and wish to develop your own experience of the divine will and power of the Creator. This is not something to fear, in fact, it is the very truth of your nature and essence. I, Master El Morya, wish to return you to your truth and divine innocence so you may experience fulfilment on all levels of your being Continue Reading →

Arcturian Council: Atlantis, Lemuria & the Orion Wars

arcturian council eraoflightdotcomGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have begun the process of releasing your oldest and deepest wounds, and you are doing so now because of your readiness to face those fears and traumas. This is a time when you have a tremendous amount of support, and you have the tools and information Continue Reading →

Heavenletters: Dream the Dream

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved Beloved, where did you get the idea that life is supposed to be all cookies and milk served to you as you recline cozily in bed and sip your morning tea before you begin this day before you?

You know, life is a mixed Continue Reading →

Mike Quinsey’s Higherself: Gradual Change

mikequinseyWith the awakening that is slowly taking place, people in general are waking up to the way they have been deceived by the Press. They are also becoming aware of the extensive censorship that is used to keep them permanently in the dark regarding home and world affairs. Gradually the truth is slipping out and in time it will be vastly different and impossible to conceal it from the people. Ahead there is a different Continue Reading →

Montague Keen: Prepare Yourselves

– Goethe.

Those who believe themselves to be free are as dangerous to humanity as the Dark Cabal. 2018 will prove this to be true. 2018 will produce very difficult times as the big shift to remove 90% of you Continue Reading →