Saint Germain: All is About to Come Forward

saint germain eraoflightI Am Your Saint Germain! In these times that are approaching, your main times of the changes that are developing, the changes that are happening behind the scenes. Many of you take this upon faith, that what we say, what many have been saying is accurate, and is going to happen.

There are those of you Read More »

The Council: The All As Awareness

elohim beingsWe will look at The All today from the understanding of it as awareness, which is only an aspect of it, but an important one. It is important because it will help many to understand so much more.

Now the Source, or the All, can be thought of as a field of consciousness. Even your scientists today are beginning to see this. They now posit that everything that is, is consciousness and information. They are only a few Read More »

The Team: Small, Subtle, Conscious Shifts

ascended beingsWe are here to acknowledge and empower you. We are here to remind you that you are a divine being of light energy vibrations. This is the time to begin to step into that awareness and actuality. This physical dimension that you are focused upon and within is demanding, addictive and alluring.

We understand that the physical reality needs attention to be maintained. We understand Read More »

Life Tapestry Creations: You have Completed Your 3D Lessons

spiral starDear Ones,

You are of 5D and beyond for you have completed your 3D lessons and are ready for a new phase of your earth life. It is as if you were once certain you were Clark Kent only to discover that you are Superman or Superwoman. There is no longer a need to classify yourself as male or female for even though you Read More »

Message from the Angels: You Are Perfect

angel messageHi Dear Friends!

Enjoy a message from the beautiful Presence about how perfect we all really are, and then some tips to help you remember your own innocence and perfection.

Love you all Read More »

Message from the Mothers: All Eyes On Earth

divine love and energy update eraoflightIt is I, your Mother Sekmet. All eyes are currently on your little Earth, this beautiful blue glowing sphere being inundated with the Christed light frequency from many of you light seeds and from the womb of the Great Mother of All Things, who waits not much longer. This one has noticed the restlessness of the canine kingdom Read More »

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Beings Under the Surface

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have extended ourselves out to the beings that are very interested in connecting with all of you, and these beings are living underneath the surface of your planet. They are a bit more advanced than those of you on the surface, and they have Read More »

The 9D Arcturian Council: Alliances

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been impressed by the joining together that we have witnessed of factions of humans that we never thought we would see banding together. This is happening in the secret, but very real, arena of the alliance. There is an alliance that has been in place Read More »

Archangel Uriel: The New Reality of Unity

aa uriel eraoflightThe Solar Level of the Creator’s Universe is represented by a copper golden colour and overseen by Helios and Vesta. The purpose of the Solar Level is to bring forth the balanced energy of the Masculine and Feminine vibrations of the Creator, giving birth to new creations born from balance and unity. The Solar Level supports the magnification, empowerment, and expansion of light and is likened to the radiant glow Read More »

The Collective: Your Expansion

thecollectiveThe latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today Read More »

The Federation of Light: Truth is Within You

gfoleraoflightHello. Well, after a three week break and not being able to get through to you yesterday, I suddenly feel LIGHT headed and feel you are here. Go for it!

We thank you for heeding our request. Indeed we are eager to speak with you. Yesterday, your Energies were not conducive to our needs. In fact we would say, it was not just your Read More »

Mike Quinsey and Higher Self: New Age

morning meditation eraoflightYou are reaching a point where you cannot fail to start achieving your aims for the future. It matters not in which direction you are heading, you will get support and help to achieve your ambition. As you continue to evolve you will acquire all of the talents that you will need to succeed, but help it along by Read More »

The Council: Questions and Answers

ascended beingsDear Council, I suppose my question is of quite a simple nature. Though, to some it may be a real challenge. I wonder; ‘ why do so many people feel so insecure about certain aspects of themselves? This in turn may vary from small or major bodily features unto something more intangible, not unlike a total absence of self love, seemingly for no reason.’ Is it always related to previous lifetimes or karma, or could there be another, perhaps more profound Read More »

Saul: Your Human Death is But a Transition Back Into Full Conscious Awareness

saul eraoflightdotcomHumanity’s awakening process has accelerated enormously since we last communed.  Even on the mainstream news programs it is apparent that something untoward is happening, and it is being experienced worldwide. Despite the naysayers’ misgivings and skepticism humanity is waking up!

Within the concept of time, which is ever-present in your daily lives, there is a divinely planned Read More »

Horus: New Root Race and the Golden Age Earth

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all.

I Heru, speak through the Heart of my Beloved to the Hearts of you All.

I come forth at this hour to grant dispensation of Higher Light and Blessing to you all Read More »

The Andromedans: Humanity Has Passed The Crossroads

new earth era of lightWe are your neighbours, we exist side by side, across time and space. We have watched you for many eons, excited by your growth, dismayed by the infestation. We, like others, have intervened at primary points, gifting humanity with science, philosophy and technology. We have stepped back from the shadows, we have allowed the duality of the lower realms to play out, as they did for us many, many eons ago. We received Read More »

Heavenletters: When Oneness Dawns

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, when I speak, would you like to sit in? Even when you don’t grasp what exactly I’m saying, you gain something by listening even casually. Together, We make leaps forward. You don’t have to look for a set plan or accomplishment. Together, We, you and I as One, shall rise simply in the East the Read More »

The 9D Arcturian Council: Earth Is a Starseed

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are making so much progress that we are constantly recalibrating the energies that we send you in order to keep up with what we can feel you are ready for. There is an awakening that is occurring within the consciousness of Earth that is Read More »

The Council: Tipping Point

newlightearth eraoflightNow, as time passes, or more accurately, as more and more of you experience greater evolution in your conscious awakenings, your collective approaches closer and closer to the tipping point in your collective experience of yourselves. When that tipping point is finally reached and the crest is passed, you will, many of you, feel or see or know in some manner, perhaps all of those mentioned, that mankind has evolved into Read More »

Archangel Gabriel: Only You Can Limit Yourself

aa gabrielGreetings dearest ones! I AM Gabrielle. I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel of Love, Lily of the Truth, Messenger of the One, in service to the Mother and to all of you here and also beyond this forum.

And when I am saying to thee that I am in service to you, it means that I am supporting and protecting you; I am encouraging and cheering Read More »

The 9D Arcturian Council: Protection vs. Creation

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing the ways in which you tend to protect yourselves from that which is unwanted in your experience. We have noticed that you go through many different actions and speak different words in order to prevent yourselves from Read More »

Collective Ascension Template Field

thecollectiveWe have been given information about Trinitized light fields: T L F and the Collective Ascension Template Field: C A T F and the Learned Intellectual Field of Information: L I F I and the 1.0. Spirals of the old HZ measurement being converted to the measurement of the Multi D packets of Quotient light that are a compilation spiral, an Read More »

Life Tapestry Creations: Stop Your 3D Lessons

creator writings eraoflightDear Ones,

The past few months, you floated in and out of 5D while maintaining your 3D security and knowingness. A bit like moving from eighth grade to high school maintaining all that was wonderful in eighth grade. Such is not possible – nor is it possible any longer for Read More »

Archangel Gabriel: Gratitude Opens the Door to Feeling God’s Love

aa gabrielDear One,

When you feel God’s love, there is a sense of Peace and Harmony within you. This feeling allows you to step back from the drama in your life, and to let the love of God flow into every situation. When Divine Love is flowing freely through you, miraculous healing occurs.

There is one place where Read More »

The Council: You Indeed Are All That We Have Often Said You Are

council of mastersYou have been told to expect a lot of things in your lives. And we have repeatedly told you that the important things were what is happening to your inner being and the rest would happen as a result of that. We told you that your outer world could not be anything but a reflection of the inner. The word ‘soon’ became something of a joke. “Oh no! Not ‘soon’ again!” And we said that the changes were happening ‘now’ but had not surfaced yet Read More »

The Council: There Will Be A Flash

creator writings eraoflight“I … have always been curious as to the council’s opinion on our progression into 4th density. Many people believe that there will be an ascension “Event” and others believe that it will be a natural evolution into 4th density with new high vibrational souls being born and replacing the lower vibrational souls as they pass on, thus naturally raising Read More »

The 9D Arcturian Council: E.T.s Meeting with Spiritual Leaders

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been the biggest supporters of sending a group of extra-terrestrial beings to meet with the spiritual leaders that you have on your world, and we know that this is going to happen at some point to further the full open contact agenda. We recognize the Read More »

Divine Mother God: You are all Very Powerful Creator Beings

divine mother eraoflightdotcomPrelude: Dear One, yes, I AM Mother God and I do have a message for Lightworkers on this day; and for all of my Children. For even those who do not read this message are affected by it’s energy, the energy that I pour forth onto Earth at this time. I have condensed the energy bubbles into these words for all to Read More »

Heavenletters: From your Very Existence Alone

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, yes, you are responsible for your feelings and responses. They are yours. They belong to you. You carry them all in your backpack. No doubt, other factors may contribute to how you feel and respond, yet it is you who has to move forward. That is, it is you who has to grow from here Read More »

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 8, 2018

independent media eraoflight.comCompiled 8 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring: Read More »