How To Balance Your pH Levels And Find Out If You Are Too Acidic

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightAlkalizing has become a very popular subject recently, and for good reason too! The emphasis on the importance of the bodies pH might seem like a new fashion, but the science and art of pH balancing have had a long tradition and unlike some other trendy theories, it has successfully withstood the test of time. If you think back to chemistry or science class, you might recall comparing an Continue Reading →

Science Discovers a Key to the Effectiveness of Colloidal Silver

herbal medicine eraoflightA widelynoted recent-year study at Boston University found an important key to the effectiveness of colloidal silver when it discovered that nano-silver particles increased the effectiveness of antibiotics against resistant “super bugs” by thousands of times. Besides demonstrating once again the effectiveness of colloidal Continue Reading →

Four Best Benefits of Baking Soda and Lemon

healthy heart eraoflightThe combination of baking soda and lemon juice has generated both controversy and excitement. At the heart of the debate is the idea that drinking lemon juice and baking soda can protect against the risk of cancer. But this information can be taken with a grain of salt. Many foods and remedies are labeled “anti-cancer,” especially natural elements that have antioxidant and Continue Reading →

Synsepalum Dulcificum: Safely Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet To Protect Against Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity

herbal medicineImagine a miracle substance that had the ability to turn sour foods sweet? Synsepalum dulcificum, better known as the Miracle Fruit, enhances the flavor of certain foods by coating the taste buds and causing sour foods such as limes to taste as sweet as sugar. It provides a bit of sweetness for those who are must eliminate sugar from their diets. It is also useful for cancer patients and those on heavy medication who Continue Reading →

Improving the Air Quality Within Your Home

nature summer eraoflightIt sounds like fiction but it’s true: the air inside your home is between two to five times more polluted than the air outside; and considering the fact that most Americans spend up to 90 per cent of their time indoors, the statistics are a worry. The problem is as bad for homes as it is for schools, with CNN reporting that at least a third of schools in the United States have Continue Reading →

B6, Methionine and Folate Combo Slashes Lung Cancer Risk by Two-Thirds

eat light eat healthy eraoflightA study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found convincing evidence that is good news for lung cancer prevention: the combination of Vitamin B6, methionine and folate reduces the chances of lung cancer by a whopping two-thirds.

Lung cancers are some of the most Continue Reading →

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Yoga and Lower Your Risk for Major Health Conditions

meditation one eraoflightAround one in every three people in the United States has high blood pressure, a condition that can slowly damage the body overtime. High blood pressure can cause disabilities, kidney failure and stroke. It is often a precursor to cardiovascular disease, which kills more people in the US than anything else. Lifestyle changes can control high blood pressure. Yoga can actually lower it Continue Reading →

Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks

eraoflight cancer is curable.jpg“Cancer can be cured!” claims Dr. Leonard Coldwell. The video at the end of this article is very important. Everybody should see it.

Cancer can be cured! You can imagine the look of surprise on my face when I first saw this. In fact, many of you out there must be feeling surprised right now. My mother died of cancer just as I was finishing Continue Reading →

Champissage; Indian Head Massage

lyb eraoflightChampissage™ is a massage technique which focuses on the head, face, and neck. It is derived from the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine in India, where bodywork on the head and neck is a common part of medical treatment and daily maintenance of well-being. The Champissage™ technique is trademarked, with massage therapists learning the style from certified instructors; it is also sometimes offered by hair professionals Continue Reading →

Vitamin D Lowers Risks of Cancer

careforyourbodyeraoflightHigh levels of vitamin D may be linked to a lower risk of developing cancer, including liver cancer, a study published today in the British Medical Journal has said.

The researchers said their findings support the theory that vitamin D might help protect against some cancers.

Vitamin D is made Continue Reading →

Study Shows What Happens To The Human Body When It Goes Just 10 Days Without Sugar

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightIt has become increasingly common knowledge in recent years that sugar wreaks havoc on our health, leading to such prevalent and serious ailments as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. We are eating more sugar now than ever before, as almost all processed foods are laced with some form of the sweet poison. While once we believed fat to be the Continue Reading →

How To Completely Detox From Sugar In 10 Days

time to detox eraoflightSugar is incredibly addictive. Recent research has determined that sugar is actually as addictive as heroin to the human brain, not to mention the fact that added sugars are very harmful to our health. When you look at diabetes and obesity rates, it becomes immediately clear that our sugar problem has Continue Reading →

Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol, Says Police And Crime Commissioner

cannabis leaf eraoflightAuthorities in the US may be cracking down on the illegal use of marijuana, but officials in New Wales are encouraging the habit. Recently, Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones shared his viewpoint on the matter — and it will probably surprise you Continue Reading →

Intermittent Fasting Is As Old As Mankind; And It’s The Key To Longevity

healthy heart eraoflightEven before the appearance of great ancient civilizations, hunter-gatherers across the globe reaped the benefits of intermittent fasting.

But if we take a peek back in history, we will notice that ancient civilizations across the Continue Reading →

Parents Prepare To Break The Law To Help Their Children, Would You?

eolnewsWRBL Staff – ATLANTA, Ga. – Dale Jackson is an outspoken supporter of the legalization of medical marijuana and the cultivation of it in Georgia. He has a son Colin who is non-verbal and autistic. House Bill 722 passed, but a part of the bill involving cultivation in the state was taken out Continue Reading →

Natural Treatments for Cancer Blow Away Widely Held Myths

herbal medicineA cancer diagnosis is truly one of the most terrifying things a human can ever face. It is understandable that at such a time a person might be drawn to the apparent security of relying on the recommendations of the “qualified” doctor or oncologist who suggests a regimen of chemotherapy and/or radiation Continue Reading →

Curing Cancer With Sound Waves

starflash eraoflightA recent breakthrough in high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) technology has proven its use as an effective cancer treatment. A multi-institutional research team from China developed a semi-enclosed, spherical cavity transducer that can produce a focused, standing-wave field with a Continue Reading →

Why Does Modern Medicine Have A Big Problem With Natural Health?

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightWell, there is the money, of course.

When millions of people forego expensive and toxic medical drugs; when they rarely see conventional doctors; when they don’t receive vaccinations and don’t have their children Continue Reading →

Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests

astral plane conscious eraoflightdotcomThe pineal gland has been known as the ‘seat of soul’ for hundreds of years. Could fluoride, a ubiquitous vector of toxicity in the modern world, actually be calcifying this gland and literally turning it to stone Continue Reading →

Study Shows How Glyphosate & Aluminum Can Operate Synergistically To Destroy The Human Brain

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflight“What basically seems to have happened — aluminium was not bioavailable, traditionally, in the world’s biota until the Industrial Revolution, and so, it just had no place in any biochemical reaction that was normal. And where it does occur, now, because Continue Reading →

Eight Herbal Teas Strengthen the Immune System, Heal Flu and Other Viruses

herbal medicine eraoflightThe joys of tea drinking have been known for centuries; and certain cultures have raised tea drinking to a ceremonial art. Drinking herbal tea for health not only offers the medicinal effects of the herbs included Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Protect Your Brain from Cognitive Decline

astral plane conscious eraoflightdotcomAlzheimer’s disease is frightening and widespread in the United States and globally. The numbers do not speak to the terrible way it affects families, systematically eroding the lives of those it touches. New research Continue Reading →

Teenage Boy Dies From Meningitis Only Months After Receiving the Vaccine

saynotovaccines eraoflightA teenage boy, vaccinated against four strains of bacterial meningitis, became ill with a deadly form of meningitis just months after receiving the vaccine. Within 72 hours after contracting meningitis, 19-year-old Lewis Hilton lost motor control Continue Reading →

ADHD is a Fake Disease Created by Big Pharma for Profit

Earth and the communicationSome children are better at paying attention than others. Some can cope with, or even enjoy, a school classroom setting. Some kids have more energy than others. Some are good at following directions, and some are easily distracted.

But just Continue Reading →

A Dozen Top Nutrients for a Healthier Heart

healthy heart eraoflightThe heart is our most important and most active muscle. In addition to the benefits for the heart of having a healthy active lifestyle and eating a healthy diets, there are several key herbs, minerals vitamins and other nutritional items which can provide great boosts for Continue Reading →

The Great Olive Oil Fraud – Why Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Not Be Virgin At All

nature summer eraoflightYou thought you were making an informed health choice by using extra-virgin olive oil in place of cheaper, low-quality cooking oils, right? You probably never thought that a tiny, expensive bottle of EVOO might be cut with crap or doctored with chlorophyll to make it Continue Reading →

Six Reasons To Say NO to Vaccination

saynotovaccines eraoflightVaccination is an extremely controversial topic these days. Whatever side of the aisle you may fall with regard to your opinion about vaccination, one thing is for certain. The choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate is a decision that has the Continue Reading →

5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

eat light eat healthy eraoflightIf you’re a health-conscious individual or exercise on the reg, you’ve likely kept tabs on your protein intake at some point. After all, you need the macronutrient to build and repair muscle tissue, keep your immune system in check, fuel your workouts and much more Continue Reading →

5 Cannabis Research Findings that Should’ve Been on the Front Page

cannabis leaf eraoflightScientists are continuously discovering new ways that cannabis can benefit human health. Typically, researchers publish these discoveries in peer-reviewed journals. Yet, most cannabis research never makes its way into mainstream news. In the public eye, these studies go Continue Reading →

64% Of Bottled Water Is Tap Water, Costs 2000x More

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightResearch Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industry’s Predatory Marketing Practices

Bottled water companies have relied on predatory marketing practices and exorbitant lobbying efforts to sell Americans Continue Reading →