Say No to Vaccines

Greetings freinds! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

The idea of vaccines was brought forward by an English Freemason named Dr Edward Jenner in 1796. It was never about helping humans or curing illnesses. It was always about injecting humans with toxins and weaken them in every way possible, while profiting from the crimes.

There is no such thing as a “safe vaccine.” And the only thing they are effective on is gradually destroying the human body.

All vaccines contain chemicals, toxins, genetically modified organisms, animal and human DNA. Not a single vaccine is good for you or your children. Not one. Zero. So stop taking them.

Vaccines cause; Brain damage, paralyses, heart disease, blood clots, decrease white blood cells, hearing and vision loss(high percentage of children needing eye glasses by the age of five, it’s getting worse), weaken the immune system, cause infertility, cancer, autism, break up DNA, and more.

Many children dying within days to months after birth is due to multiple lethal injections you call vaccines.

The Covid vaccine has caused millions of deaths, number of excess deaths world wide continues to rise due to the Covid shot. Causing heart failures, seizures, brain tumors and leukemia, also as we mentioned infertility, and still births.

Hold on, it does not end there. The dark ones are working on a new vaccine, that is much worse than the Covid jab. They plan to use that as the cure for the next disease/pandemic they are preparing to unleash. Did humanity have enough and is snapping out of the trance state, or will the people fall for the lies again?

18 Replies to “Say No to Vaccines”

  1. Ken

    They’ve been doing this throughout history. Where do you think the black death bubonic plague pandemic of the 14th century came from

  2. John

    Indeed. At this point, if you’re pissed you probably need more help than you can offer; one’s anger is always about themselves… Which is not to say letting people just die is necessarily a lack of compassion, this game has more to it than the dramas of physical life.

  3. Arnaud

    I watched a video where they say that the next pandemic will be that of the Marburg virus. something scary because for exemple the blood would fall out of the holes of the ears or even the eyes. in order to create fear and incite even more people to be injected with their poisonous vaccine.
    I hope with all my heart that people will open their eyes, their conscience and their hearts this time.
    love to all

  4. Raksha

    Okay, I may be on a roll here, but too many times when I see the comments I’m thinking:

    So, the rescue team which was living in a paradise and sacrificed a lot, came here to help, and they are pissed at the ones they came to help ? « let them just die ». I understand the feeling, truly. But we are here to help, not to bitch on the ones who need help. If we don’t have an open-heart, then what’s the point ? Open question.

  5. brazilbilly

    What you write here is so obviously true. The problem is all the folks who just can’t wrap their heads around the truth. Here where I live in Brazil I’m completely ALONE (people here love “vaccines”) doing everything I can to stop my wife (now ex), family, doctors, friends, etc.—all the people who believe I’m a “crazy conspiracy theorist”—from injecting my son with ANY of those poisons. But here’s the catch—they’re not even willing to LOOK at any of the studies, research, etc. Instead they just blindly follow the narrative, cocksure that they’re right and we’re wrong. I honestly don’t know what it’s gonna take to wake these people up. Even if the EBS thing plays out (in which folks are “forced” to stay home and watch “truth movies” for days on end), I’m sure they’re just gonna scoff and say it’s all propaganda from Trump, Bolsonaro, etc. Sigh.

      1. Raksha

        I would not go that far. Plenty of people are good-hearted but just too manipulated. They just cannot imagine that such evil exists. There are also plenty of people in survival mode, that do not have the opportunity to do their own research. I admit I can use the name « normies » sometimes. I admit I can get frustrated. But the solution is not to let them behind. Didn’t we come for this ? Many deserve a chance, a real chance to make their own choice, which means transparent informations.

        The dark has been really good at what they do. Let us not close our heart. Many good people just need a chance.

        (also, I know this is a very confusing topic, but according to RA, it’s 4th density. Well, I can admit any number depending on the perspectiove, but few are the sources that explain the numbers they are refering to).

      2. Raksha

        I woulk add that I know many good people who are “asleep” but are still “better” people than so-called “awake people”.

    1. Raksha

      The only option I see to wake up the masses, is indeed a “truth broadcast”. If we can see some testimonies of famous people who plead guilty, they may be forced to acknolwedge it. Or maybe not. But Mainstream media is the first obstacle in any cases. I don’t believe the masses will slowly wake-up. Well, they are waking-up, but it will take too much time and too much sacrifices to get to the critical point. I think.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      I’ve actually shared articles in more detail over the years way before covid.

    2. terry

      More than 3 years. Many states and school districts require children to have gotten shots prior to being permitted to attend elem school. This has been going on a long tie

      1. Raksha

        In France, 6 shots are legally required. In practice, it’s 18. A friend of mine wanted to do the bare minimum of 6 for her son. It was a hard path to get there. So in practice it’s 18. Even my vet told me to not give a verimuge at the same time as the anti-puce to my dog, to not overload her immunity system. (Sorry I’m lazy to check how we say vermifuge and anti-puce in eglish, but I think english speakers will understand).

        (btw, I lost a cat from direct reaction to vaccine).

  6. Paladin

    There is a great deal of information in the “Poison Needle” by Elenor McBean. The so called “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918 was actually caused by forced mass “vaccination” of soldiers returning from the slaughter of WWI. As these poor soldiers fell ill and started dying from the toxicity of the jabs they used that as proof of a viral contagion and started even more mass injections of civilians and even more death and illness.

    These Satanic archons have been feeding off of our misery and death for too long.

    You can not trust the medical establishment, government or media. Everything they disseminate is a lie or deception. Everything is controlled from the center of the spider’s web.

  7. Paladin

    Unfortunately, many will line up for the new death jab. Viruses are fictitious particles and they can make them up at anytime merely by proclaiming their existence.

    I do however think they will face much more resistance with the new fake pandemic.

    Good message KR

  8. Monica

    More? When will this end? Probably until everyone is dead! I am very frustrated to see so much harm being done by these parasites and being allowed. Enough!!!! Losing so much lives just to wake up idiots.