Suzy Ward (Matthew Messages) Heart Failure, Recovering

Dear Lightwarriors at the awesome Era of Light blog,

Some stressful news to share. Suzy Ward, who channels the wonderful messages from her son Matthew, suffered heart failure on July 18th. She did survive however ( yay! ) and is recuperating. (See article).

I found out because I kept checking for the August ’23 Message and it was not appearing, thus I became very concerned about Suzy’s wellbeing. So I searched online and found this article.

Because of Suzy’s age, I have pondered this before — how much I would miss these awesome messages and the incredible information in them, when she stops or passes. I miss it already! I look forward to the next one quite eagerly every month ! I have read all of her many books, and all of the messages going way back to the very beginning! I will be quite sad when this wonderful lady cannot bring forth any more information. Just like Era of Light, Suzy and Matthew have really helped to keep me centered in Light and grounded in hope in these seemingly insane times. You’ve all been a big part of my life.

So please send prayers to Suzy for her health and recovery. I hope she will be able to channel some more messages to her millions of fans, myself included. God Bless You Suzy, get well soon!

I hope this note finds you all at Era of Light doing well.

Thank you very much for what you do!

Love & Light, -Mark Eberhart. Tualatin, Oregon USA