Energetical Imbalances Manifest As Physical Ailments

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj!

All illnesses start with the non physical parts of yourself. From your emotional, mental, and astral bodies. If one’s emotional state is not observed and understood why something is out of alignment, the dense energies continue to get packed, in due time, they begin to manifest as physical disease.

The experiences you have in one way or another were created by you. Your thoughts, words, actions, and pre-agreements. And your responses decide how much you grow from each experience, or do you sink into further duality and take the long path towards healing and realization.

Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, pains, grudges, heartbreaks, grief, mistreatments, all begin with a thought, if that thought is not changed or released, it begins to roll down hill like a snowball, growing into something more.

There is an energetical issue with every physical illness.

This occurs when one refuses to broaden their perspective and understand the deeper meaning of a situation, or not willing to change or accept what has transpired. Thus remaining in that lower energetical state, and learning to find comfort in the victim role. Instead of reflecting on the issue at hand, speaking up, and or seeking help from whoever you think may be able to assist you.

The energetical imbalances in one’s being start to manifest as physical ailments if they are not understood and sought to be healed. For example, health issues related to the heart and lungs are due to lack of love, for the self, not feeling loved as a child. Lung cancer; inability to feel safe, depression, grief, holding on to the past, and or feeling unworthy of life. Heart attack; giving up joy for material gains, feeling lonely, fearful, and not good enough, continuous emotional problems.

A list of physical illnesses which begin as energetical imbalances in the entity;

Baldness, hair loss; Is due to blockage of the crown and third eye chakras, closed out to new ideas and change.

Headaches; Self judgement, fear, refusing the current of events.

Weight concerns; Safety, fear, anger with parents, feeling unloved.

Genital problems; Sexual guilt, shame, blocking creativity.

Cancers; Long held pains and traumas, grief, rejecting self and rejection from others/unloved in life.

Kidneys; Anger, disappointment, unbalanced reactions.

Miscarriage; Not trusting in the timing, fearing the future. This also can be for karmic reasons, and the soul not wanting to fully be in the physical.

Pneumonia; Exhaustion, unable to heal emotional wounds.

Stomach issues/ulcers/constipation; Refusing to let go of the past, guilt and blaming one’s self for past actions.

Blood pressure; Unhealed emotional problems. Low blood pressure; Neglected as a child, feeling defeated.

From the many different medicines you can take to help you deal with the symptoms, you can also heal health issues by seeing, thinking, truly believing that you really are not ill. It’s simply in the mind. Change your thoughts. Shift your emotions. The moment you wake up in the morning, state the following; I am healthy and filled with life and vitality. My body operates at optimum health.


6 Replies to “Energetical Imbalances Manifest As Physical Ailments”

  1. Arnaud

    Bonjour Amy,
    De mon point de vue pour r√©pondre √† votre question, j aurais tendance √† penser √† des th√©rapies comme l EFT ou l EMDR. Apr√®s je crois que de reconna√ģtre et nommer ses propres traumatismes ou √©motions stock√©es est d√©j√† l indice d un d√©but de gu√©rison. En prendre conscience sans les juger, juste savoir qu ils ont √©t√© l√† ou sont l√† , et que maintenant ils ne nous servent plus. Alors avec l intention et en demandant de l aide √† nos guides ou aux anges de la gu√©rison , √† la flamme violette des archanges Zadkiel et Am√©thyste par exemple, on peut remercier nos traumatismes ou √©motions et leur envoyer tout plein d amour pour les lib√©rer , les transmuter en √©nergie d amour .. et visualiser la vie sans ces traumatismes . Cela est juste mon ressenti‚Ķ bonne chance Amy, paix et amour

  2. Amy Sullivan

    Thank you Kejraj.

    I agree with you what you are saying and find it quite true with my own health issues. However, I have a question; does EVERY person who dies of a heart attack die because they gave up joy for material gains?
    I know people who have died of heart attacks where that wasn’t the case at all. I also know of other instances where people have died, but not as a consequence from the energetic factor you link with a particular illness.

    So, could the only other reason someone might die of disease or cancer be because they chose it as part of their life plan?

    Also, would you know the most effective approach that is available on Earth right now for ridding someone of their past trauma or stored emotions? There’s a lot of therapies, healers and self help information out there, but most don’t seem to work.

    Thank you!


    1. the_complaint_department

      [translation of Arnaud’s reply:]
      “Hello Amy,
      From my point of view to answer your question, I would tend to think of therapies like EFT or EMDR. Afterwards, I believe that recognizing and naming one’s own traumas or stored emotions is already an indication of the beginning of healing. Become aware of them without judging them, just know that they have been there or are there, and that now they no longer serve us. So with the intention and by asking for help from our guides or the angels of healing, from the violet flame of archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst for example, we can thank our traumas or emotions and send them lots of love to free them, transmute them into loving energy.. and visualize life without these traumas. This is just my feeling… good luck Amy, peace and love”