Heavenletters: God, Thy Will On Earth As It Is In Heaven

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, I am near. Nearer are you to Me. Nearer and dearer are you to Me. I am so full of love, and so are you. If you would but believe Me – Yes, I am speaking to you. My heart is full of you. I do not know what more to say but that you are truly My Beloved. This goes without saying, yet you want to hear Me say this again and again. Maybe someday soon what I say will really soak into you. My Beloved, once and for all, may you grasp what it is to be My Beloved.

You and I are the Subject and the Object. Actually, We are One. We have known this from the beginning, even before life manifested the same way a hyacinth blooms from its bulb hidden in the snow. When life erupted on Earth, bodies manifested singly, and spirits arose as One. This is the way of life.

Life on Earth is a world-shaking experience. The Earth becomes populated with all kinds of life in all shapes and sizes, all precious, all in color, all receiving My full attention in even from one glance of Oneness.

O, Beloved World, what I wrought when I wrought you. It may have seemed to you that you were on the back burner, and you felt bereft and sought solace. However, Beloved, there is no emptiness, only fullness of fullness finding its way even as there is no space to find it in nor time either, yet the experience of this newly-born life is rich, so very rich. Of course, Heaven is Home. Your roots grow deep. Your longing for Home is true.

You may think of mountains and valleys. Of course, Earth arose and families and Oneness is the Word of the Day everlasting. Oneness always exists. Snazzy cars were invented. How easy can it be before you settle down to Vastness of Soul when you have other fish to fry, such as daily life even as your blessed Soul waxes immortal?

When dust unto dust was spoken of, perhaps this referred to the physical world. In another sense, perhaps the meaning bowed toward Oneness, that is, spirit whirling around spirit unto a world deeper, higher, greater than the physical. Surely, there is a higher motif to life on Earth than the passing velour that you are drawn to.

Dust unto dust may be too earthen for you who fly high. From sun to sun sounds more like it. Yes, there is Greatness before you. There is Greatness forever and ever. Greatness is My Grace given to you. You are graced with Me, and so am I graced with you regardless of the variant detours you may take a spin on now and then.

Be apprised of how innocent you are. How unknowing ahead of time, you are. I say this at the same time as I say unequivocally that you are, in truth, a sage of the world. You are, in fact, all-knowing. You have more knowledge than what exists commonly in the world. You were not born yesterday. You are Bright Light, and you shine upon a world that seeks to know itself when you as an individual have been given the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, all created by God for glad tidings for all who have been and all who are to come even as there is no beginning and no ending. Life on Earth is far more than from A to Z.

No longer keep the idea that you are not much when you exist as everything to Me. My Will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Never were you not. Never will you not be. I, God of Love, am invested in you, Heart and Soul. You are My Resplendent Self shining in the wholeness of love. What have you been thinking?


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff