The Council: A Few of your Questions

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe will choose to answer a few of your questions today. The answers may be rather short, but that does not mean that the questions are unimportant. The first, for instance, is very important to us.

“What areas of spiritual inquiry and questions is The Council particularly interested in assisting us with, at this point in time?”

The particular interest of this group of energies, and we would say of all true guides and teachers, at this time, is the awakening of the earth human to the true nature of his/her being. This is an expansion of consciousness. It is an awareness of self. It is a replacement of denial with acceptance.

This true nature is not a secret. It has been stated unequivocally. It has been pointed to. It has been the object of countless metaphors. And still, it is not accepted, not considered possible, and for some it is deemed heretical. You, each of you, all of you, are divine aspects of your Source. It matters not at all what you call that in your language. You are not God. But you are certainly of God and a part of God. Nothing, nothing, nothing and no one can possibly be anything else.

But this is a fearful thing to consider for most of you. Yet, it is coming. The truth of you is here. Will you finally see it? Will you feel it? It is not some judgmental smiter of souls looking down upon you. It is the energy of love, of light, of truth that you are an inseparable part of. All you need to ‘do’ is open to the feeling and the expression of it.

This, in many words, in many languages, in every part of your world is THE message. And we thank you deeply for asking this question.

“Is negative Karma, true and do we need to pay someone back for a wrong doing, even in a different lifetime? Is there a way to deal with Karma in this lifetime easily so we don’t carry it forward to future lives?”

Karma is the effect side of cause/effect. Negative and positive are values placed upon this by you. Do I like it or do I not? We do not belittle, we simply try to impart understanding.

Karma has been operative for thousands of years. But it need not be.

“How is this?” Ask yourselves why it exists. Is it the payback of a debt or a reward for right action? Who determined that? Who is the judge demanding the payback? And we tell you that you are that judge. And, yes, you – the greater you – brings it forward to be balanced. But with the understanding of that, and in this current time, the judge can forgive, can pardon. And remember, the judge is you. Forgive you, forgive your acts, your thoughts, your secrets, your words throughout all time, in all places. Forgive everyone. Forgive everything. This is easy to say. It is extremely hard to do. But the effort alone is more than worth it. The intent and the effort will initiate great change.

Thank you.

“Each and every day people are being diagnosed with the most horrible diseases. Of course, from a human perspective, it’s never an easy subject even to consider. Though, it happens nevertheless, as it happens on a global scale. Despite the medical cause of such a problem, I wonder whether it’s possible to fathom the spiritual reason behind it.”

The causes of medical problems, diseases, etc., are as numerous as those who express with them. But your question is not as far off the mark as it would seem.

There is a seemingly simple cause for all of the above. That implies a simple solution. And there is one of those, as well. However, simple does not mean easy.

You may detect a pattern to our answers today. The simple cause is that you are separated from your Divine Source – in your minds. Actual separation, as we have stated previously, is simply not possible, but it is your experience. End the experience. Easily said, yes? Do you imagine that your Father/Mother does not yearn for the return of the prodigal son/daughter every bit as much as you do, if not more? But we say again, the cure, the fix, the forgiving, whatever is needed is not outside of you. No Santa Claus. No Easter Bunny. No Event thrown to you from out of the Cosmos. No new book. No other teacher that you will meet tomorrow and pay for the answer. A real teacher will only lead you into your heart.

We may have tested your patience today. But we are only of truth. And you have faithfully asked out of your need. Thank you and bless you each. Good day.
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