Lao Tzu: See Yourselves As The Brightest Sun That Shines Day And Night

turn to the light within eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ones! I AM Lao Tzu, your brother and family, your mostly silent companion and friend. You usually hear and see me when you are finding yourself in deep contemplation, for I do not like to startle or disturb you in any way.

But today I feel the need to come and be more upfront, and to have you hear my words of happiness as I delight in your work, and with the upgrading that all of you are ready to undertake at this time. And it is so because you have been asking for it repeatedly, you have been preparing diligently, and you have been proven to be of the most humble service to the Mother, to humanity, and to all.

It is your desire to be the brightest beacons of light and to anchor it on planet Earth. But not only that, you want to anchor it into the heart of the many, without discrimination, and we have witnesses to your consistency, your determination, and your humble offerings to everyone.

Yes, you might know by now that you have been tested, and you have shown compassion and the deepest love and desire to bring everyone back home and to the light. You truly are the embodiment of the Source walking this path of light on Earth, for, without any judgment, you do lovingly assist everyone that you find on your path, with all the love and kindness that you possess in every moment, holding nothing back.

It is true that you need to rest and replenish yourselves, but this is mostly occurring because you are always a step ahead of yourselves in that willingness to get most of the work done and light up this world. Beloved ones, we are always with you, at your service to assist you and walk this journey with you, to bring you new tools, to plant new ideas, but mostly to remind you of the plentiful resources at your disposal that you can tap into so your work can be done most efficiently.

And so, today I come to remind you to call on the LaHoChi energies to assist thee in sending powerful healing energies to all. You might be a healer, or you might see yourselves as a beacon of light, but regardless of all these attributes that you might give yourselves, you are sons and daughters of the Father/Mother/One. I wish you to see yourselves as the brightest sun that shines day and night, and which radiates the hottest golden living light, warming up and lighting up the world for everyone in your chosen world.

You might want to start by seeing yourselves behind, and thus supporting, a loving child, or anyone that you love dearly, thereby opening your hearts to the fullest, for it is your intent that starts the flow of these powerful LaHoChi energies! However, it is genuine love that activates and makes them as powerful as they truly are.

Feel your hearts pulsating in unison with the universe’s heart. See the golden light sending ripples of gentle loving light that are reaching farther and farther from your center, enfolding everyone in their path. Smile dear hearts, and allow your entire being to be that golden and powerful source of life that flows unconditionally and indiscriminately to all. Open up widely without any fears, for no one can stop a sun from being hot or shining as bright as it can!

See the dark ‘clouds’ of the shadows dispersing, and then dissipating like magic, whether in the sky, close to the surface, or deeper in the inner earth, it matters not. For what is left behind after your work is done is blue and crisp fresh air, joyful and bouncy pristine waters, peaceful and welcoming forests, white puffy and playful clouds, and a piece of magical Earth, where everyone is happily floating in love once more. Yes, you might say this is your Nova Earth and you can imagine and create anything your hearts desire!

Dear hearts, I am asking you, humbly, to be these powerful and smiling suns, and to go outside and play without concerns or worries. Go and shine your light wherever you are guided to go, and let’s lighten up this entire corner of the universe once more! Love and heal everyone and everything in your paths, allowing the new life to emerge, just as planned by you and by the Mother/Father/One.

I bow to you dear ones! I thank you for your outstanding work and service! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva coyle