Archangel Metatron: Embracing Change & the Requisite Release of Fear

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we embrace each of you in coherent divine light, in unconditional love. Dear Hearts, in this session, we devote our energies to address an important & timely topic. A subject important for humanity at this time….the toxicity of fear & hate. And we offer our knowledge in love, for you are in a time in which conflict is easily amplified. Please consider our words…but as we share our message, it is for you as sovereign beings to accept these words if they resonate with you, or to reject them if they do not. For your discernment is ever required for reception any such message, from any source, including this one, for you are Masters in the making.

Masters, as 2019 dawns, so then another precious, timeless moment brings us together, uniting thoughts within the divine matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought patterns with desire, with awareness & vital life force. And so do all things come together in this way. For all thoughts, all experiences, all life are crysto-electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be.

Dear Humans, as 2019 enters, let us remind all of you of the importance of this time of change.You waited in line, metaphorically speaking, to be here at this juncture, to be a part of the Ascension. You prepared for this in many lifetimes, for you knew well in advance that this key phase of humanity’s earthen evolution would be both magnificent and challenging.

Indeed, there are certain reincarnational sojourns that carry more light, carry more opportunity, and although this is a time of rather precarious intensities, it is also an extraordinary period, an opportune sojourn, of key import, which offers an astonishing prospect for soul- growth, indeed a quantum leap in consciousness.

In the new energy you may expand your perceptions, your beliefs and indeed your priorities. It is a time of great to greater light, and thus lessening shadow. It is time to embrace the challenge, to embrace the opportunity. For the years that are rapidly approaching offer yet another refinement of light, and indeed contains multiple phases of crystalline light-code influx.

Full-Tilt Polarity

Continuing in 2019, the remaining shadows of unknowing, will slowly, gradually be replaced by streams of Truth. As you progress, all manner of myth, darkness and ignorance will continue to surface for dissolution…to erode, slowly, piece by piece, bit by bit. Your true origins, your true history & nature is slowly being made available to you, in small digestible bites. Change is ever the nature of reality, and major change is happening.

Indeed planetary transformation from the old energy to the new, is at full tilt in the present. The Omni-Earth upshift is now in an erratic mélange, a chaotic fervor ….and this can at times be quite overwhelming, disorienting…and frightening.

In the next 2 decades, the divinity of the seekers, of the Earth-Keepers, Lightworkers must learn to overcome the obstacles and project light, as the pendulum of duality’s extreme ‘Arc-Swing‘ gradually lessens. As we have told you in numerous channels, that in the present time, duality’s polarity-span is extreme. For in the present, for the next 7 years the excessive divisiveness will actually increase, until Uranus comes into play in 2026….then leading faithfully to the Quantum-Leap, the Return of Light in 2038.

In the interim the masses of humanity will at times experience conflict & crisis from the ongoing extremities of polarity… constantly pushing, pulling & stretching your energy fields. This rather turbulent ubiquitous phase of linear time between 2019 and 2026 is fraught with acute energies of disharmony & imbalance. Fear, anxiety and anger will be rampant in this piercing frenzied phase of Crucible Astrology … all unresolved energies are percolating to the surface.

As an important note, we will tell you that the extreme polarity and divisiveness ongoing in the political area, particularly in the United States, UK & Europe, has a tangent field of negativity, of violence….even undertones of hatred. This zealous attachment aspect, if dogmatically skewed & influentially misdirected. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing! Negativity can be disguised as righteous in the arenas of religion & politics. Especially in this imbalanced phase of transition it can be both deceptive, subtle & quite overwhelming. Indeed, the collated thought-form of this energy can be detrimentally erratic in the present astrological gravities. And we tell you, this will remain so for 7 more years until 2026. The energy can be quite draining.

You must avoid the fear! Fear can open the door to hatred!

A human never hates anything or anyone that he or she believes to be worthy or meritorious. One who hates thinks they are being ‘right’, justified. … but the hatred itself forms a very strong malignant attachment to the ‘hater’. Hatred becomes a living ‘negative thought form’ which stakes an energetic claim to the hater … and will follow the ‘hater’ life time after lifetime…until one eventually learns that hatred itself is the real enemy, the bastard of fear, the great destroyer….Fear !

The Choice of Focus

Remember what you concentrate upon, you draw to yourself, what you dwell upon you manifest into reality. …and we emphasize this point, for it is a great truth that few choose to live by. When you focus on deep negativity, deep fear, deep hatred your vibration immediately changes, and your Auric Field will shatter like broken glass.

When you dwell on negativity toxic enzymes are fed into your bloodstream. These are ‘poisons’ that are degenerative to the nervous system, immune system, vital organs and glandular systems of your body.

These result in mental and emotional imbalances that fuel toxic anger and an acceleration of negative experience by impairing ones judgment. Left unchecked, your energy will become quite repulsive to others, such that former friends will no longer choose to be in your presence.

And masters, in this time of gravitational low cycle, and extreme energy shift, fear can easily attach. .

Negativity: Fear & Hate

Vibrationally speaking, fear and hate are the same frequency. Fear is toxic, indeed Masters, the primary reason individuals fail to achieve their soul-contract & sojourn purposes, is fear not recognizing ,confronting and resolving ingrained patterns of fear. Fear is the driver of hate. Fear is the base of all negativity. Fear hijacks your abilities and holds them hostage, disguising its crime with various rationalizations assembled with half-truths.

In terms of the auric field, hate and fear are the primary disruptive forces that create auric imbalance and energetic toxicity. When your auric field is open, the destructive vibration of negativity can mal-effect you in myriad ways. At its base, the core vibration of hate is fear, but the nuances, causes and mechanisms of hatred are not always as apparent to you. And so in this discourse we will speak on the far reaching effects of hatred.

We would define our use of the word hate to mean a deep hardening of the heart in which one stoically and adamantly refuses to see any light any Divinity in the other and becomes obsessed with deep destructive emotions. Hate is earmarked by dwelling upon hateful feelings toward the other with no consideration of forgiveness or rectification.

Hatred is widespread in duality. Your bible speaks of the Cristos, Jesua ben Josef as having been tortured and crucified, and yet asking for those that committed the execution to be ‘forgiven for they know not what they do.’ Your religious texts also speak of ‘An eye for an eye’. There is a saying most of you are familiar with that speaks of ‘forgiven but not forgotten. So there is a widespread gamut of approaches to perceived injustice, some that would indicate that retribution is befitting vindication.

Knowledge Not Utilized

Masters, by the Law of Grace, you are more able to receive merciful rectification for transgressions that are committed in ignorance than for actions you know to be harmful. Did not Jesua ben Josef say ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do”? And so ‘sin’ in your biblical terms is the commission of an act you know to be wrong. Your Edgar Cayce beautifully defined ‘sin’ as ‘Knowledge not utilized’. We ask you to add to your knowledge the fact that hatred is wrong in any circumstance….and act accordingly.

So what we tell you is that hatred is mutually destructive, but even more devastating to the one that hates than to the one that is hated. Although in most situations both parties of an egregious hatred hostility spiral downward to become equal generators and thus victims of hate.

Dear Ones, it is an absolute Truth that there is no human who hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical, and in-kind there is no human who loves but that love is projected outward and made physical. The energy involved in the emotion of hate is much more destructive and far reaching than many of you realize. Its effects are akin to a growing malignancy, because hate is in fact quite toxic to body, mind and spirit. Hate and fear are the same resonance, and both, if focally dwelt upon, will absolutely weaken the body, distort the mind and open your field into ‘dis-ease’.

So in this channel, we are emphasizing the issue of negativity because it is essential that you be clear that by dwelling upon destructive forces you draw more negativity to you. And as such not only months and years can be tainted; entire lifetimes can be unnecessarily wasted. No soul ever incarnates with a plan to include hatred. Yet hatred will draw you to those whom you hate in order to resolve the conflict. For hatred will follow you year by year, lifetime after lifetime until you eventually learn that it is hate itself that is the enemy.

Laws and Balance

There are Laws pertaining to growth in duality. The Law of Attraction and Law of Belief are spawned and shaped by the Law of Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect is an absolute truth of duality. It is not malleable, forgiven only in grace and oft experienced in what you may term as the school of ‘hard-knocks’ but is quite unbending whether in the ‘hidden’ corridors of mind or in the external visible planes of 3d. Thoughts are things. And where you dwell in thought, you will soon experience. Period ! You will draw to yourself that which you fear, and that which you hate.

Hatred will attach you to those whom you hate with absolute certainty until the hatred eventually evolves into love. The one you hate in the present may well be your parent, child, sibling or colleague in the next sojourn. Those who act unjustly to another often come back to balance the soul.

Karma is not a debt, rather the seeking of balance….a ‘righting’ of the Self.

Your civil rights movement in the United States contained many former slave owners. Your Native American reservations contain many reincarnated gold miners. That is why so many casinos are on Native land, gold miners attempting to bring back the gold they took away….and to experience the situation their greed created, which cannot be restored.

.All sojourning souls seek to retain, or re-gain harmonic balance. You must understand that no soul is ever without retribution for misactions in the purposed illusion and dramatic lessoning of the Earth. No soul is eternally condemned, no soul is left behind, no matter how heinous the act. Rectification is available to every soul. Such is the grace of that you term God.

All of you will at one juncture or another make grave misactions in your sojourns, and the path allows for all to right that was wrong in the manner that allows them to understand the error. When deep malice and despicable acts of hatred are involved the facing, analytical understanding and balancing process for rectification and balance is of course much more complex, depending on the individual. We tell you again, all injustice, all that you term sin, is against the Self, in higher aspect.

Hatred, greed, injustice, every whit will be met and faced….not as punishment but in individual soul balance. Some in realization and Law of Grace, others in actualization, ever chosen by the SELF. But no soul is beyond forgiveness, just as each soul must forgive those that trespass against them. When you hate those that offend, you become ingrained with the very energy that attacked. All in duality will experience both the creative benevolent force of the positive aspect, and the destructive force of negativity. How you react in negative situations will determine to no small degree how you move forward.

It is an interesting truth that the self-righteous find it easier to forgive someone for being wrong, than to acknowledge someone who is right.

We say again, and please note…a human never hates anything or anyone that he or she believes to be worthy or meritorious.

One who hates thinks they are being ‘right’, justified. … but the hatred itself forms a very strong malignant attachment to the ‘hater’. Hatred becomes a living ‘negative thought form’ which stakes an energetic claim to the hater … and will follow the ‘hater’ life time after lifetime…until one eventually learns that hatred itself is the real enemy, the bastard of fear, the great destroyer….Fear !


A soul does not achieve Wisdom & Mastery by chance. Rather is Mastery achieved by continued discipline and effort in ‘right thinking followed by right action. Radical zealotry, self-aggrandizement and self-righteousness are also imbalances that distort ones thinking…and open one to the down spiral of hatred in the disguise of false justification.

Persons who hate will always believe themselves to be fully justified, and do not consider themselves as erroneous in that feeling. The hatred is hidden behind a skewed sense of misaligned reasoning of right. And again, the core of all hate, all destructivity…is Fear. Fear is the great destroyer.

In closing we say again…Fear & hatred will follow you year by year, lifetime after lifetime until you eventually learn that it is Fear & Hate, that opposes love…Fear itself is the enemy.

I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service….and we share with you these Truths. You are ever beloved.

And so it Is…And it is So…


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