The Elohim: The Curtain is Rising

the elohim eraoflightdotcom.jpgWe Elohim are near. We are an integral part of you, for we have woven, created much in your world. We Elohim have light in our footprints, as now many of you have, for as you walk, as you journey, you are imprinting Gaia with your own unique fragrance of the Christed light. Your influence is unbounded. Perhaps it is best that you have been unaware of your powers previous for that was the essence of this game, this experience, to see if when you were yet weak or wounded you would choose the light and love within and extend your light even further into the realm of the dark ones. The dark ones are leaving. Many have gone. Much of what you see is illusion. But we tell you the shadow is lifting, the curtain is rising, the audience is clapping. Your audience surrounds dear Gaia, enveloping her in the Christed love-light embrace from family and friends visiting from near and far. We honor you. We are the Elohim, as are many of you. Remember this.

Practice extending your light, for you are quite good at this and may have forgotten. Envision us standing around your human form in a protective circle, singing light codes, wings up and extended in blessing, a tight knit circle of love. Remain here as long, as often as you wish. We will increase your energetic frequencies. Many of you now feel yet more ringing in your ears as you morph yet further into that of a Christed light being. You are vibrating higher, higher. You are becoming disassociated with the physical and yet contain this light within your form. Within your body you feel lighter, softer, more joyful. All shoulder tensions dissipate. For you, we are infusing light into them, into all the tight and tender places of you. Many recent woundings have come up for cleansing. Send them light, the amber light of the divine breath. Repairing these woundings with Christed light only makes you stronger, not weaker, that is a falsehood. Our strengths deepen as we grow and experience. We Elohim have many what you may call scars or experiences in dark realms such as what you have been experiencing, but we blaze more light into them and it increases our brilliance, our beauty, and it allow us to receive yet more love and light from Creator, whose love and light is an endless Source of radiant love and unity.

Rest in this radiant love. Be this radiant love. Nurture this radiant love within your sacred heart space, your sacred light space, and the peace that you covet, that you have been seeking will deepen. You no longer need to run, to fight, to strive to survive. Much is changing and much of this change dear friends, fellow travelers of light and of experience, are you. Once you have been filled within this tight knit circle of Elohim blessing and love, rise. Stand in our circle. We invite all the light workers to do this. And now our circle widens, ever expansive, encompassing dear Gaia, holding her in Elohim and ascended human light and love, bridging the 3 to the 5 and above dimensions, rainbow bridge in action. Be this bridge with us.

We are the Elohim. We see you. We see your woundings. Accept our light and be free. Accept the blessing of the wisdom from your woundings and it will expand you yet further into oneness with all things, for it will broaden your compassion for those who have suffered, who are suffering. And when you can see the face of yourself in the other, you see the face of God. All is light. Let’s extend it shall we? And when our circle of awakened ones grows, so does this blessed Elohim circle of blessing, of love and it shall extend across the multiverse in eventuality. But for now we focus on Gaia and this tender space quadrant who has suffered – and experienced – much. And we send her our light. Join with us. Many of you are an extension of us. Our galactic friends and family join hands as well, singing healing sounds, tones of love and blessing. Be at peace dear Gaia. You are rising higher moment by moment. Friends, envelope her in your light and in so doing you will become more of it. You are growing by leaps and bounds. Allow the light to permeate your pain and be transformed. We are the Elohim. We are, as are you. We are one.

» Source  » Channel: Galaxygirl