“Magic” is just ONE Natural Part of Our Multi-Dimensional Experience Here

wishing stars eraoflightdotcomMagic. Such a simple and overused word….. yet, magic is exactly that…. a feeling and experience of our Multi-Dimensional Experience/Existence here…..

Magic emanates from within. Magic is a KNOWING that we hold, it’s a sparkly, tingly, excitement… an ENERGY that we reconnect with from deep within.

Magic is a part of our ancient heritages… the ones that are pure. Clearing the distortions of these, is a part of the unconscious realms, which is also a part of our awakening and remembering process here.

Magic is a/our natural and REMEMBERED STATE…. is an energy and a frequency that we function from, it’s how we live our lives…. it’s fun, exuberant, vibrant, full of life, mystical and available when we are open and living this way…. from deep deep deep within.

Magic is a part of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY……. it’s where we become the magician and alchemist here. It’s where we create, inspire and “do the magical things”…. on a Quantum Heart Consciousness Level…..

Magic is where the higher dimensional realms open up, it’s full of and comes from all of our GIFTS…. and activates infinite abundance.

Magic occurs when OUR VIBRATION IS HIGH and when we’ve cleared out/shifted out of those unconscious ego programs of our own separation we held within. Magic occurs when WE LET GO and get out of the way and UNIFY through openness, love, purity and “no more resistance”, protection and ego-based programmed/conditioned fears…..

Magic is in/through our every sacred breath, as we play, as we breathe and we inJOY through our innocence and purity here….

Magic is a multi-dimensional convergence here….. where we experience LIGHT in our own reality…. over the density of before….

Magic is through the Gift that WE ARE and sharing this with all….. Magic is SEEING the GIFT in ALL and not going unconscious to “forget” anymore…..

Magic is a part of our NEW EARTH QUANTUM EXISTENCE here…. magic is a part of our “super human” gifts, abilities that we bring forth from all of our existences here….

Magic is free and light and a SURPRISE…. MAGIC is through our own REMEMBERED CONNECTION…. and it’s simple, it’s not complicated like it was with our human ego aspect mind……

Magic is a PRESENCE….. ours. It’s natural, organic, Light and Free and open and sharing and kind…. it’s considerate, respectful, curious and ready to explore and awaken through “new”, which is just our REMEMBERED STATE when we are truly ready with our whole BEing here…..

Magic is available to each one of us…. as we are ready…. and it “appears”, just like “magic” in our everything….. in our lives, our experiences, in our feelings, in others, in things…. because all is the ENERGY OF MAGIC…. and this…. this was always available and laying dormant…. deep deep within each one of us to find, locate, access, activate and bring forth from within us and transmit out into our external dimensions to experience fully….. here…. now…. always…. again. ♥

Magic is just one small part of our RETURNING to Full Consciousness again/here. ♦

Magic occurs as we maintain purity, Harmonic and Divine Alignment and flow, and are in-tune in every way. ♫

Embrace your magic, the magic, all magic, the magic of all fully…. bring it forth from within you …. and yes, it will “appear” in your physical as you do! ♥

I love you! Have a most magical and amazing everything….. as a part of your own NEW Earth Experience here too. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all. 

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