The Council: Three More Questions

council of light eraoflightdotcomToday we will address three more questions. Two of them require rather short answers and one will need more explanation. Please do not construe this to mean that any question is less important. When considering the relative importance of any topic, we choose based on the wider need of the readership at the time.

If we should choose to speak to a topic that you already have deep understanding of, please read it anyway. At the very least, your understanding will be confirmed and ‘cemented’. But usually, the fact of your further consideration itself will yield greater insights.

“It seems I see some people going thru some very hard trials thru the ascension process, and some seem not to. Does this mean the worse suffering more has more to learn and are less enlightened?”

There is not one person on your planet that has no trials. You value the accrual of things. Therefore he who has the most things must have no problems. We promise you this is not so. You look for things outside the self upon which to attach blame for a condition. Therefore it must be due to what he or she has done. Or perhaps it is because he or she is more or less worthy. We tell you that the struggling one in the tattered clothes, the one sleeping on the street, may simply have agreed to teach the biggest lessons. There are those among you who may see these reasons. Most of you do not. So let us suggest a different approach.

Please learn that everyone you see is a divine aspect of the All That Is. Each is on a journey that you perhaps do not see the trajectory of. Not one is worth more nor less than another. God lives in the breast of every one. Yours is only to learn to serve and to love.

Your struggles, truly, are the struggles to come to grips with the fact that this includes yourselves. When you see this divinity in yourselves, you will see it in everyone. Bless you for this opportunity to explain these things.

“Why does the lightworkers lose touch with their earth family? Why are lightworkers poor? Why do lightworkers feel so lonely?”

Lightworkers are people who are in relationships. Being a lightworker, as you term it, does not grant one special preferred status and privilege. And once again, the presumption is that one understands what the other is going through. Rarely is that the case.

If you see a family driving a vehicle with all of their possessions in and piled atop it, you assume they have hit upon hard times. But the fact may be that they are overjoyed at the chance to finally move to the seashore. It is true that some may lift into a ‘higher vibration’ and others may not feel comfortable around them. It is also true that perhaps they have agreed to show the way to those others who may never see it without the example. Now we will address the feeling of loneliness.

Many have always preferred to spend great amounts of time away from others. They are not lonely even though they are alone. Why is that? It is because they are quite comfortable spending time with their inner selves. If one learns the true value of self, one finds that one is never really alone. May you find the peace this can bring.

“Greetings Friends With the assumption that The Event is already ‘underway’, and that its ‘physical’ culmination shall be evident to all when it is at its most beneficial and benevolent ripeness of space-time to ‘happen’, can you please comment on the following: It appears overwhelmingly obvious to us ‘boots on the ground’ that there has been a clear and unmistakable ‘polarization’ of humanity into two widely disparate groups of humans who no longer socialize with one another (voluntarily at least), and most of whom no longer even communicate with each other at all (apart from their most basic necessity to do so in order to carry out their required daily ‘business’). There no longer appears to be any ‘middle ground’, nor ‘grey area’ between these two populations. So, pray tell, what is the justification — from your Higher and Wider Perspective — on WHY these two groups of incarnated Souls are not simply allowed to take their separate Paths in this particular Now, when it seems so…improbable that they could somehow be merged again into a Unified Whole, a single harmonious Collective? Is it not logical that the intense amount of suffering and turmoil going on right now would appear to be GREATLY alleviated by each group’s divine free will to be honored, allowing them to move to the type of worlds that they are passionately longing to experience? And to do so without the constant ‘resistance’ and ‘blowback’ from the polar opposite group of equally passionate people attempting to coerce them into THEIR preferred reality? Your clarification on this cosmically important matter would be deeply appreciated <3”

First, may we say that “these two groups of incarnated Souls” are allowed to take any path they may choose at any time, as are each of you. God never intrudes upon the free will of God. Why would she/he?

The problem for you lies in your limited perception, as you know. That is what has prompted your question.

It will be of help for you to see humanity as a oneness and not as groups or individuals. When there are seemingly unresolvable questions, always move up a level and look down. That is what your scientists are learning.

Humanity has decided that it has had enough of the ‘game’ she has played with herself for the last several thousand years. “Let’s move on from this.” she has said and agreed to. But first there needs to be a recognition of what has been buried deeply into the subconscious. “This is what and who I am. I forgive me. And I will heal now.” So, think of Earth societies as your therapists couches.

On the one hand, you have a group, a facet of the whole, that has said, “Someone must show us what we have repressed. It won’t ne fun, but we’ll do it.” On the other hand, there is a group who must be the witness, and hopefully, the forgiver. If you are not one of the former, then perhaps you would want to be of the latter. Neither option will be easy, do you see? Why?

‘Why’ is that you have progressed to a point from which some things are far below where you now choose to be. But you have also been conditioned to think that some things are unforgiveable. At this point, it is necessary for you to see that every living thing, every person, is as divine as any other. They may have done things that you have determined should never be done again, but the act is NOT the person. If you had done those things, and there is a high probability that at some time and place you have, would you not want to be forgiven? That is the lesson that the earth human has now chosen to learn. And the forgiving of one leads to the forgiving of all, including self.

There are, you know, places and times in which beings are far from being as evolved as you are. And, of course, there are places and times where these lessons, these states of consciousness, are very ancient history.

So, the shorter answer to your question is that you may wish to see things around you in a different light. The turmoil and suffering are actually the falling apart and re-structuring that is occurring in this time of truly amazing evolution.

How will you choose to contribute?

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