12D Harmonic Re-Alignment Processes Accelerate: Pay Attention (Observe)

waves of light eraoflightdotcomTake care in the storylines you are playing out…. these show you your mentality and the programs you are carrying out, subscribing too and still holding programming for within you. Clear your body’s density of the separation… by observing when you shift out of PURE LOVE and back into an old anything…..

This is a massive clearing time for anything not 12D…. old realities not aligned, bring them into full vibrational alignment yourself.

Old Soul Contracts… all that no longer serves your highest everything/purposes…. clear them/close them out yourself.

Soul Agreements replace Soul Contracts…. I’ll write on this soon.

Observe everything that is of the old…. when you are functioning from your highest states of Consciousness/aspects of YOU, you won’t continue to participate in, support, feed your energy into “that” or play in the fear based programming that YOUR CELLS HOLD….. you will see all for what it is….. and you will CHOOSE to open your heart wide open and shift all BACK INTO LOVE and PURITY yourself…..

Your REALitiy…. your perceptions, how you view/see all. Tune to a much higher frequency bandwidth and you’ll see things from many other perspectives, not just the one your human ego sees…. as there are a gazillion timelines/realities available… you get to CHOOSE the one you anchor/hold/transmit/experience here…..

Your REALities are vibrational….. ENERGETIC RESPONSES…. in physical form or not… they are the same on a Quantum Level…..

Pay attention to the words you speak/think and the energy of all. This affects, creates and “activates” your own realities to play out for you…. if not in this vibrational now… another vibrational now, a vibrational return ….

I’m working on a Light Encoded Activation and Clearing to assist with collective shifts out of the old as well…. A new one will also be released via Soul Shine with Lauren Galey in a couple of weeks for the special annual Solstice Event, the other I will make available via various announcements for all who follow my work/newsletters/website/FB pages…. All are Light Encoded, so they work on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level…. and go straight for programming… to assist each with CONSCIOUS SHIFTING/CLEARING yourself……

NEW EARTH ….. is subtle at first, experienced in silence and deep inner-connection from a total heart expanded space… where your mind is open and you are totally present within you and observing as your highest selves/your higher self you…. and REMEMBERING what you forgot when you incarnated/walked in here……

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing this… or what you knew before. This is different… this goes beyond your human comprehension. This is a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE and a Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience…. NOW. FOR ALL…..

I love you. Choose your own reality and check your ego at the door (gates of Heaven, literally)…. Judgment ….. all the “stuff”, it’s gotta go. You can’t bring it with you… to cross over to “the other side”…… your heart/Soul/Body must be pure….. in every way….. otherwise it’s inner-mittent… you won’t be able to sustain, because your physical body is too dense and will anchor you in 3D/4D until you clear all of that programming of your Old Earth Matrix from your body, which is the whole thing….. ☼

As we continue to complete and bring this Collective 12D Template online with Gaia/our bodies….. everything shifts. It’s supposed to….. it has to…. all pre-determined prior to incarnation/walking in/teleporting in…. you/we are just playing your part of transitioning and holding/creating/building and BEing our new everything here. ♥

I love you! Happy magical everything! Keep embracing the MAGIC and releasing/recognizing/clearing all that’s not…. only you can.

♥ Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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