Heavenletters: Look into My Mirror

heavenletters eraoflightdotcom.jpgGod said:

Beloved, how might life look differently to you when you see Me as top coach in your book – not as a possibility but as an absolute reality? What if you saw Me tossing basketballs into the net of your life, not now and then, but every second of the day?

What if you could see Me playing out in your life fervently, as if you can see Me meaning everything to you as I run interference for you, doing everything for you? How might you find yourself feeling more eager about life? You wouldn’t have to put the wind into your sails.

When you can feel that I am YOUR basketball player, wouldn’t you be relieved? Might then your life be more of a bird in hand?

Would you not have more of a spring in your step?

When you would think or say: “MY God!” how enlivened you would feel! Might you not bet more on yourself? Wouldn’t you be more self-empowering and running a mile-a-minute with infinite energy? WOW, you would be jumping for joy! You would know the God You are made of.

Why aren’t you solidly aware of Who You are right now? I cannot believe you would be dragging your feet. Have you ever heard of an angel dragging his feet and leaving his heart in left field? You would be more like the Little Engine Who Could. You would have all the steam in the world.

How could you not?

You are as you think.

I ask you to absorb My view of life. Wait not a moment longer to be Who I say you are. See as I see. I see you as the spitting image of Myself. You, too, would see miracles before your very eyes. You would be the gold standard. You would have no doubt.

See your posture now. Boy, would you be standing straight and tall. You would be a whiz-bang. You would be a horse at the gate ready to run a race with great enthusiasm.
You would not have to urge yourself on. You would, of your very nature, be chomping at the bit.

It seems to Me that you may see yourself as draggy-down. What’s the good of your being low energy and heavy-laden? Be as light as air. Be the subject of your life and not the object. Be substantive. Be alive. To be alive is why you are here. Reach the stars.

Grow the muscles to leap tall buildings. Be High-Spirited. Build your life of huge building blocks. You yourself are to be your inspiration. Be it.


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