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the independent media source eraoflightdotcomAbuse of a mandate received under false pretences.

Every 4 years political parties promise golden mountains that are never kept because they have to exchange to get a coalition.

What remains is political self-interest that is at odds with the interests of the people.

The mandate that has been obtained is reversed, without the consent of the voters.

The interests of Bankers, Multinationals, and foreign interests, weigh more heavily for the political scammers as the interests of their own population.

Politics has made it a perverse sport, how far can they go in plundering their own population. These vipers live outside society in their own dream world, MAKE YOUR WAKKER BY CARE.

Without our consent, the Dutchman has been robbed of his inlaid pension funds thanks to PVDA Communist Jetta Klijnsma an amount of €1,400,000,000,000 in management of an unelected EU transferred.

If we are to believe politics we are EU citizens instead of sovereign people of sovereign states, and must accept their communist superstrate.

The European population is repressed at its own expense to protect the Politically Parasite from the emerging popular anger.

It is time then for the Police and the Army, what is left of it to join the population in chasing this politics away.

This will not be easy as some police officers are so brainwashed that they think they have a privileged position, and think that the monopoly on violence is a merit for their function rather than service to society.

It is the whole population that makes up society, and not just a few thousand corrupt politicians and civil servants.

The Migration Pact of Marrakech is not legally valid, since it was not drawn up in consultation with the population, politics has deliberately excluded its own population from it.

What cares us to do the same with politics, stop paying any kind of tax, put all rural traffic to one side, if migration is a human right for only Muslims, is our right for the politics that committed the betrayal to try for land and people’s betrayal.

PVDA Communist Frans Timmermans demands from countries that do not accept migrants an amount of € 250.000 per not admitted migrant, he really believes in his own delusions that the corrupt EU will exist for a long time to come.

All over the world people are coming up to speak out against the new forced world government their disgust and betray the betrayal by their well-paid politicians.

The NWO will not come about as a world communist government of destruction, countries are forced to go along in the transition to a new system.

Wars to keep the debt money system alive will stop or have already stopped, by forcing world peace the world population can recover from all crimes committed against them.

Before the end of this year, the revaluation of all world currencies will take place, from then on central banks will have been completely side-lined, and their political personnel cannot stop this.

All corrupt globalists, Satanists, paedophiles, CEO of multinationals and or their owners will have to answer for their crime against humanity.

Anyone who works against is excluded from the new money system, as are the entire EC, EU, EP crooks who, as unelected professional gangsters, wanted to hold the European population hostage with their communist dictatorship.

If the Revaluation of Global Currency has been, GESARA will be proclaimed, so that all constitutions around the world will be reinstated, in a universal law.

The government will be deprived of all financial resources, so that the overpriced popular theatre of its own will stop.

All over the world multinationals will be expropriated, all treaties that are incompatible with human rights will expire, money and value will go back to the world population.

All migrants can return to their own country of origin, and receive a basic income there, Europe will not become an Islamic state.

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