Yes, Those Were Indictments Served At Bush Funeral

the independent media source eraoflightdotcomIn a brilliant political move designed to show the Deep State they have been put on notice, President Trump hands out indictments to guests at George H.W. Bush’s funeral…and it was caught on video for all the world to see. Gitmo has been prepared. The military tribunals will soon begin. And justice will soon be served. The clock is ticking. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

3 Replies to “Yes, Those Were Indictments Served At Bush Funeral”

  1. Marie

    We hope these indictments are true and the people betraying our country will face prosecution to show the World that the RULE OF LAW do exist in USA.

  2. Marie

    This is great. We need the truth and the MSM has betrayed us all with their biased and fake news.