Lyran Council of Light: Walls Dissolved

lyra eraoflight.jpgDear one, we would like to progress with messages for lightworkers – please distribute.

Lightworkers, the time is here, the time has come, the energies have dissolved the walls, blown up the reptilian hangouts, and now we are cleaning up the mess.

This is an “exit” strategy, a clean up strategy that will take 2 years.

In that time, we need swathes and swathes of lightworkers to keep coming online to grid the planet with divine light and love.

You are positioned where you are currently as that’s where you are needed. If you came here with a mission, you will now proceed with that mission.

The time for gentle reminders is over.  We will be blowing up lives to awaken those who made a contract, a promise to the divine to deliver a mission of service, as the time has come and there will be no more gentle coaxing.

This goes for the twin flame community too, and others will speak on this later.

There are now only 2 years left to achieve the sovereignty plan for humans before the wall goes up and those on the outside of it will be excluded for all time in this ascension program.

Do you see now why we hurry!!!

And why you are needed.

It is all about strategy now, and proselytising as in the past will no longer work, and this failed even then – that’s why brute forces took over to drive people into religion – because of fear.

We do not buy into that program.  We therefore require 3 things of lightworkers this moment.

  1. Connect to us to download the technology that’s needed for the next world on earth.  You are needed. Connect to your star families by intending to, by believing, and they will begin their downloads.
  2. Go out in light. No words are needed to “convince” or sell a message, just build your own light through your connection to the divine, and go out and share this light now.
  3. Heal and clear your channels to strengthen the amount of light you can hold to help grid an intense amount of the energies we are sending daily now.  As you open and clear and get stronger, the amount of light you can hold increases dramatically, therefore the amount of light that can be held on Gaia  and interconnected or “fed” into her grid of love and light strengthens dramatically.

So  (in summary)

  • Connect for downloads
  • Heal yourself for intensifying light volumes on earth
  • Go out into the world and just be, don’t proselytize

Yes we understand the energies are intense, don’t pressure yourself.

We need you to step into your gifts, lightworkers, as because we don’t adopt the proselytizing approach, we need to send the message of love and light through other means such as:

  • art,
  • open hearts,
  • unconditional love (not attachment or need – so many of your models of “love” are based on need or co-dependent attachments and these have completely failed to instill joy on earth, which is the purpose of living on the most magnificent planet Gaia.

A failure of joy is a catastrophic failure.

We need to institute new templates of love – for the twin community, in addition to the lightworkers’ requirements previously stated – yes this is in addition to, not in replacement of – we need you all to release all programs of attachment and co-dependency from your hearts.

Only the love and light of source should occupy your hearts and minds.  Always it should be “How can I get closer to source, how can I better hear the call of source in my soul, how can I better hear my soul and her needs” – not this focus on the other person.

Otherwise, you are a drag on the energetic frequency of your twin’s soul, which is trying itself to reach up to grab the source codes and light and bring them down to the earth avatar (the body).

Do you see – because you’re twins, any pressure or drag from you, or pull away from the source connection actively prevents your twin from attaining the source connection.

It is therefore a disservice to source to drag in this way – energy must be allowed to flow NOT attach – and it is therefore also a disservice to the twin relationship and potential union to so drag in this way.

We are the Lyran Council of Light and we will connect again.

Lightworkers, you are loved and blessed. Remember that.


» Source » Channel: Beti Kotevski