The Pleiadians: Clarity

pleiadians eraoflightdotcomIs someone available to connect now?

We are! We are!! We are!!! (Lot’s of smiles and waves showing up) Hello Sophia!

Hello guys! It is great to see you so exuberant! Thank you for coming forward!

We are delighted to be of service!

What can we do for you? How can we help you to adjust?

To adjust?

Perhaps that is not exactly correct. For you are not in need of adjustment and are fine as you are. A better word may be cope, or deal with, these new and powerful energies. For you are certainly in the flood, the onslaught, right now.

It is good to avoid being pulled under by the undertow.

This is a powerful moment, or series of moments, for the human. You are in it now, right now.

It cannot be helped. This, most powerful moment for creation itself is crashing into itself all at once. Each of earth’s many aspects are grinding to a halt so that they can be re-configured.

This moment, in every way, signifies your choice.

What choice?

The choice of the human was to do this alone.

You refused to accept direct interference from outside yourselves.

This commendable and remarkable choice leads now to chaos. Humans are used to chaos and the novel springs from it.

Yet – never in your history has the population been what it is with the level of conflict where it is.

This unprecedented combination has the ultimate effect/result of feeling explosive, or potentially explosive.

It is not. We repeat. It is not going to self-destruct. Parts of your society need to be dissolved. This will appear destructive to those of your kind not paying attention. It is not destructive to your society but will end those components still operating from a standpoint of greed and a desire for power.

We wait and watch you approach what is rather a deep cleansing. Necessary for health and proper growth.

You will not look the same once you emerge from these next three months.

I keep hearing, now, as we speak, “3 months”. Would you tell me what this signifies?

We cannot be precise. We have spoken of this to you before and do not run the control mechanism for events.

You do.

You always have. Not you alone, but the collective you.

I also keep seeing swirling, pulling with it everything – buildings, vegetation, things of society – but not people.

Yes. An accurate portrayal of what occurs for you.

We support your choice and method of cleansing.

Once in your renewed state you will be able to see and sense us more directly.

It is, right now, not difficult for you.

Yes, I’ve noticed. It’s like you are sitting across from me in this booth.

We are pleased you are seeing and feeling the change. We’d like to say this, to all of you hearing this. The telepathy and contact will come easier once you accept it as real. It is.
It is as valid a contact as your current human ones.

Interpretation is not or may not be exact – yet it is perceived generally with intent and belief and acceptance and allowing.

We know that on the other end of this intense time of rapid movement, what emerges is the beginning of the “many-hued man”. This new version of your race is so highly anticipated.

I sense alarm just now.

One of us has reminded us to include a point on focus.

(I suspect here that someone new entered the conversation. Sophia)

We are the Pleiadians. We are here to assist humanity’s evolution.

Humanity is in a bit of turmoil now, due to the energies, and there is confusion. Many sides of life are exposed in the chaos.

Be clear on the outcome you desire and the kind of contact you seek.

Retain your clarity – even in the most unusual of circumstances. This clarity will direct the events that are heading your way.

Contact with us will be like returning home to family for many of you. Not all of you, though, and it is here where internal discernment is the primary predictive tool.

Not only are you creating who you are, you are also remembering (who you are).

We note that some of you have been accessing and sharing fearful scenarios. These are only made manifest with your permission. It is a time of choosing.

My hands are tingling.

It is validation Sophia – It is confirmation. We are very real, tangible even, for you.

Take notice and move in response to the direction you choose – not as a reaction or in fear.

We will leave you with our assurance of all that is good and all that aids your race.

It is our privilege to participate. Goodbye now!
(Many happy, smiling faces waving again)
Thanks! Goodbye!

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