Heavenletters: Human Evolution

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, on October 23rd, 2018, Mike, deeply desirous of Godwriting, publicly wrote to Me, God, on the Heavenletter forum. Interestingly, Mike entitled his question:

Human Evolution:

Dear God, Mike wrote, I wish I could communicate with You directly.


Mike Wagner

I said:

Beloved Mike, you are not the only one seriously desirous to Godwrite who feels this way.

I, God, guarantee that you and everyone who seeks to hear Me, and perhaps a few who are not quite so eager to hear Me, will hear whispers from Me when you let it happen, when you get out of the way, when you don’t decide ahead of time that you must have fantastic Godwriting! Yes, you may even have quite ordinary Godwriting, what do you care?

I guarantee that you will get into the swing of Godwriting. Sit back and allow Godwriting to happen.

You are not the Godwriter, I AM. Godwriting is natural. You do not make it happen. You offer yourself to receive it. The Godwriting that you hear and write down does not have to be a miracle of miracles. What you hear from Me does not have to be world-shaking. It doesn’t have to be spellbinding. You don’t and can’t MAKE Godwriting happen. You can only allow it to happen. This is the thing about Godwriting – it’s EASY. In fact, unless it’s easy and blossoms on its own – it isn’t Godwriting.

Do you think I strain for Words? Nor does Godwriting have to appear in golden light with Heavenly music. Just let what comes come and accept it at that. Let go of the idea that you are to be some kind of super-duper Godwriter. Keep following the trail.

At the moment when Godwriting actually happens in a Godwriting workshop, even then, a few or more aspiring Godwriters are ironically confident that they will NOT catch onto Godwriting, how could they? In their minds, they are no great shakes. But who said you have to be a sensation, anyway? Not I.

You are an ascending Godwriter who wants the sun to shine from your fingertips. All you have to be is an innocent humble human being who wants to be closer to God, is this you?

There is a point in the safe environment of a Godwriting workshop, after you first write down My Words without paying too much attention to them, when you read back out loud the humble words you receive in a small group, even then, what you write down may still may not seem “good enough” to you.

When new Godwriters listen to what they read aloud and begin to “feel it”, as Hollywood might say, they feel “something” from hearing themselves read the written words out loud.

The thing is that nothing momentous has to happen. It’s fine if it doesn’t. Godwriting isn’t hard work. It sure isn’t something you concentrate on. You don’t strive.

What can also happen as you read out loud the words you hear or sort of hear, you may well find your heart touched by these words you hear yourself read out loud. Taken unawares, you too may find yourself crying a little or a lot, not that you have to. What has happened?

You begin to feel the power of what comes from your hand. It isn’t your own writing – except as you are One with Me, that is. Simple words come to you from Me. There is no way in particular that Godwriting has to look like or sound like or anything at all. The Godwriting that you receive may not be what you thought you would hear.

Everyone’s Godwriting has a style of its own. And each Godwriter may have something of a style or filter of his own.

Ahead of time, no one writing on My Behalf has a ballpark idea of what a specific Heavenletter is about until it has written itself down. You aren’t following a scenario.

In a good way, you are the last to know. It’s great not knowing! You simply want to receive whatever I happen to want to give you. There is no cut and dried formula. Be open to come-what-may. Be open to all glad tidings, Beloved.

To be continued……


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff