The Council: Concerns About Ascension

council of light eraoflightdotcomAs our channel reads your questions to us, we see many concerns about ascension that you still have. We will attempt to answer them in this post. First we will give some rather short answers and then we will explain the process in ways that may help you to understand what is already happening.

Will I leave my family, pets, etc. behind?

The Creator, Source, All That Is has no reason or interest in making you suffer loss of any kind. You may have what you will allow. You will not go anywhere or leave anyplace that you do not desire to go to or leave. There may a great many things that you insist on having that impede your progress, but your understanding and consequent decisions about those will be yours alone.

Why do I feel frightened about these changes?

There may be several reasons for this. Most common is the universal trepidation surrounding things that are unknown to you. But when you think about it, all future events are unknown to you and always have been, at least until you begin to realize that you are the co-creator of them. When that begins to truly dawn upon you, and you see that all of your future will contain, does contain, the effects of the causes that you are making, your fear will disappear. Basically, your fears sprout from an ingrained feeling of your lack of control, your divorce from your understanding of your own power.

A comprehensive attempt at explanation

This may be as good a time as any to switch to a more overall explanation of what is happening.

We have been at pains to bring to your attention many times the idea that these changes that you are going through – and you are going through them – are simply the expansion of your own consciousness. And they will bring with them the ability to perceive and comprehend far more than most on your planet have in the past.

That does not mean that you will do so. It means that you may do so. You have the ability to slide down mountain sides at great speed and jump high in the air. Most of you choose not to do so. Most of you are quite oblivious to most of the abilities that you have always had. Some of that is by choice, some is due to fear, and some is actually due to your being taught that you were not able or that it was dangerous and unwise.

Many are beginning to catch glimpses of sights, sounds, feelings, etc. that are completely new to their experience. Their consciousness is expanding. You may say they are ascending. You may say they are learning to know more of what they have always been. Nothing and no one is making anyone do or become anything. You are being enabled to do and be what you will allow if you desire it.

You will not be dragged kicking and screaming into a new world. You are being enabled, we repeat, to rise in consciousness. As for those around you, you are a part of their energy fields, and as your field rises, every field around you is, in effect, given permission to rise, as well.


Now, there is also a lot of talk about baggage. “Leave your baggage behind.” it is said. And this alone is an immense topic, but we will say that all of those fears and misgivings that we spoke about earlier are baggage. Fear does not exist in those higher fields of vibration. So if one persists in visiting those fears, one will not, by definition, reach a higher vibration in which one will leave anything behind. It would be like clinging to an anchor chain. You may do so if you wish.

The simple misunderstanding

All of these questions would not exist at all if one simple thing were remembered. Separation of one thing from another, of one consciousness from another, is not real. It is something that can be chosen as an experience, and it has been. It has been thoroughly explored. And now you, humanity, have chosen to stop exploring this idea. Your ‘reality’ of separation is not reality. Reality is shared unity. You have much to relearn about yourselves.

You have a future of unsurpassed joy to look forward to. Your greater selves are beginning to live more and more as the parts of themselves that you are. And you, therefore, will become more and more able to experience yourselves in the ways that those greater selves do. This is happening now. And there is nothing in it that you should fear. There is not one particle of your world that will not be raised in its ability to experience.

Every human will be able to rise. Some may choose not to at this time. And that too is allowed.

Please accept our sincere and loving wishes for your joy filled new year.

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