Master Christ: Vibrant Christ Cosciousness

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am MASTER CHRIST, and Christ Consciousness is the cause of this message.

Beloved humans, Rejoice – the day of truth is coming. Rejoice – the hours of perfection are approaching.

Rejoice – what has been awaited for so long is coming true: mankind awakens and finds back to its roots.

Now we are walking the path together and keeping each other straight. We support and strengthen each other. We recognize the light in our neighbor and the light at the end of the tunnel. Our arrival is expected, and we are close to arriving.

Now we need to put on proper shoes and a coat of light.

Now, in the final phase of transformation, all light warriors are called upon to let their inner light emanate so that they can be perceived by other people; by those who are looking for guidance.

Because nothing is harder than recognizing what’s right and truthful in a world that is backwards.

Many people are looking for something to hold on to, for inner guidance and a way out of the dilemma this earth and they themselves are in. And these people need to be met with vibrant Christ Consciousness now.

You need to gently turn your inside out so that as many people as possible and necessary for this transformation can experience this.

Acting gently and courageously

You now need to act gently and kind, yet courageously and determined, and face the dark energy fields and their many discharges appropriately.

Today many of you have reached the point where they are no longer influenced by this hustle. You can neither be tempted nor scared by the princes of darkness.

This is a sign that you have realized a certain extent of Christ Consciousness, which allows you to act this way.

Anyone who has realized Christ Consciousness, who can see behind the cosmic drama, and whose consciousness is imbued with love.

The more conscious a person is and the more capable of loving, the stronger Christ Consciousness is anchored in his soul and heart.

Now it is true that some of you have reached a spiritual state in which they need to put their cards on the table and show their colors. To whom does this refer? I tell you: the ones concerned know.

Now this leads to the following situation:

While the incredible discharges on the upper earth continue, more and more people obtain awareness of the deeper significance of these events. This leads to the disappearance of fears for the future or the apocalypse, and the influence of destructive energies decreases significantly.

Before the new can be born, the old must die or be mastered.

More and more people become aware of this necessity and remain calm by not allowing to get pulled into dramas that others have created.

But what happens then? Is there an afterlife, and was there life before?

At exactly this point the warriors of light and the beings of light, which have been referred to, intervene.

Spread the good news

● Spread the good news that all life is one and we all return to our origin.

● Spread the good news that there is no death and that the human body is the soul’s residence, the temporary home for a limitless spirit.

● Spread the good news that God is light and love, and that darkness and hatred will always be overcome in the end.

● Spread the good news that today, like in all times, warriors and carriers of light, masters and enlightened beings walk among human beings, so that everyone can seize the opportunity for ascension.

● Spread the good news that the power of love far exceeds all human imagination and always triumphs, on all levels of creation.

Humanity never lastingly remains a prisoner of darkness. Nobody is ever completely lost, because God’s grace is endless and eternal.

With these words I guide you into the light until you are completely imbued with Christ Consciousness.

I encourage you to stand up so that everybody can see your light.

I encourage you to fully resort to God’s care so that miracles can happen.

I encourage you to perfect Christ Consciousness in you, so that you can see what is and become who you are.

I am with you



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl