Heavenletters: The Flutter of a Heartbeat

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, if I were to give you a one-word Heavenletter to write, the one word might well be Love, a one-syllable word that you would follow if only it were so easy for you to.

You would love to if only love were a decision you could shine. Sometimes not, as it happens, there are some stumbling blocks. Of all things for you to be flat unable to warm up to when your heart used to fall in love all over the place. You almost can’t remember any longer what it was like to have a heart that would leap forward at the drop of a hat or a flame of a twinkle in someone’s eye.

Forgive Me. Apparently, you are obtuse. You just can’t quite get your heart around love. You have some disinclination to love. You can’t quite find the words. Somehow your heart can’t quite leap to love. Love has fallen into disuse somehow. You can’t quite muster love. Apparently, you just don’t know how to be able to put love to good use. How can this be that your heart has sunk? You know for sure that love is a natural thing. To love by right is to be an easy well-apportioned gift from Me, your God. How did love come to be a stranger as if even you and a little flame had never met online? You don’t claim any longer a child who might want your love. You have been sleeping at the wheel.

You apologize to Me for not being made of one drop of true love these days. Somehow you have been dissuaded from love, as if true love had been pried away from you. Once upon a time, you used to be love born of truth. Almost loving isn’t good enough any longer. Love cannot be rigid. Soppy love doesn’t cut muster either. When, where, did your love fly off to? When did it happen that you started flying under less than your true colors? When did you swap truth for falsehood? You had thought you were a high flier. How radiant you once had been. How could you have fallen under the height of love just like that?

Once upon a time, you were light of heart. Beloved, what excuse do you have to give for having forgotten what a flutter of a heartbeat feels like again? What good is life without even a quaver of love? You can only wonder now how love in your heart could make a comeback. Could you even dream your heart into resurrecting itself once again?

Beloved, you ask Me where did love go?

The truth is that love could walk in any moment just like that. Allow Me to pick up your love just like that. Love Me. Give Me a glance of your true love. Whip up love for Me once again. Rest your head on My shoulder. Open the blinds and let the sun in. There is something about love. There is nothing like it. Perhaps you have now gone beyond romantic love. Make love a bird song. Make love a wiggling puppy. Write a song. Allow a sparkle in another’s heart. No, no, I don’t speak of being kind. Recapture adventurousness. Quicken your step for the fun of it. Rejoin life. Let go of thinking so much about the gradations of how life used to reach you.

Awaken your life now. Skip-to-my-lou. Cook a meal. Invite someone over. Quicken your step. Quicken someone else’s heart. Be a delight to My heart. Show Me a good time. Tell Me a story. Tell Me more. You are never unloved. That can only be an old wives tale. There is strong love standing right in front you this minute.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff