Heavenletters: There is Nothing too Good to be True

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, you are the Oneness from which all Blessings from God flow. It is God We thank from the bottom of Our Hearts from which all the blessings that flow. It is from God that all blessings flow faster than the speed of light. God always existed. God speaks every language. God even speaks in the language of Silence. God speaks. God communes. God has always had a closeness on each Soul for the betterment of all. Well, what did you think? God still communicates as One in all the nether regions.

All the Greatness in the world God sends forth. He is sending it forth now. His messages come through great people and also through everyday people who may not yet know the greatness they give forth. Greatness also comes through the media – perhaps despite itself. The fact is that all blessings flow.

You remember the expression that goes something like this: Welcome Whoever knocks at the door? It can be Christ who knocks at the door. It is inevitably God at the door. Even a beggar at the door is God. Of course, God is a Giver and no beggar at all, unless beggar by some chance means One Who drops off alms forever more.

And everyone who answers the door is also God, and so the world goes around. This is the world you live in. The Seeker seeks Himself. This is the straight goods. The Speaker is God speaking to Himself. The Soul Who speaks also answers, truth be known. You may believe in lack, yet nothing is missing so help you God.

Everyone who speaks speaks to Himself. The only thing that truly exists is Greatness. The deaf and mute can hear and speak. Whoever you are, you lack nothing. You are Greatness on high. You are the Oneness of the Universe. There is no more to say than that you are the Lilies of the Field. Oneness Is. All you aspire is already in hand. All goodness is assured. When you feel unhappy, you are as if cross-eyed. You certainly don’t see a-right as yet. You are mistaken, for you are Holy Truth.

Own up to the Truth of your Self. What a beautiful Truth you are. One with Me. I say you are on the tip of My tongue. Hello, Greatness of God. We are One, even as all the world is illusion, for, in truth, We – I – in Truth, We are the One White Round Moon we love in the sky. I bow down to Myself. You bow down to Me. We are One. Believe. There is no difference. God is One, and God is All, and All are blessed. Oneness is. I declare Oneness, and so you are declared as Oneness safe and sound, greater than you ever dreamed of. Glory exists. You are the Glory of God, yes, You. Holy is Oneness. Loveness loves. We are love complete. Hail to love. We frequent love. Our Name is love. Who are You? Why, love of course, love forever loved and loving. Don’t be fooled. Thy Name is Love, and One Love are We pure and simple. Keep Our Identity straight. One Love isn’t star-crossed.

To My Own Name, be true. There is naught but One, and so are you the same One as I AM.

Take My hand. Our hearts are entwined and, this is the whole story of Oneness. Naught but love is. One Honest-to-Goodness Truth. One Heart isn’t One in a Million. One Heart alone is. We are bonded in love. What else can love be made of but of Oneness, once and for all?


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff