New Moon in Pisces: Believe In What You Can’t See

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomThe March 6th New Moon (15 deg Pisces) conjoins Neptune and Vesta, giving these new beginnings an air of sacred devotion.

Vesta is about purity and absolute focus, and when she conjoins Neptune that focus is trained on something ephemeral, spiritual or transcendent. But since this is a New Moon we know things have only just begun, so the dream is still developing.

This Moon makes a sextile Saturn in Capricorn which can ground things, giving them form. It also activates the Saturn/Neptune sextile from January 31st:

“Saturn and Neptune make…three sextiles this year. Form (Saturn) harmonizes with what dissolves (Neptune) form for subtle but effective energy… you can make certain dreams real.

But Saturn and Neptune together also imply some kind of sacrifice. Specifically, Saturn’s reality puts limits on Neptune’s dreams. Even though the sextile is a harmonious aspect, there will still be a small sacrifice…

…if you tap into it with soft control, you can create something new (based on a pre-existing structure).

  • June 18th: Saturn Rx sextile Neptune (18 deg)
  • November 8th: Saturn sextile Neptune Rx (16 deg)”

The dates of the three sextiles are key for developments of this New Moon’s potential, because at the moment it is only potential. Saturn indicates there’s work/sacrifice needed, and Mercury in Pisces will station Rx the day before so information will be in flux. What’s beginning now will progress along a winding route that you won’t be able to map out from where you’re standing. Use Vesta’s focus to remind you of the ultimate, higher purpose and use Saturn’s discipline to make it happen. But accept that you will not be able to control how things manifest.

Also on this day we see Uranus returning to Taurus. Uranus first entered this sign on on May 15th, 2018 (and then backed out of Taurus on November 6th due to its Rx). So this New Moon will also be connected to events from May 15th, specifically an initial disruption to and upgrade of your resources, habits and security base. See this post for a detailed write up.

Events from May will be reactivated, and since Uranus will now be in Taurus until its final exit on April 25th, 2026, this tells us the New Moon’s beginnings will involve a permanent change to the Taurus area of your chart. Uranus adds to the sense that things will not be under your control- initially, it will be very difficult to make concrete plans and you’ll have to go with whatever’s happening.

Vesta/Neptune in Pisces is about an exalted belief that drives devotion – faith in what you can’t yet see. Remind yourself of this if things get blurry over the coming months. You may question (Mercury Rx) if what’s starting is real. Rest assured that it is (although the final form may be different from what you’re imagining).  Saturn says it’s real. Uranus into Taurus says that not only is it real, it’s one of the more important things that’s ever come your way.


Wondering how Uranus’ transit of Taurus might impact you? I’ve written an eBook about it, based on your house positions (you need to know your birth time so you can figure out which description in the book applies to you).


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