Mass Awakening in the Face of New Threats and Plots by the Controlling Elite

freedom is truth seek yours eraoflightdotcomMy name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist from Haifa, Israel. My book “Mass Awakening” is an expose of the major positive shift of the awakening of humanity globally and showing that the current situation is a case of “darkest before dawn”. This book tells the story of my personal awakening, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. I could’ve gone into denial, but Mass Awakening is my way of “fighting back” by documenting humanity awakening to these generational abusers.

A few years ago, I discovered to my amazement the existence of a wide-ranging program aimed at the depopulation of humanity, which included “spraying us like roaches.”1 with chemtrails that have become pervasive in many countries. I searched for relevant information in Israel and couldn’t find any commentary. So I wrote an article for Shaul Cohen’s Israeli Patrioti, an alternative news site, entitled: “The Connection between Chemtrails and Agenda 21.” This is a plan devised by the UN and signed by 178 countries at the Rio, Brazil Earth Summit in 1992. It promotes world “depopulation” by employing many means, among them Chemtrails (although this term is not mentioned in this plan)—the spraying of heavy metals, pathogens, and viruses carried out by unmarked military aircrafts and passenger airplanes (normal contrails from airplanes dissipate very quickly but not these).

I found so much proof for this phenomenon, including an extensive list of patents (for “Geoengineering,” the euphemism of Chemtrails) created by many companies, along with confirming testimonies from workers involved in these industries, as well as those employed in intelligence agencies, like whistleblower Ted Gunderson, an FBI agent who was assassinated. You can check out the excellent Italian documentary entitled “Chemtrails the Secret War” or “What in the World Are They Spraying?” The Guardian newspaper even published a map of “Geoengineering Projects” around the world.

When I started this independent investigation, I had no idea that there were so many strategies employed for this “final solution” or the genocide of humanity. The multiple “weapons” include geoengineering (chemtrails are only one ploy), fluoridation of water supplies, vaccinations, GMOs, and other more subtle means aimed at making us stressed out and to keep us distracted by our fears and anxieties like with a broken financial system. The mainstream media is another tool used to mind-control the masses.

However, despite the grim reality that I discovered in my research, I also found that a positive shift is taking place at the same time. The “bad guys” are finally being revealed to the larger public after being protected for decades, and even centuries. We live in historical times, and it’s a case of “the darkest hour before the dawn.” We need to bear this in mind and why my book focuses on this aspect too. We’re heading into a massive positive transformation worldwide, but it would seem to the vast majority of humanity— which don’t know about the war raging behind the scenes—that their world is crumbling because the old and evil social/political structure is falling apart. People are instinctively afraid of change, and especially when they have no idea about the outcome. Not only are there going to be drastic changes in all areas of our lives, but also extremely hard-to-take revelations in the coming “full disclosure.”

We’re fast approaching a total science-fiction reality, or as Corey Goode (a whistleblower who worked twenty years in the secret space program) termed it: a “Star-Trek society.” There are technologies already used in secret space programs (such as replicators to produce food like in the Star Trek TV series) or in DUMBS—deep underground military bases—time travel machines, clean energy, advanced medical technology, whose full disclosure will shock us and soon transform our world. This is why it is so important that we become aware of these topics now to prepare us for future shock.

It will be a global revolution and paradigm shift of information and technology, which is why I’m sharing a wide-range of information in my book about our food, science, financial system, geo-politics, education, and even about our history. We have been kept in the dark in the modern Dark Ages. I mean, team dark, or the Cabal as David Wilcock’s calls them, even created social media as a surveillance tool and to have greater control over us, but we turned the tables on them and now we use it to awaken more people. I saw a wonderful posting on the Internet that reflects this idea beautifully:

“The government created Facebook, and the social media in general, to monitor our lives and locations… But we changed the game and used it to wake up humanity. Checkmate.”

The following video Are We Already In The 2nd American Revolution?

is a great example how social media (including YouTube) “gets more people’s mind cleared” as it says at the beginning of this video:

Free energy technology cannot be suppressed anymore, like Nicola Tesla’s inventions0 that threaten the moneyed elite by making electricity much more affordable.

Others signs of this awakening is the secret military tribunals being established for the purpose of prosecuting the Elite offenders (for committing crimes against humanity), who cannot be prosecuted right now under the current legal system (the top echelon is above the law under the current legal system. Santos Bonacci exposes the Cabal’s ruled legal system beautifully). These tribunals are: the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (, Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (or ITCCS) (, established by Kevin Annett. Their purpose is “to lawfully prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.” (I systematically explore all the information brought forth in this overview in more detail with documented proof in my book.)

It’s a spiritual war being waged against us and the human spirit will win.


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