Ashtar: A Great Wave of Energy

ashtar eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar,

To be with you once again in these continuing times, in these moments.  These moments that are yet to separate those who are ready and those who are not.  Now that is not to say that many across the planet will pass away in the death process: we would never say that.

But that is to say that because of the energies coming into the planet, those who have already come in, and those who are still yet to immerse onto this planet, those waves of energy that have been spoken of that are still yet to come.  And coming, they are.  You are going to experience a great wave of energy in the very near future.  Yes, in your month that you are in now.  It is coming.

Is it going to separate the wheat from the chaff?  Not as you understand it.  But it is going to bring about a separation.  A separation of vibration.  For those who vibrate at the higher levels, and those who vibrate at the lower levels, there will be a separation.  Not that they will leave the planet.  It is not time yet for that.

But it is time for reckoning within yourselves, each and every one on the planet, a reckoning.  A reach deep down within yourselves and finding that reverberation within yourselves that connects you to not only this planet, to the earth, to Gaia, but to all of the planets of the solar system, to the sun, to all of the central suns of the galaxies, and to the central sun of the universe–the connection to Source, itself, of this universe.

This is what is happening with these waves of energy, and this one major wave that is coming, that will affect a great many, not as THE changeover or THE event that has been spoken of, not yet.  But as a major shift in energy that will reverberate across the entire galaxy as Melchizedek spoke to you about.  A reverberation connecting all of you, all of you, the Wayshowers, connecting you all together as one again.  And you are one, my friends.  You are one with each other, you are one with us, in our ships, in our fleets.  You are one with the Agarthans, and one with all of the Company of Heaven, and all of the cosmic beings yet unknown to you.  But you will come to know them, for they certainly know of you, each and every one of you.

So it is time now to reach deep within yourselves and find that reverberation within you that connects you to the ALL, because the ALL is connected to you.

I am Ashtar.  I always appreciate these times that I can be with you and share in these manners in this way, to continue to assist and help you along the way of this transition, this transition that is preparing each and every one of you for the great ascension on this planet.

All of my peace and love be with all of you, for now and forever more.


» Source » Channel: James McConnell


5 Replies to “Ashtar: A Great Wave of Energy”

  1. Karen

    Yes!! This is it!! The very movement I have been waiting for, for 25 years since I once visited that world of love that filled my entire being where no negative emotion or thing existed within me. I remembered who I was, why I was, and realized how deeply I wanted to be here but momentarily forgotten. It was the fifth dimension. I came back, fully awoken. It changed my life!!! And now, after 25 years of waiting, I am going home again, for good. May all face this shift with full love, whether your destination is the fourth where all your thoughts manifest instantly, or the fifth where you realize you need nothing but are a full manifestation of pure unconditional love, only wanting to share light and love with all!! Happy trails my beloved family😁♥️.

  2. Doug James

    Ashtar keep kicking butt with the dracos! We salute you all in the Alliance, Galactic Federation!