One Who Serves: On the Right Track

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomOm, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.  Greetings to you!  One Who Serves back here with you again.  We missed you last week.  But we are here again.  You can unmute your phones.  We want to hear your wonderful voices. Are you there?

Guests:   Yep, we are here!   Yes.  Greetings to you.  Hello.

OWS:   Very good, very good.

As you are understanding, and per your conversation earlier, you are certainly on the right track, in that much is in process of a great shift in your month that you are in now as you are coming to understand.  Is it going to be the full event? Possibly, but not likely at this point.

But, is it going to be a grand event in itself?  Yes.  You are going to experience a great shift of energy, as Ashtar has given, here, and has KaRa has also spoken of in different language, though, as she spoke of first contact, and as she spoke of Prime Interference—all of this is connected, my friends.  All of this is connected.  So, be ready.

Those of you who are going on that trip that are preparing for this, get ready.  Because you have not yet prepared for what is going to be occurring there.  And what you do there, as Melchizedek has said, will reverberate across the entire galaxy. Think about that as you continue on in your journey to continue to find the records.  Not only the records that are there in physical form, but the records that are there within you, continuing the journey within.

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Guest:   Yes.  One question emailed in:  how many other planets would be in a similar crisis such as what Gaia has felt for so long?

OWS:   That is quite difficult to answer in terms of quantity.  We can tell you that there are many opportunities yet to be available to those of you who wish to continue in your journey that you have been on for quite some time, in terms of being the “system busters” that have been spoken of.  You have, as your saying goes, “been there, done that before.”  And you will be likely ready to do it again.  Because there are many different opportunities yet available to you.  Okay?

Guest:   Good.  The next question is:  What is all this for, and what was the original intension of Creator, and who created Creator, and will there ever be a true oneness vibrating in all planet levels/galaxies/planets?

OWS:   We will start with the question, “who created Creator.”  We know that many of you have wondered about this from time to time, because it is a natural occurrence to want to know, for your three-dimensional mind to be inquisitive and want to come to an understanding.  Because in order to have something created, there must be a creator, right?

But in order to understand the creation process, you must understand that it always was.  In other words, at one point there was what you would call noncreation, in terms of unmanifested.  Creation was unmanifested at some point.  And that Creator process, and we use the term “process” specifically here, that Creator process was not yet aware of itself as being a Creator, or as being anything.  And then Creator said, “let there be light, let there be creation, let there be something outside of myself so I can understand myself.”  You see?  Because you must have something there that is different from what you are in order to understand what you are and that was when creation began.

Prime Creator, now we are saying Prime Creator, not of this universe, but of all of the universes, and it is very difficult for the three-dimensional consciousness to begin to understand this but, we will add here, that you yourselves are not of three-dimensional consciousness very often anymore.  Many of you are now in fourth-dimensional consciousness.  So, to be able to begin to understand this type of question, you can begin to do.  But as you begin to understand this question, you realize there is no reason to even ask the question anymore, you see?  Because it is not necessary.  Because you begin to know that it just is, or just always has been.  And when you come to that conclusion that life or creation has always been, then you do not need to know who created that creation, you see?  Does this answer that question?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.   Are there other questions?

Guest:   Yes, another one from the email.  This one had a dream that he would like to have interpreted:  Last night I had an extremely vivid dream that a golden ship had landed outside my home.  People were standing around looking at it as I approached the beings from the craft, and they welcomed me and said they had been waiting for me.  They then took me inside, and I said, “so all of this is real, then?  Even about the Reptilians?”  And at that point Lord Enki walked in, and I bowed to him.  Up to this point it all felt extremely real, and really felt I was there.  But what happened next is causing me to doubt.  Enki walked passed, took the hand of a woman, and walked away.  But as I looked up, he was wearing high-heeled shoes and a skirt.  This has now got me doubting myself and my experience, which I really felt was thoroughly real.  What was the dream telling me and why a golden ship?

What we can tell you, and not to interpret this particular dream for just the one who has asked this, for we do not do that on these calls unless that one who is asking for the dream interpretation is the one actually asking it on the call.  But because this can pertain to all out there, it is showing that this is coming to a conclusion, you might say, where there will be those beings that will be communicating more and more here with this planet, with those here on the planet, those who are ready for this, and the idea that Enki showed up in this way and then turned into more of a feminine expression is showing that there is both here—the masculine, the feminine, it is all coming together as one.  Divine masculine, divine feminine, divine balance is what is at stake here.  This is what this dream is showing to that one who asked it, but also to all of you to understand about this divine balance that is coming.  Or even, we will say, if you are looking at it from a certain perspective, it is already here.

We believe Shoshanna has joined us now, is that correct?

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)


OWS:   Do you have a further comment on this, Dear Sister?

Shoshanna:   All we would say about divine balance is that it is within each one who achieves the balance within their heart, mind, body, soul.  And, as each achieves this balance within them, it would be a reflection to the total.

OWS:   Very good.

Are there other questions here?

Guest:   This is a two-part question.  Would you please clarify for us the difference between the third and the fifth dimensions?  What I am asking is, is the fifth dimension a supplicate of the third, but just a much, much higher vibration of the third?

OWS:   You can look at it that way, yes, it is a much higher vibration in consciousness—consciousness and vibration are one, here.  As you move from the third dimensional illusion that you are in, you move into a higher vibratory and in some ways still an illusion, but it is closer to what you might consider reality, but it is all part of the hologram.  As we had shared some time ago, everything is a hologram.  The entire universe is based on a hologram, here.  So you continue on in that sense, but you move into higher vibration, higher consciousness and, along with that, you move into a higher understanding of who you are in connection to your higher God-self, and even to the point of becoming completely integrated with your higher God-self and all of the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself at that time.

Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?


Yes, Shoshanna wishes to share with this Brother.

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   We will show you an analogy that is in our perspective that the third-dimension is like a small piece of candy.  It is flavorful, it is delicious, but it is very limited.  And then as we move up in perspective and vibration to higher dimension such as the fifth dimension, the candy turns into a complicated torte with many flavors, and beautiful fruits, and whipped cream, and chocolate, and complication of taste, and it is much richer and many more sounds and tastes and feelings and colors encompass these dimensions beyond our boxy compartmentalized third-dimensional minds.  So we must understand that the fifth-dimension, even though it will bring many aspects of the third-dimension with it, is much more expansive and richer.  That is what we have to share with you.  Thank you, Brother.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  We have further analogy we can add because of the analogy you have given.  We can use this in terms of a scoop of ice cream.  You have a scoop of ice cream as the third dimension similar to the piece of candy.  In the higher dimensions, you move up from that scoop of ice cream to more scoops of ice cream, and then higher up you move into what you call your hot fudge sundae, and then you continue to move up, and finally you come to that pinnacle of your ice cream extravaganza that you have, your banana split.  You see?  Very similar type of analogy, here.  We loved that analogy you used there, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.

OWS:   Wonderful.

Would there be other questions here, now?  Anything further?

Then we can release the channel.  Anything to add here, Shoshanna, before we release channel?

Shoshanna:   We would say to all that your journey is one of wonderous excitement and beauty from our perspective.  It is a challenge for all.  You all have done so well.  You all have done phenomenally well on this realm, and, you will continue to be the lights and the masters of the next dimensions.   Namaste.

OWS:   Notice how she used the term “you have all done well.”  That means a conclusion of some type, here.  Just something to think about.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Guests:   Namaste.  Shanti.  Namaste.


Channel: James McConnell

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