Unconditional Happiness

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomIn the most fundamental ways, this precious planet we call home provides the sustenance, resources and opportunity, for us to live extraordinary lives of infinite potential. We are gifted with imagination and willpower to mold our thoughts and feelings into beautiful expressions filled with love, joy and inspired manifestations that expand the very essence of creation itself. This pure potential resides in each of us and is also found all around us, whether here in the natural kingdoms of our planet, felt by the life-giving rays of our sun, or witnessed in the starlit nighttime skies that span the galaxy. Life is a cosmic unfolding and we are here to add our unique energy to this continuous process of expansion.

In the depths of our heart we know this to be true. Throughout life we feel the inner whispers and nudges that quietly encourage us to remember our heritage and destiny as creator beings. We experience this innate unconditional love from time-to-time and are always uplifted when this universal love permeates the moment. These are the instants where we are in tune with our inner spirit and feel a sense of peace and happiness that transcends all other things we may be experiencing. This awareness of happiness is a manifestation of the presence of love.

Yet, unlike nature that embodies this loving energy, our gift of consciousness allows us to acknowledge or turn away from the love we are. When we willingly ignore our magnificence, this separation from our intrinsic self often brings a sense of great suffering, pain, fear and self-doubt. The further we diverge beyond our loving disposition, the more profoundly we tend to identify with the false and illusory perception of disconnect from love. Unchecked, the discomfort we feel individually becomes a part of our collective story as we interact, imply and perpetuate, this erroneous energy upon one another. Over time, the belief of separation leads to unworthiness and a forgotten understanding of who we really are.

The immersive experience and design of life allows us to engage the full spectrum of possibilities. It is in the contrast that new ideas, desires and dreams are born. However, for countless ages our approach to life became one of division rather than building from a foundation of unity, harmony and connection to the inherent splendor of life. Happiness often became an outer pursuit for artificial fulfillment from things, to replace a sense of longing within for a connection to our inner being that always embodies unconditional love.

When viewed universally and unconditionally, everything in life cooperates to ensure our happiness and wellbeing. We are the only ones that maintain conditions in our thoughts and feelings that keep us from the fullness of life. This is ultimately a choice we each make. It is time to choose anew and reclaim our love. By expressing it unconditionally, first to ourselves and then to everyone and everything around us, our happiness will know no bounds.


Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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