Archangel Uriel: How Far You Have Come

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcomGreetings my dearest ones! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, your brother and family, your ally on this journey of uncovering the truth of who you are, while at the same time you are assuming your mantle of Divine Authority.

I am urging you, dear ones, to use my soft Silver Light to see how far you have come, by feeling into your hearts and not by comparing yourselves with anyone else.

Take my hand and feel the peace and the contentment of your dear selves. It has been said that my Silver Flame would help you to see the truth, but dear hearts, it is also assisting thee in sensing and feeling more deeply into yourselves.

Do you always have to know why it is so? Do you need to explain to yourselves and others why you feel that you are in your deepest moments of peace while you are communing with your dear universal selves? No, you do not have to because you just are! You are you, which is divine perfection, and there is no need for further explanation. Feel it! Own it! It is you that you can go back and sit with any time!

Just sit with your sweet and dear selves for as long as you want. Let this feeling of being enough, of being perfect, of being beautiful and precious, or of just being, embrace you, without using or attaching any other words to it. Sink into your hearts and take your mental and emotional bodies within. Allow yourselves to bathe in this feeling of serenity and timelessness, to float in this space of total acceptance of who you are, beauty, purity, and perfection in every sense and in every way.

You can come out of this state later, and even try to argue with me that you are not quite sure who you are, because there are still so many pieces of yourselves to be lovingly brought together for integration. But does this really matter?

Not really, because now, coming out of your perfect and complete self, you can trust that the beauty is in the journey, and the joy is in the discovery and the loving of that which comes to you, and not in getting fast to the final product – YOU. For it is that and it always will be!

And so, what if you are still working on your sweet selves, having to incorporate more fragmented pieces of those selves, yes, the ones that you were not quite so delighted to meet? And so, what if you are still taking a temporary walk into a false grid’s pathway? This has been humanity’s default path for thousands and thousands of years. And so, what if even for a few seconds you are still tempted to believe some of the old discarded core issues? The memory is still there, but this doesn’t really mean that you are failing just because you are allowing some alternative thoughts to flow by. You are only practicing and perfecting your master self-skills.

You can say that first you are working on more tolerance and compassion for your sweet selves, and then you can truly relate and beam the unconditional love to the newly awakened ones. Be gentle, kind, and loving with your dearest selves!

Let me hold the Silver Light high for you to see how magnificent you already are! Farewell, dear hearts! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle