Message from Arcturian Collective: Our Ground Crew

arcturians eraoflightdotcomGreetings friends! We are the Arcturian Collective sending you joyous energies as you continue to ascend and morph into your higher self. For we see this is indeed happening in this most sacred now of ascension, and delightfully, we can say that humanity as a whole, as a Collective, has chosen the highest and best timeline for these events to play out, thanks to so much toil and hard work of prayer, transmuting, visualization and sheer grit by you all, our grounded team. And so we thank you for your assistance to Gaia.

For remember, it is Gaia that you swore to protect. Your current lives with jobs and finances that seem critical are not why you came, not really, not totally. You are planetary protectors and your charge is Gaia. Yes your lives of this current embodiment are of course sacred, for you are working out further lessons that you dearly wished to work out, and you have resolved a tremendous amount of karma and painful lessons while also experiencing lovely moments of joy in this life. This life is important and we do not discount it. But please remember it is not the only reason you came. Gaia has lovingly provided a playground for beings to experience, but because the energies had dropped so low the experiment became too dangerous for her. Earth was meant to be a paradise not a prison. And so as the energies continue to rise and flux, channel these energy upgrades deep into her crystal core to assist with her healing.

Meditate. Breathe. Breathe in these new energy codes and feel not only how your body is growing and changing – for you are – but feel and see and listen to how Gaia is changing all around you. The animals are forming new friendships. The sunrises and sunsets have new colors and encodements for those with the eyes to see. Allow yourself the gift of sight and declare to the universe you are ready and watch what happens. Open yourself up to the possibility of miracles and watch your life take a beautiful turn. We see miracles all around you, ground team. We see you as heaven’s miracle to the others. Acknowledge this and breathe this blessing in. Now roll up your sleeves. Things are about to get interesting. We are the Arcturian Collective and we love you very much.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl